Chapter 290.1: Baili Yiling

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Lan Jia became stirred up the moment Shuyin said those words. He made to grab her hand but, upon recalling how she had reacted awkwardly stopped himself halfway. It was obvious that he was really anxious from the way his hands fidgeted with his clothes.

“Oh, Shuyin! We’ve dreamed of this for ages! I’m so happy that it’s finally coming true!”

Everyone could tell that he was bursting with happiness, but Shuyin's expression remained lukewarm. “You're wrong. You have dreamed of this for ages, not we.”

“Let’s not do this now, Shuyin. Weren’t we once lovers? Why do you insist on being like this now that we’ve finally met again?” sighed Lan Jia. He seemed to feel melancholic about the past events.

Shuyin scoffed. “Back in the day, you had tens if not hundreds of lovers. When they encountered you again, they must have wanted to eat you alive, drink your blood, and swallow your bones… I believe that my current attitude towards you is already one of the best, isn’t it?”

Her words seemed to have caused Lan Jia to recall some unhappy memory because his excited expression instantly vanished. He humphed coldly and flung his sleeve back to turn to face the large cauldron.

In this exchange between the two foxes, although it appeared as if Shuyin had seized the advantage and was trampling all over Lan Jia, the fact was that she feared Lan Jia and had no choice but to use words instead of force.

Tang Doudou felt awful for them even as an uninvolved onlooker. What kind of person was Lan Jia exactly to have had so many lovers in the past? It was no wonder Baili Shuyin had chosen to return to the palace to be with Xiqiu Qing.

She had heard about Xiqiu Qing from Baili Yu. Although he was a very ambitious person, he was also very devoted and had only taken one wife his entire lifetime.

Compared to this playboy Lan Jia, he was way better.

It was no wonder that Nangong Yan’s personality was so extreme as well, it must have been due to Lan Jia! Tang Doudou couldn't help but wonder which woman Lan Jia had her with, and how she had ended up becoming the Eldest Miss of Wind Cloud Island.

Did Lan Jia even know that she was his daughter?

As Tang Doudou was wondering about these things, something started happening to the big cauldron. Sounds of wind, water, and crashing waves were coming from the cauldron as if there was a whole other world contained within it. Could there really be an miracle pill in there?

This process didn't seem much different from the process of pill-making that was described in novels, so she couldn't help but start thinking along those lines. However, when she looked over at Shuyin, she saw that Shuyin still looked unperturbed.

Meanwhile, Lan Jia was so excited he practically wanted to jump into the cauldron to take a closer look. The noise went on for quite awhile before tapering off to nothing.

Tang Doudou: …

Shuyin remained expressionless.

However, Lan Jia exploded.

“Shuyin! What is going on? Where is the pill?”

As he spoke, he climbing onto the cauldron. Right after taking a look, he whipped around with his eyes bloodshot and screamed,  “Where did the elixir go!?”

Tang Doudou was scared to the point she was trembling and hid behind Shuyin.

Shuyin was smiling lightly. “I’ve told you, everything is fake.”

“Fake? No!” Lan Jia turned and crawled into the cauldron. “It can’t be a fake. There’s definitely an immortality pill. There has to be!”

Once he disappeared into the cauldron, Shuyin grabbed Tang Doudou and said quietly, “Let's go!”

Tang Doudou nodded hastily and ran out of the room with her. When they got out, the tiger called Xiao Xi immediately got up and pounced over, but Shuyin lifted her hand and sent a white sash flying towards it, causing it to smash into a wall.

Following that, Shuyin once again began running while pulling Tang Doudou along. However, they had only taken a few steps when Shen Moru appeared with Mu Ye in tow.

Shen Moru prepared to leave upon noticing the duo, but Shuyin said, “Shen Moru, didn’t you want the immortality pill? It's already done. Lan Jia is currently going crazy with happiness inside. If you don't go now, once he consumes it, you’ll never get another chance in this lifetime.”

Upon hearing the words ‘immortality pill’, Shen Moru’s eyes lit up with the fervent flames. He had been chasing this immortality pill long before Lan Jia began. He had schemed, plotted, and groveled under Lan Jia for so long… it was all for this day.

He immediately threw Mu Ye down and turned into a black fog to rush towards the stone room.

Shuyin glanced at Mu Ye before pulling Tang Doudou off.

“Mo... Mother, please wait…” How could Tang Doudou leave Mu Ye behind now that she’d seen him?

Shuyin took a closer look at Mu Ye and her smile became a bit cold, “So he's Mu Ye?”

“Uh, yes.” Tang Doudou felt chills upon recalling Shuyin’s interested tone from earlier. “H-he's saved my life several times. I can’t just leave him to die.”

She looked at Shuyin nervously, worried that she would be angry and kill Mu Ye with a single smack.

To her surprise, Shuyin just laughed lightly. “Alright.”

Following that, as Tang Doudou watched in surprise, she undid Mu Ye’s acupuncture seal.

After the seal was undone, Mu Ye's cold gaze swept over Shuyin before landing on Tang Doudou. “Mother?”

“Uh, Baili Yu’s mother…”

“Stop wasting your breath! Once Lan Jia comes back to his senses, none of us will be able to leave!” Shuyin reminded them impatiently as she started running with Tang Doudou again.

Mu Ye blinked in confusion before following suit.


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