Chapter 328.2: Not Allowed to Stop

Prodigal Alliance Head


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In the end, the only ones that followed them were the people that Gu Xun had sent. Tang Doudou knew that they were there, but she wasn't worried and just leisurely wandered around the streets with Lian er.

As nightfall deepened, the amount of pedestrians decreased and the lights around them started dimming. The breeze started to carry a slight chill as well.

"Alliance Head Li." Lian er leaned closer to Tang Doudou and asked quietly, "Where exactly are we going?"

"To Yuelai Inn." Tang Doudou smiled at him. "You can talk without restraint now. There's no one following us anymore."

The only people following them were probably Gu Xun's people and there was no need for them to hide their identities from them.

Lian er nodded, then asked, "But you've already passed by Yuelai Inn several times."

"I'm looking for a good chance."


After strolling around for a little more, since Hibiscus Garrison was only oh so large, they soon arrived at the garrison entrance.

Jin Yi's expression turned even more confused. Could it be that Li Xueyi really did plan to use this chance to leave the garrison?

She was leaving Baili Yu behind?

That wasn't possible. How could she possibly leave Baili Yu behind? She rushed all the way here from Huai City just for Baili Yu after all.

But what was she trying to do by walking around so much?

She also showed no intention of trying to shake them off. Could it be that she wasn't aware of them?

Jin Yi didn't understand, but Tang Doudou had achieved her goal. She patted Lian er's shoulder. "Let's go, we'll head to Yuelai Inn now."

"Huh?" Lian er was completely confused but he could only follow Tang Doudou.

Yuelai Inn was very close to the garrison entrance so they soon reached it.

Tang Doudou walked in with Lian er and gave the waiter a huge fright due to their smokey eye makeup and pale clothing.

"G-guests? May I ask why you're here?" The waiter nervously greeted them with a stiff smile.

Tang Doudou said, "Of course we're here for a room. Do you think we're here to sing and dance?"

When the waiter saw that they were human, he immediately recovered and led the two upstairs.

Tang Doudou gave him some silver fragments, then pushed open the door and pulled Lian er into the room.

She closed the door, then whirled around and sealed Lian er's pressure points.

"Ah!" When Lian er discovered that he couldn't move, he cried out in alarm. Tang Doudou quickly covered his mouth and pulled him towards the bed.

Lian er was frightened, but that was replaced by delight when he saw that Tang Doudou was pulling him towards the bed. Could it be that the reason Alliance Head Li went through all that trouble to bring him out was because she wanted to avoid other people and...

When his thoughts arrived here, he became elated.

Then he recalled that Alliance Head Li was a woman and he didn't have the ability to do that, so how were they supposed to enjoy themselves?

His expression became crestfallen. Tang Doudou saw his expression and said with a smile, "If you don't scream, I'll let go."

Lian er hastily nodded. He was overjoyed to get intimate with Alliance Head Li, there was no way he'd be so dumb as to ruin the mood by stupidly screaming.

Tang Doudou was aware that he was pretty discreet, otherwise she wouldn't have chosen him to be her accomplice.

After pulling Lian er onto the bed, she let down the curtains, then said quietly to Lian er, "Lian er, do you want money?"

Why did the topic change so fast?

Lian er bit his lip as he tried to figure out what Tang Doudou meant. "I won't keep it from Alliance Head Li, Lian er's greatest desire is to earn enough money to buy himself out of there."

As he spoke, his eyes filled with tears and he gazed at Tang Doudou in a pitiful manner.

Tang Doudou rubbed his head. "En, I got it.

"Lian er, I can help buy your freedom and give you a lot of money. You probably know about my identity. Although I don't have a lot of money, my fiancee, Baili Yu, is the richest individual in the world. Not only can I buy your freedom, I can also guarantee that you live the rest of your life without worries."

Lian er's eyes widened and his tears slowly fell back. "Alliance Head Li, I'm not very smart. I can't quite understand what you mean. Are you saying that you'll buy my freedom?"

"What? You're not happy?" Tang Doudou glanced at him with a hint of a smile as she lifted his chin.

"I'm happy! But..."

"There's no but." Tang Doudou looked him up and down, then placed her hand on his waist and slowly undid his waist belt.

Lian er thought that Tang Doudou wanted to do that with him, so his face flushed. However, he bit his lips and endured it.

As he was preparing for what came next, his eyes and mouth were suddenly covered.

"Wuwuu..." Lian er was confused.

Tang Doudou said, "Don't worry, I won't hurt you as long as you behave and don't run around. Also, I want that sound from just now. Keep crying out like that, you're not allowed to stop!"

Lian er went 'wwuuwuu' again like he was about to cry. He seemed to be trying to ask what she was doing.


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