Chapter 291.1: Raiding His Base

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Baili Yiling smiled with curved eyes. "Sister-in-Law is so smart."

Tang Doudou rubbed her chin. No matter how she took it, it didn't sound like Baili Yiling was praising her.

"Yiling, where's Lan Jia?" Baili Yu pulled Tang Doudou back into his arms and stopped her from talking to Yiling further. If she continued speaking, she'd only get muddled even more.

Baili Yiling laughed mischievously. "Big Brother, you're so protective of Sister-in-Law, it's no wonder she's becoming more and more naively delicate..."

"Naively delicate?" Baili Yu lifted his brows and patted Tang Doudou's head. "If you want to say that she's dumb, then just say that she's dumb. Don't bother with taking so many twists in speech and using something as indirect as 'naively delicate,' she doesn't have the patience to think so hard to figure out what you mean."

Tang Doudou looked towards the sky. This goddamned pair of siblings! Please send some blocks of tofu and smash them to death!


A white light appeared through the ceiling and smashed down right next to Shuyin.

In such turbulent circumstances, even Yiling who had been nperturbed this whole time got frightened. In the blink of an eye, she had scuttled to hide behind Baili Yu. "Big Brother, counting on you!"

Tang Doudou was speechless both due to the white light and to Yiling's words.

Good god, when did she end up gaining the talent to make inauspicious remarks?

Right after she asked the Heavens to drop something, something had dropped down... What if she asked the Heavens to rain gold?

"It's lightning," said Baili Yu. "It seems like someone had eaten that thing."

"What does it matter if someone had? It's just a failed product. They're delusional if they think it would clean their meridians and allow them to sense the spiritual energy of the world. How ridiculous..." Baili Yiling's tone was very cold. It was clear she hated Lan Jia. "After eating it, he'll probably become a monster that's not human nor ghost. At that time, it'd be perfect timing for us to kill him as a contribution to society!"

"Mayhem is probably about to break out. Yiling, take Tang Doudou with you and leave. I'll go look for you guys once I deal with Lan Jia." Baili Yu's eyes flashed with something as he glanced towards the deep hole that had been left by that strike of lightning.

They had just reunited, yet he was going to make her leave again? Tang Doudou said, "No, I'm staying with you."

Baili Yiling curved her eyes as she smiled. "Big Brother, see? It's not that I won't take Sister-in-Law with me but that Sister-in-Law can't bear to part with you."

"Stop adding to the mess," chided Baili Yu. Then he turned around to face Tang Doudou and said, "My good wife, you'll be alright if you go with Yiling, and if you guys are here, it'll be difficult for me to focus, you understand?"

"You feel like I'm a burden!" Tang Doudou pouted unhappily. Although she knew that he was right, she really didn't want to part with him again.

Baili Yu smiled happily and pinched her nose affectionately. "My darling Doudou..."

"Fine, fine, I'm just joking with you." Tang Doudou sighed, then looked him straight in the eye as she said, "Then you have to be careful! Don't get hurt! And... come look for us soon. I'll wait for you."

"En, you be careful too." Baili Yu glanced towards the thumb ring in her hand. "This ring can be used to command a portion of the black-robed men in the Saint Tribes. If you encounter danger, make sure to use it, alright?"

"Big Brother, what danger could befall Sister-in-Law with me around? You should worry about yourself. It doesn't matter if it was Lan Jia or Shen Moru that ate that thing, they won't be easy to deal with. Hopefully they've started attacking each other so that you'd be able to easily seize the advantage." Baili Yiling was smiling as she spoke, but her eyes also contained strong worry.

After hearing what Baili Yiling said, Tang Doudou, who hadn't wanted to leave in the first place, abruptly decided not to leave after all. He was having Yiling take her out and having her leave with such a useful ring? Then when he encountered danger, wouldn't he be completely on his own without any help?

"Big evil spirit, the proverbs put it well, two hands are better than one. Let Yiling stay here to help you. I'll behave myself and stay right by your side. I promise I won't get in the way!"

"No." Baili Yu's stance was firm. No matter what, he wouldn't let Tang Doudou face this danger with him. Just as he was about to try to persuade her again, his expression turned serious and he urged in a low voice, "Yiling, hurry and leave with your sister-in-law! Lan Jia... is coming."

Right after he spoke, there was a loud rumble from beneath their feet like something was trying to burst out from hell.

Baili Yiling's expression also became tense. She stopped messing around and immediately grabbed Tang Doudou. "Big Brother, I'll leave first with Sister-in-Law. If you can't win, just run! Ten years isn't too late for a nobleman to get revenge, moreover, Lan Jia only has a couple years left to live after eating that!"

After saying this, she pulled Tang Doudou and entered the secret passage behind them.

Tang Doudou still had things to say, but Baili Yiling sealed her acupuncture points. "My dear sister-in-law, my brother is right. Our presence will only distract him and keep him from focusing on Lan Jia."

Of course, Tang Doudou understood this logic, but she still had something to say!

"Sister-in-Law, don't worry, I won't leave Big Brother behind." Baili Yiling's words shocked Tang Doudou. This girl was seriously unpredictable. Could it be that she had some trick up her sleeve?

"Sister-in-Law, if you agree to Yiling's decision, blink your eyes. If you don't approve, then open your eyes wide and don't blink..."  

Right after she said that, Tang Doudou blinked several times.

Baili Yiling clapped happily and said, "Aiyah, I just knew that Sister-in-Law cared a lot about Big Brother and would definitely approve of Yiling's decision!"

Tang Doudou wanted to cry. That was reflexive blinking, alright?

Baili Yiling was seriously too crafty. It was clear she had expected her to blink in shock after hearing those words, and that was why she had purposefully timed those words.


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