Chapter 294.1: Clearly Asking For a Beating

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Baili Yiling glanced over, then cried out in delight, "Sister-in-Law, look! Xiao Qing is heading over there!"

Tang Doudou's eyes also lit up with hope. "They really can understand?"

"Of course! I told you that they weren't ordinary eagles." Baili Yiling reached out and undid the white cloth tied around Tang Doudou. "Let's go, Sister-in-Law."

Tang Doudou took a few steps forward, then stopped again to turn back and glance towards the vast, seemingly borderless sea. Baili Yu, don't break your promise!

The eagle had headed towards the valley. The moment they rushed over, they heard the sound of battle.

"Shhh. Sister-in-Law, see? I didn't lie to you! It's definitely Big Brother ahead fighting with the others. Be careful not to make any noise. We can't let Big Brother find out that we're here!" Baili Yiling loosened a breath in relief with she heard the sounds of battle. It seemed that she had also been very anxious, but had been forcing herself to remain calm in order to reassure Tang Doudou.

"Thank you, Yiling."

"Heh, we're a family, there's no need for thanks. Enough about that, let's go around through here and check out the situation first." Baili Yiling pointed towards the small path to the side.

Tang Doudou nodded, then reached back to touch the box. "In a little bit, let's try to think of a way to help the big evil spirit kill Lan Jia. Then we'll immediately bring him back to give him the antidote!"

"Perfect plan."

"Yiling, at that time, will you come with us to Huai City?"

"No, it's alright. I'm already used to being in Cerulean Mountain. Although I don't particularly like this place, it's still the place where I grew up... Moreover, if Lan Jia dies, the Saint Tribes will definitely collapse to chaos. I have quite a lot of friends here, I can't abandon and leave on my own."

Tang Doudou hadn't expected for Baili Yiling to reject this offer, much less with this kind of reasoning.

She said, "We can bring them as well! Since it's going to be chaotic here, your older brother and I would be even more worried about you staying here."

Baili Yiling sighed. "Sister-in-Law, the Saint Tribes can't be left without a leader."

"But that leader can't be you." Tang Doudou understood that Baili Yiling wanted to become the Saint Emperor in Baili Yu's place.

However, the situation probably wasn't as simple as Baili Yiling was putting it. Still, since she wasn't willing to talk about it, Tang Doudou didn't push her either.

Tang Doudou felt that although Baili Yiling wouldn't listen to her, she'd definitely listen to Baili Yu. Even if she didn't want to hear it from Baili Yu, she was still scared of Baili Yu. Tang Doudou decided that if it came to it, she'd have Baili Yu use a dirty trick and force Baili Yiling to come along.

Having decided this, she felt a lot more at ease. As they walked along the small trail, they soon arrived halfway up the valley. They jumped up onto a tree near the road and parted the branches in front of them to see. Below, on an area of open space, there were two figures that were fighting closely. However, it wasn't Lan Jia and Baili Yu.

Tang Doudou, who had been extremely hopeful, almost fell from the tree in disappointment.

Baili Yiling reacted quickly and grabbed her. She whispered, "Sister-in-Law, take a closer look. Isn't Big Brother right there?"

Tang Doudou hastily climbed up the tree again as she cursed at herself for being too impulsive. She glanced over in the direction Baili Yiling was looking at and saw a blood-red figure lying on the ground next to the two people that were fighting. If that wasn't Baili Yu, who else could it be?


"Don't panic." When Baili Yiling saw that Tang Doudou was getting stirred up again, she hastily covered Tang Doudou's mouth. "Big Brother wouldn't die so easily, and after eating that so-called immortality pill, Lan Jia still needs Big Brother's blood to use as gathering source for the world's spiritual energy. He still needs Big Brother, so there's no way he would kill him!"

Tang Doudou furrowed her brows. "Then who is Lan Jia fighting with?"

"It doesn't look like Shen Moru..." Baili Yiling glanced at the people fighting again, then furrowed her brows. "Where did that Shen Moru go?"

"Jeje, little girls, aren't I right behind you?" Right after Baili Yiling had asked that, Shen Moru's voice appeared behind them. The two whirled around, only to be blown back by a heavy hit.

Baili Yiling reacted quickly and shot her white silk sash out to wrap around a large tree before reaching out to grab Tang Doudou. They continued falling towards the valley, but at a much more controlled speed, so they landed steadily.

"Sister-in-Law, are you alright?"

"I'm fine, how about you?"

"I'm also fine..."

"But you guys soon won't be!" Shen Moru's sinister voice appeared nearby and he reached the two of them in an instant.

Baili Yiling immediately stepped in front of Tang Doudou to shield her and said, "Sister-in-Law, run."

"Yiling, there's no way I'll leave you here!" How could she run away on her own and leave the two of them behind?

Baili Yiling stomped her foot angrily and wanted to yell at Tang Doudou to be flexible, but Shen Moru was already attacking so she had no choice but to focus on fending Shen Moru off.

Meanwhile, Lan Jia also seemed have noticed this situation. However, it seemed that his opponent was too strong as he only took one glance before he had to turn back to focus on his opponent.

Tang Doudou saw that both sides were fighting too intensely for her to be of any help, so she decided to run towards Baili Yu.

Perhaps it was because those people didn't view her as a threat, because no one stopped her and she was able to easily reach Baili Yu. She flipped the person over, but when she saw his face, she hastily moved back. This wasn't Baili Yu!

Then where was he?

Tang Doudou's heart filled with panic again. "Yiling, this person isn't your older brother!"

"What?" Baili Yiling's martial arts wasn't very good, all she knew were small tricks. Although she had been able to keep up with Shen Moru thus far, there were only so many tricks.

The moment she became distracted, Shen Moru landed a blow on her shoulder and sent her flying towards Tang Doudou.

The two crashed and fell onto the person dressed in red who was lying on the ground. Following that, the person cried, "Aiyoh, I get crushed even when I'm just pretending to be a corpse? Is there any Heaven's law?"


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