Chapter 295.1: Things Have Taken a Turn

Prodigal Alliance Head


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When Tang Doudou heard this familiar voice, she was so moved she almost jumped on him. "Old brat!"


She was smacked on the head.

"What has Baili Yu been teaching you? You've only left with him for a short time, yet you've lost all sense of respect already!?" Su Yi glowered at Tang Doudou with disappointment. "This daddy crossed thousands of miles to come here to save you, but this is the way you greet me?"

Tang Doudou gave an awkward smile as she said, "Haha, I was just a little too excited and happy to see you, Master. My emotions just went out of control a little, haha."

"Humph! I'll sort you out once we get back!" said Su Yi.

"Then shouldn't Master first deal with Lan Jia?" Tang Doudou glanced at Su Yi's current unfamiliar features and asked, "Master, are you wearing a human skin mask?"

"En." Su Yi pulled off the mask. "Lan Jia saw me before a long time ago, so I wore this to avoid being recognized in order to catch him off guard."

After he said that, he looked towards Lan Jia again. "Brat, I'm sure you already know why I'm here. The sooner you hand that thing over to me, the sooner you'll get me off your hands. As soon as I get it, I'll leave right away with my disciple. I don't care about your immortality pill or your desire to cultivate, so I won't meddle!"

"Humph! You think you can come and go as you please? Su Yi, aren't you looking down on my Saint Tribes a little too much!?" Lan Jia humphed coldly as he walked over with his hands folded behind his back. "Su Yi, I respect you as my senior, so I won't make things difficult for you. However, you shouldn't try to make things difficult for me either!"

"So you're saying you refuse?"

"Isn't that unfilial son of mine very strong as well? He always thought of himself as the best in the world, but didn't he also die by my hands? It couldn't be that you think your martial arts is better than his? You'd be lucky to escape alive from my territory. You want to save someone while at it? Humph! You have no chance!" Lan Jia spoke coldly. There was not even a trace of emotional distress visible when he talked about how he killed his own son. He was truly cold-blooded!

After Su Yi heard his attempt at intimidation, he put on an expression of fear and cried out mockingly, "Aiyah, disciple, did you hear that? Someone's saying that he'll kill me... I'm so scared oh..."

However, Lan Jia had just said that he killed Baili Yu, so how could Tang Doudou still have the heart to carry on a joke?

She grabbed Su Yi and said, "Master, he even killed his own son. It's clear that he's deranged. As the model of justice for the martial arts community, if you don't kill him, you'd be letting down your impressive fame as Lord Su of Cloud City!"

"Uh..." Su Yi glanced at Tang Doudou. Back then, the title he carried was devil, when did it turn into 'model of justice'? He had no interest in being some model of righteousness. People that did that were all pedantic old jerks!

Tang Doudou's eyes reddened and her nose started stinging. "He kill your son-in-law and bullied your disciple! He even dared to threaten you and look down on you! Could it be that you can tolerate that?"

Su Yi patted her shoulder and said with a heartfelt sigh, "Disciple, don't be angry. Master will definitely make them pay for everything they've done to you."

Tang Doudou looked at him gratefully.

However, he then continued solemnly, "There's a saying that goes, ten years is not too late for a nobleman to take revenge. For now, you should leave with Master. Once there's a good opportunity, we'll come back again and find this bastard for revenge, alright?"

Tang Doudou: ...

"Humph, if you won't, I'll do it myself!" After giving a cold humph, Tang Doudou shoved Su Yi aside to head towards Lan Jia.

Su Yi had undone Baili Yiling's seal, so at this time, she hastily grabbed Tang Doudou and stopped her. "Sister-in-Law, City Lord Su is right. As long as the mountain is still green, there's no need to fear running out of firewood. I also want to kill Lan Jia right now to satisfy my hatred! Sister-in-Law, I hate him enough to torture him until his blood runs dry, but I've already waited many years, so a little longer doesn't matter! In addition, if we rush up now, it'd just be throwing our lives away..."

Tang Doudou, of course, understood this reasoning, but... She took in Baili Yiling's earnest expression. Baili Yiling was a good girl, she couldn't drag her down...

When Baili Yiling saw that Tang Doudou seemed slightly swayed, she hastily continued, "Didn't Sister-in-Law say that if he was alive, you wanted to see him, and if he was dead, you wanted to see his corpse? Before we see Big Brother's corpse, it can't be confirmed that he's dead. Even if he's dead, we have to find his corpse and give him a proper burial!"

That was right! They still hadn't found Baili Yu's corpse, and there was no way they could just believe Lan Jia's words.

He might have even said this on purpose to provoke her into rashly attacking so that they could capture her and use her to suppress Baili Yu. The more Tang Doudou thought about it, the more likely this possibility seemed. She glanced over at Su Yi.

"You've thought things through?" Su Yi chuckled, then rubbed his nose. "Since you have, let's go."


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