Chapter 322.1: The Owner

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Upon hearing this, Qing Cheng hastily rushed out with the courtesan. The crowd was going crazy outside. A lot of guests had already stormed out. The remaining ones were either fuming with rage or watching the show with amusement. The only one who seemed completely unpreturbed was Tang Longbiao, who was sitting there with one leg crossed while sampling tea. Lian er who was kneeling next to him was flushed with excitement.

"Two hundred thousand and one taels!"

That idiot was still adding!?

Qing Cheng quietly cursed, then walked to the stage. "Gentlemen! Gentlemen! Please calm down and allow Qing Cheng a word."

"What else is there to say? You guys are sure shameless, to put on this show just to inflate the price!"

"Exactly! This is two much! Can these two youngsters even take out that much money?"

"And just for a little prostitute too. Do you really take us for fools!?"

Qing Cheng's face turned pale as he glanced towards Lin Shuxuan's private room. Could it be that the owner really was in there?

"Gentlemen, this really had nothing to do with our Wind Cherishing House. If you don't believe me, we can invite Young Master Lin and this Tang gongzi out and hear the truth from their mouths."

"Who knows if you guys aren't all working together?"

"Exactly! Exactly!"

"What if you guys had arranged all of this beforehand? Then no matter what they say, it's still be just a ruse."

Qing Cheng felt a headache. "Then what must we do to prove that it's not a trick?"

"If they really take out that much money, I'll believe it. If they can't take it out, that means you guys are working together!"

"This..." Qing Cheng hesitated and subconsciously glanced at Tang Doudou. Could she take out that much money?

He wasn't worried about his owner being troubled with this much money, but if Tang Doudou couldn't take out that much money, then they wouldn't be able to shake off this accusation!

"What a joke! Are you guys worried that Brother Tang can't bring out that much money?" Just as Qing Cheng was at a complete loss, Lin Shuxuan spoke.

"Young Master Lin, forgive this old man for being rude, but although you are the heir of the Lin Clan Stronghold, you're not wealthy to that extent. That's two hundred thousand taels! Not even the Lin Clan Stronghold could take out that sum all at once!"

Lin Shuxuan said, "It's true, I don't have that much money."

The hall instantly filled with clamor.

No one expected for Lin Shuxuan to admit it so quickly. Even more people became infuriated and some even shouted for Wind Cherishing House to get the hell out of Hibiscus Garrison.

Tang Doudou didn't speak. For some reason, she felt that Lin Shuxuan was doing this on purpose for the sake of achieving a certain goal.

The crowd was starting to hurl a lot of angry complaints and insults now. Qing Cheng was about to cry from panic. He had no idea what his boss was trying to do.

However, Lin Shuxuan didn't seem to hear any of the crowd and just continued, "I had no intentions of fighting with Brother Tang over Escort Xue. I just wanted to accompany Brother Tang in this game a little."

What did this mean?

Tang Doudou suddenly became uneasy. She looked towards the stage at Baili Yu. She wanted to steer the conversation to a safer direction before Lin Shuxuan could continue, but she didn't know what to say.

Baili Yu's gaze also darkened. Although he felt that something was off, he had lost his memories and didn't have enough information to accurately judge the situation, so he could only watch silently.

"Since everyone seems object to it so much, I won't add to the price anymore. Brother Tang, I'll yield Escort Xue to you. I was just joking with Brother Tang earlier, I hope Brother Tang won't take it to heart?" said Lin Shuxuan.

Tang Doudou's eyes narrowed. "Brother Lin's joke was a little too much."

"Haha, two hundred thousand taels is just a drop in the ocean to Brother Tang."

Tang Doudou rubbed her chin and said with a laugh, "Actually, you know, I was just joking with Brother Lin as well."

Her words immediately caused Wind Cherishing House to fall deathly silent again.

"Humph! What kind of joke are you guys trying to pull? In my opinion, this is completely Wind Cherishing House's doing!"

Qing Cheng smiled wryly. "It really has nothing to do with us!"

"You guys don't trust Wind Cherishing House, but could it be that you guys don't trust me?" Lin Shuxuan continued, "This doesn't have anything to do with Wind Cherishing House."

"What exactly is going on? Young Master Lin, you should at least give us an explanation!"

"What's there to explain?" said Lin Shuxuan.

"We all came for Escort Xue, but due to you guys..."

"En, then do any of you have two hundred thousand taels?"

The person speaking fell silent awkwardly. Even if he did have that much, he wouldn't spend it on a courtesan.

"Since you don't, what are you still quibbling about?" Lin Shuxuan then said to Qing Cheng, "Qing gongzi, isn't it about time to announce the result? Or is it that you're still waiting for someone to increase the price?"

When it occurred to Qing Cheng that Lin Shuxuan's words may be the owner's instructions, he said, "Ahem, I'll announce it right now."

"Humph! I'd like what other trick you guys can pull now!"

Qing Cheng cleared his throat, but didn't know what to say. This disturbance had unnerved him so much that his mind was completely blink.

It was actually Lin Shuxuan who spoke to help him out. "Congratulations, Brother Tang, in successfully obtaining a beauty. It's truly worthy of celebration!"

Tang Doudou knew that he definitely had more to say. As she had expected, he continued, "The spring nights are bitterly short, shouldn't Brother Tang hurry and take the beauty off to enjoy the night? It's impressive that you're still able to hold yourself back even now!"

"Qing gongzi, the bid hasn't even been paid yet! Aren't you worried that this guy will eat the meal, then run off?"

"What nonsense are you saying!? Qing gongzi, don't worry, Brother Tang will definitely pay every tael. You guys, hurry up and go dress Escort Xue up for my Brother Tang."

Qing gongzi forced a laugh. "Understood, right away!"

After he said that, he looked towards Tang Longbiao. When he saw that Tang Longbiao was still sitting there unperturbed, he became nervous again. If his memory wasn't wrong, Tang Longbiao had also said that he was just joking with Lin Shuxuan.

If the owner wasn't in Lin Shuxuan's private room earlier and he sent Escort Xue to Tang Longbiao, then Tang Longbiao revealed that he didn't have that much money, how was he supposed to deal with things then?

The courtesan he sent to check Lin Shuxuan's room hadn't returned either, so should he trust Jin Yi's words or not?

Qing Cheng expressed that he felt about to go crazy.

Right at this time, Baili Yu, who had been standing next to him, moved.


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