Chapter 306.1: Couldn't Get Clear Answers

Prodigal Alliance Head


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When Tang Doudou saw that he had collapsed, she hastily jumped off the roof and went over.

"Stinkin' brat, I told you to do it secretly!"

"Aiyah, in any case, he's unconscious now. Hurry up and pull him somewhere unless you want to be seen?"

That's right! They should get to cover first before saying anything else.

Tang Doudou crouched and pulled. Then she looked towards Jun Xin embarrassedly and called, "Jun Xin..."

Jun Xin curled his lips, then extended three fingers. Before he could even speak though, Tang Doudou had already said, "Fine, fine, I got it, three more meals!"

"Three days!"

Tang Doudou gritted her teeth. "Hurry up and help me!"After throwing Bai Feiyun into an old courtyard, Jun Xin dusted off his hands and said, "Stinkin' woman, you'd better not forget. It's four days and an additional meal."

"Do you have any rope?" Tang Doudou paid no attention to his words as she continued dragging Bai Feiyun further into the courtyard.

"Why would this young master bring a rope when heading out?" Jun Xin yawned. He glanced around the place, then picked up a ragged cloth that was on the ground and threw it to Tang Doudou. "Just use this for now. But is there even a need for it? You're the martial arts Alliance Head and the Young Lord of Cloud City, there's no way he wouldn't answer your questions."

"None of your business!" Tang Doudou took the cloth and ripped it. It immediately fell apart, so she threw it to the ground angrily. Then her eyes lit up. "Jun Xin, why don't you teach me how to seal his pressure points?"

When Tang Doudou saw that he was about to lift his fingers again, she laughed 'hehe' and hastily grabbed his hand. "Aiyah, what's our relationship? Isn't it just a few meals? As long as you teach me how to seal his pressure points, you can just come eat whenever you have time! How's that?"

"That's more like it!" Jun Xin licked his lips, then walked to Bai Feiyun and pressed a few places on Bai Feiyun's neck and chest. "Look, here and here. You concentrate your inner strength on your fingertips, then jab it hard..."

Bang bang!

Those two jabs were so hard they even made large sounds. Tang Doudou almost felt the pain herself. Jun Xin stood up and dusted off his hands. "After you hit those two points, he won't be able to move anymore. Let's leave the lesson at this for today. When we have time some other day, I'll teach you more about the other pressure points."

When he saw that Tang Doudou was mimicking his movements, he said, "Don't be fooled by appearances. Although this skill looks simple, it's very difficult to master so it'll take time."

"En, I got it."

"Then I'll head outside. Make your questions quick since we still have to get to Dream Mountain before the day ends," said Jun Xin. He dusted off his clothes, then yawned and walked outside before sitting down to nap while leaning against the door.

After a while, Bai Feiyun gradually regained consciousness.

His eyes slowly opened calmly and he looked around. His head ached, so he reflexively tried to lift his hand to rub it, only to discover that he couldn't move. His eyes swiftly moved around again and he noticed that Tang Doudou was standing nearby and fiddling with her fingers.

"Alliance Head?" He furrowed his brows. "This is?"

"Hehe, originally ah, I wanted to move sneakily, but since Jun Xin had already revealed himself, I decided to be straightforward too. Why were you asking me for the Alliance Head Command Tablet?" asked Tang Doudou with a grin.

Bai Feiyun continued to frown and his gentle eyes filled with confusion. "Alliance Head, I can't understand what you're saying?"

"Stop trying to act dumb. Although I had fallen back unconscious, I still remember everything you did, so just 'fess up. What exactly did you want the Alliance Head Tablet for? And what did Su Yi go to Cerulean Mountain for? What exactly did he take? What exactly are you guys hiding from me?" Tang Doudou got straight to the point and asked all of her questions.

Perhaps this onslaught of questions was too much for Bai Feiyun, or perhaps Jun Xin had hit him a little too hard earlier, because Bai Feiyun just frowned and didn't say anything.

"Hey, hurry up and tell me. This Alliance Head is short on time."

Bai Feiyun glanced at her and moved his lips slightly. Then he sighed before saying, "You've already guessed most of it, so what's the point in asking?"

"I only find it strange. I don't actually know what exactly you guys are doing."

"City Lord would never hurt you, Alliance Head. Since City Lord isn't willing to say, it's best if Alliance Head doesn't ask too much." Bai Feiyun noticed that Jun Xin was standing at the door and his gaze darkened.

In the past, Alliance Head definitely wouldn't have thought of these things. The fact that she had secretly tailed him today and kidnapped him to this old house to question him definitely had something to do with Jun Xin.

"Young Master Jun, why are you trying to sow distrust between the Alliance Head and I?"

Jun Xin widened his eyes abruptly and glowered at him. "What are you saying? It was this dumb woman that insisted I help her kidnap you. What does it have to do with me?"

"It really doesn't have anything to do with Jun Xin. That's enough, little classmate Xiao Bai. Even though I look dumb, I'm not actually dumb." In truth, if it weren't for the fact that she wanted to get answers to these questions, she wouldn't have gone so far as to kidnap Bai Feiyun.

Xiao Bai usually listened to her, but the person he was truly loyal to was Su Yi, not her.

To help Su Yi, he would keep a lot of things from her. In the past, she didn't mind, but after all that she had gone through, she could no longer ignore those matters. Especially this time, if she had known more, if she had been stronger, perhaps she would have been able to return safely with Baili Yu.

Her mistake was that she didn't know anything, and also couldn't do anything.

She couldn't help and was only a burden.

Ever since she had woken up, her first desire was to die. But another desire was that she wanted to become stronger.


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