Chapter 305.1: Kidnap Bai Feiyun

Prodigal Alliance Head


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"This is Baili Yu's hair!" Tang Doudou jumped up and got closer to examine the hair in Jun Xin's palm. "Where did you get this?"

This was Baili Yu's hair? Jun Xin furrowed his brows and asked gently, "How do you know that this is Baili Yu's hair?"

How could she possibly mistake it?

"It's definitely his! There's no mistake!" Tang Doudou was confident. Then she looked at Jun Xin and asked, "Who gave it to you?"

"Mu Ye," replied Jun Xin.

"Him?" Tang Doudou then recalled that she had found the red string in Mu Ye's possession. It seemed that he had found it after it had snapped.

"He said that as long as I showed this to you, you wouldn't want to go to Cerulean Mountain anymore and that you'd know what this meant." Jun Xin observed her reaction carefully as he asked, "Do you understand what this means?"

Tang Doudou carefully pinched those strands of hair and closed her fist around it. Mu Ye had brought this hair here and said those words, was he trying to tell her that Baili Yu was still alive?

When her thoughts arrived here, her heart started pounding with hope. She looked up and asked, "Where's Mu Ye?"

Jun Xin spread out his arms. "How would I know? He left right after saying those things."

"He left?" Tang Doudou didn't find it surprising since this sounded like his personality. After he said what he had come to say, he wouldn't waste time sticking around.

"Then for the time being, let's not go to Cerulean Mountain." Tang Doudou put those strands of hair away, then said to Jun Xin, "I want to find Mu Ye."

She wanted to look for Mu Ye instead of Baili Yu?

Jun Xin smiled suggestively. "You and Mu Ye?"

Tang Doudou glowered at him. "Don't make things up. I only want to ask him about Baili Yu."

"Wait, you can go, I won't stop you." Jun Xin reached out and picked a leaf out of her hair. "But, take me with you."

"Brat, don't worry, I'm already alright, I won't get depressed again. Trust me?" Tang Doudou pushed his hand aside.

"I trust you ah." Jun Xin lifted his brows playfully. "I'm just bored from staying here for so long and wanted play outside with you."

"I'm not going there to play."

"I don't care, are you bringing me or not?" Jun Xin stretched lazily.

If, back when she was unconscious, he hadn't faked Baili Yu's voice to whisper those sweet nothings to her, perhaps she still would've been able to think of this guy as a younger brother. However, now...

Whenever she was alone with him, she would feel extremely awkward.

In the past, she had felt that although Jun Xin was a little tsundere, he had a refreshing and straightforward personality.

It was only later that she slowly realized that this brat was actually quite devish and extremely cunning. However, he didn't like to scheme.

Jun Xin's dissociative personality disorder was really severe.

"If you want to follow, then just follow. I'm fine as long as you don't cause me trouble!" Even if she didn't agree, he'd probably follow her secretly. Rather than go through that futile struggle and piss him off, she might as well agree.

This way, perhaps he'd end up in a good mood and help her.

As she had expected, as soon as she agreed, Jun Xin gave a bright smile and said, "I promise not to cause trouble."

She wanted to get answers from Mu Ye right away, so she didn't allow Jun Xin to prepare anything and headed for Dream Mountain right after telling Baili Yiling that they were leaving.

Back then, when Mu Ye left, he said that he would bury her father at Dream Mountain, so she decided to test her luck and head there.

Who asked for Mu Ye's whereabouts to always be so mysterious?

It was unlikely for them to find him in the Demonic Sect. According to the report of a scout, it had been several months since Mu Ye had last returned to the Demonic Sect.

It seemed that this Demonic Sect Leader was quite like her, this martial arts Alliance Head. They were both very unreliable.

After leaving Plum Garden and getting to the gates of Huai City, Tang Doudou spotted Bai Feiyun in the crowd and hastily pulled on her reins.

"Stinkin' woman? What is it?"

"Little brat, look, isn't that Xiao Bai?" Tang Doudou lifted her brows towards Jun Xin.

For the sake of convenience, she was dressed as a male. She was wearing a white garment and her black hair was pulled up into a simple bun that was held in place with a white jade hair crown. She looked exactly like the way she did when he had first met her.

Thus, he spaced out a little when she turned to lift her brows at him. He only returned to his senses when she waved her hand in front of him. Then he said slowly, "Oh, it is him."

He glanced at Tang Doudou with puzzlement, "Why?"

"Let's go kidnap him." After she said that, she squeezed her horse's sides to direct it towards the side of the road, then jumped off and tied the horse to a nearby tree before following after the white figure in the crowd.

Jun Xin hastily left his horse at the side as well to follow her. "Hey, hey, don't do anything rash!"

"Don't worry, I know what I'm doing!" Tang Doudou laughed craftily. "I just want to get one thing cleared up, and trouble him to unseal my inner strength."

"Speaking of which, what exactly happened with your inner strength? Why did it suddenly increase so much? Have you never wondered about it?"

Tang Doudou laughed. "Would I be able to figure it out just by thinking about it?"

"My inner strength has always been unreliable, I'm already used to it. As long as it's not going to cause me trouble, why waste time worrying about it?"

"You sure have an open mind." Jun Xin hadn't expected to get this kind of answer.

"Let's go before he runs off."

"If you wanted to see him, you can just look for him in Bai Courtyard or the Alliance Head Residence. What need is there for you to follow him sneakily like this?"

Tang Doudou laughed. "Hehe, don't you know? If we were in Bai Courtyard or the Alliance Head Residence, would I dare to kidnap him?"

"Ha..." Jun Xin laughed and walked with her into a small alley.


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