Chapter 296.2: Huai City, Plum Garden

Prodigal Alliance Head


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"Senior Su, you came by this small boat?"

"That's right!"


"Ha, you shouldn't underestimate it just because it looks small, it's really useful. Alright, hurry and get on!" Su Yi seemed to have heard something because he stopped talking and directly lifted them by their collars and got onto the boat.

Following that, he sent a palm strike towards the surface of the water and an enormous wave immediately sent the boat flying out towards the sea.

The people inside almost fell out as well. However, countless wooden stakes appeared on the boat and kept them firmly secured in the center of the boat.

"Su Yi! I'll kill you! I'll kill you!"

Just as Tang Doudou was about to ask Su Yi what was going on, she saw Lan Jia appear near the shore. His long black hair was whirling in the wind madly as he glared in this direction.

Lan Jia's insane appearance gave the two girls a huge shock. "What happened to him?"

"He's gone into qi deviation!"

"Don't worry, he can't chase after us! Demonic energy will startle the two beasts in the water. At that time, it'd be the perfect opportunity to get away!"

As of now, they had no choice but to listen to Su Yi.

However, Su Yi wasn't lying this time. Just as Lan Jia pounced over, the sea surged with violent waves and an enormous head emerged.

It was that sea dragon!

"Let's go!" As soon as Lan Jia started fighting with the sea dragon, Su Yi sent multiple palm strikes towards the water and the boat shot forward like a released arrow.

Lan Jia's angry roars could still be heard faintly. When Tang Doudou looked over, she could still see that the sea over there was very turbulent. However, since they were too far away, she couldn't make out who had the upper hand.

Gradually, even that area disappeared from sight.

After leaving that crazy place, Tang Doudou stared at the blue rippling ocean surface that the boat traveled across. Suddenly, she cried out in alarm and jumped into the sea to swim towards Cerulean Mountain.

However, she didn't know how to swim, so after a few splashes, her lungs filled with water and her limbs started to feel heavy like there were iron weights shackled to them.

"Sister-in-Law!" Baili Yiling immediately reacted and jumped down to save her.

However, by the time she pulled her out of the water, Tang Doudou was already unconscious.

"It had only been a few moments! How is this possible?" Baili Yiling wiped the water off her forehead in confusion.

Su Yi just gave a long sigh. He hadn't stopped Tang Doudou earlier and had just watched solemnly. Baili Yiling really couldn't understand.

"Senior Su..."

"When we get to shore, get her to the Alliance Head Residence of Huai City as quickly as possible. I still have business to take care of, so I'll have to leave her in your hands."

Although Baili Yiling was smart, she still couldn't figure out what Su Yi was thinking. He was leaving Tang Doudou in her hands and going off on his own during this time when Tang Doudou needed a familiar companion the most?

It was probably related to that item. It seemed that Su Yi's visit to Cerulean Mountain wasn't simply for the purpose of saving Tang Doudou.

Baili Yiling gazed at the distant line which was all that was left in sight of Cerulean Mountain. Big Brother, are you alive?

Several days later, Baili Yiling parted ways with Su Yi and they went their separate ways.

Su Yi was worried that Tang Doudou would kick up a fuss on the road, so he sealed her senses and told Baili Yiling that a person called Bai Feiyun in Huai City would be able to undo the seal.

Baili Yiling had never left Cerulean Mountain before. However, she was very clever and had enjoyed learning about the outside world back when she was in Cerulean Mountain. Thus, she ask people for directions as she traveled and finally reached Huai City after a month.

She did as Su Yi instructed and went to Plum Garden first instead of the Alliance Head Residence.

In Plum Garden, Jun Xin was lying on top of the stone lion at the entrance as he chewed a tanghulu in boredom. He squinted as he looked towards the sky. Woman ah, woman, are you doing well?

"May I ask if this is Baili Yu, Baili gongzi''s Plum Garden?"

Just as Jun Xin had sunk into thought, he heard a pleasant female voice come from below him.

He glanced over and saw that it was a young woman whose appearance was very ragged and dirty. However, her eyes were remarkably familiar. That woman was currently carrying a person on her back and looking towards him with a bright smile.

However, her face was too unnaturally pale, so this bright smile wasn't very beautiful.

Jun Xin's face darkened as he said, "Where did you come from? This isn't a place for beggars, hurry up and get out of my sight!"


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