Chapter 310.2: Swayflower

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After a little while, they arrived at a house made out of bamboo.

"This is?"

"The place where Senior Jun had once lived in seclusion." Mu Ye walked up and pushed open the door. "Come in. Senior Jun had left something for you."

"Mu Ye, can you tell me who exactly you are?" Tang Doudou felt like his actions had always been very strange. When exactly had it started?

It had probably started that time in the Plum Garden banquet when he caught her in the bathroom and offered a collaboration. Ever since then, it felt like he had been completely different.

Before that time, he had insisted on killing her.

Mu Ye's movements paused for a second. "I'm a guardian, the guardian of the Xuanyuan Tribe."

So it was like that. She had guessed that it might've been the case, but she hadn't been sure.

"Then I'm a descendant of the Xuanyuan Tribe?"


"What's your goal? Is it only to protect?" Tang Doudou looked at him curiously. For some reason, she felt like it wouldn't be that simple.

Mu Ye didn't reply.

Tang Doudou tried a different question. "Why did you try to kill me before?"

"I didn't know that it was you."

"How did you find out later?"

"Su Yi." Mu Ye glanced at her. "Aren't you going to ask about Baili Yu?"

Tang Doudou smiled at him. "You've never lied. Since you said that he's fine, he's definitely still alive, so I'm not in a hurry. I'll find him sooner or later."

"En." Mu Ye smiled softly as well. "Thank you."

"What are you thanking me for? I haven't even had a chance to thank you properly. You've saved me so many times that I can't even repay you enough in this lifetime."

If there a next life existed, hopefully she would meet him earlier and fall in love with him in order to make up for everything he had done for her in this life.

Mu Ye pressed his lips together. "I saw someone rescue and take him."

"Who?" As expected, Mu Ye didn't lie to her. She really was grateful that he had delivered those strands of hair to her. Otherwise, she'd still be bickering with Jun Xin craftily and looking for an opportunity to commit suicide.

Mu Ye didn't reply and instead asked, "You don't blame me for not stopping it from happening?""Mu Ye ah, Mu Ye. Though you're the guardian of the Xuanyuan Tribe, that doesn't make you my personal guardian, right? No matter what you do or how you do it, I wouldn't blame you, alright?"

Mu Ye's face remained cold and expressionless so Tang Doudou couldn't tell if he really understood. He just gave a soft 'en' before saying, "Nangong Yan. She was the one that took Baili Yu away."

When Tang Doudou heard this, she immediately exploded. "Why the heck didn't yah stop them!?"

Mu Ye looked at her with slight mirth in his eyes as if he was laughing at her for forgetting what she had just said.

No matter how thick Tang Doudou's skin was, she'd still feel embarrassed for going back on her word so soon. She furrowed her brows and said, "Ahem, I mean..."

"Liu Zhiyuan was following them." Mu Ye walked into the house. "I suffered an internal injury when fighting with Shen Moru. If it had only been Nan Yansheng, I would've stopped her."

Tang Doudou understood the picture and relaxed. Since Nangong Yan loved Baili Yu, she wouldn't do anything to him.

On the other hand, that crazy Liu Zhiyuan might try to do something to Baili Yu. However, with Nangong Yan there, he probably wouldn't be able to do much, so at the very least, Baili Yu's life was safe for now.

Mu Ye led her into the house, then had her sit down while he went upstairs. He soon returned with a large chest in his arms.

That was a huge chest. Jun Yuner had left behind so much stuff?

Tang Doudou rubbed her chin and moved next to Mu Ye. He placed the chest on the table and opened it with a strange method. A strange stench immediately burst out. Tang Doudou hastily covered her nose. "What is that!?"

Mu Ye's expression didn't change at all, as if he didn't smell anything.

He didn't answer Tang Doudou's question and just reached into the chest.

"What are you doing? What's inside? It stinks!"

Mu Ye glanced over with a helpless expression. Tang Doudou smiled politely as she kept her distance from him.

As Mu Ye pulled it out, Tang Doudou peeked over and found that it was actually a potted flower...

Tang Doudou said with a laugh, "Did my mother leave me a flower to tell me not to forget my female identity?"

Mu Ye replied seriously, "No."

"Then what does it mean? Speaking of which, this flower really stinks..."

Mu Ye didn't answer and placed the pot on the table. Tang Doudou got a little closer, then her eyes lit up. This flower was actually really unique. It was black and red and looked like it had little hands. There was even a layer of small short fur on it that made it look pretty cute.

But, then stink seemed to be coming from it. It was was like the smell of rotting flesh.

Mu Ye calmly pulled out another object from the chest.

Tang Doudou glanced over, then hastily backed away. "Wh-why are you bringing out a snake!?"

"Watch carefully." Mu Ye pinched the snake's head firmly as he glanced over at Tang Doudou. "The Swayflower likes eating snakes."

After he said that, he threw the snake at the flower. The snake struggled to escape but several sharp furs abruptly extended from the hand-like part of the plant and stabbed into the snake. The snake struggled hard to get free, but it was already too late.

Its body started rapidly shriveling up.


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