Chapter 323.1: Identity Revealed

Prodigal Alliance Head


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The only sound inside the room was the soft crackling of the candle flames.

Tang Doudou sat next to the table and absentmindedly knocked on the table as she mulled over things. From time to time, her gaze would drift to the right and sweep over Baili Yu's face.

Baili Yu was still wondering what relationship the person that brought him to Wind Cherishing House had with Tang Doudou.

They seemed to know each other.

However, he sensed danger from that person. That feeling wasn't directed towards him, but towards Tang Doudou.

He had probably been brought to Wind Cherishing House to lure Tang Doudou here.

When Baili Yu thought up to this point, his gaze flickered. He looked over to warn Tang Doudou, but she shook her head slightly, indicating for him not to speak.

Baili Yu nodded, then closed his eyes and leaned on the chair to sleep.

When Tang Doudou saw this, she smiled slightly. This evil spirit's habits haven't changed at all even though he lost his memories.

As she chuckled over this, the door was pushed open.

"Alliance Head Li, sorry for the wait."

"It should be me that apologizes for making you wait." Tang Doudou stopped smiling and scrutinized Gu Xun. She hadn't expected to meet him here after that parting in Mist City.

This person who had the same face as Bai Feiyun was a stark contrast in personality. He was the image of a perfect businessman. He fit the mold even better than Baili Yu.

When she found out that Gu Xun was the owner of Wind Cherishing House, it cleared up a lot of her suspicions. When she and Baili Yu had been kidnapped in Mist City, Gu Xun had been planning to sell them to influential men who liked boys, so the fact that Gu Xun owned a male brothel wasn't anything strange.

However, there were still strange parts. Why would he open a male brothel here in Hibiscus Garrison? And why was Liu Zhiyuan afraid of him?

"Alliance Head Li seems to have a lot of questions?" Gu Xun was very skilled in reading people's expressions. These thoughts had only briefly flashed through Tang Doudou's mind, but Gu Xun immediately noticed them.

Tang Doudou said, "I do have a lot of questions. But the real question will be whether Brother Gu is willing to help clear them up."

Gu Xun poured her a cup of wine. "It would be this Gu's honor to clear up Alliance Head Li's confusion. However, since we've finally met again by chance, why don't we slowly discuss this over some wine?"

"I don't drink alcohol, tea would be better." Tang Doudou refused firmly. Her alcohol tolerance was too low. After a few cups, she wouldn't be able to keep track of what was being said.

She had only drank a little the past few days in order to obtain Lin Shuxuan's trust, but in this current situation, she couldn't risk it.

Gu Xun didn't try to persuade her and poured a cup of tea for her instead. "Please."

"Thanks.""Ever since we parted at Mist City, I've been wondering when we would meet again. It's unexpected that we encountered each other again so soon," said Gu Xun with a laugh.

This was soon? It had been almost half a year.

Inwardly, Tang Doudou ridiculed these words, but on the surface she smiled in agreement. "That's right ah, it was sure quick."

"Alliance Head Li came for Baili gongzi, right?"


"When I was on a business trip in Ocean City, I saw someone carry Baili gongzi, who was unconscious, into my inn. Since they seemed to be acting suspicious, I sent someone to sneak Baili gongzi out. It was only later that I discovered Baili gongzi had lost his memories," said Gu Xun calmly. "He doesn't remember who he is. I didn't know what happened, but I could tell that it was best to keep his condition a secret. That's why I brought him to Hibiscus Garrison."

Tang Doudou kept her emotions off her face as she mulled over the truthfulness of Gu Xun's words.

"After I got to Hibiscus Garrison, I sent someone to deliver a letter to Huai City. However, it was only in the last few days that I got news back. Word said that you hadn't returned to Huai City, so it occured to me that you had probably found your way here and I headed back. You really didn't betray my expectations."

"Owner Gu, this one is extremely grateful for your life-saving grace. However, there is still one thing I'm confused about." Although Tang Doudou said that she was grateful, there was no sincerity in her tone. If Gu Xun had actually been doing this to save Baili Yu, he could've sent Baili Yu to the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce branch in Ocean City. Even if he didn't feel safe doing so, Huai City was between Ocean City and Hibiscus Garrison, so he could've dropped Baili Yu off at Plum Garden.

Hence, his true motive was probably not as he said.

However, one probable truth was that he had saved Baili Yu from Nangong Yan's grasp.

Otherwise, Liu Zhiyuan wouldn't be hovering around this Wind Cherishing House like an annoying mosquito. 


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