Chapter 333.2: You Can Look for Me Even if There's Nothing You Need Help With

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If Baili Yu and Tang Doudou really went to the Xiao family to cause a fuss, every one of them would get clan points deducted. It wasn't easy to earn clan points, and every punishment tended to deduct a lot of points. The more they thought about it, the more they felt that this wasn't worth it, so someone went over to persuade Xiao Yi to apologize so that they could hurry and leave.

Xiao Yi cared a lot about face. He knew that his behavior would affect the rest of them, but he couldn't bring himself to apologize. He got even more annoyed from being pressed and just turned his horse around to run down the road.

When Xiao Sizhui saw this, his face also turned black.

However, since the person that caused this has already reacted this way, no matter how much they apologized, it'd be useless. Xiao Sizhui looked towards Baili Yu apologetically but didn't know what to say.

Baili Yu said, "Young man, you should just go. Since I've said that I won't complain to the Xiao family, I'll definitely keep my word. Don't worry!"

Even if Xiao Sizhui was still worried, there was nothing else that he'd be able to do. In addition, if he didn't go after Xiao Yi soon and he disappeared, it'd be even more troublesome.

Xiao Sizhui cupped his fist towards Baili Yu apologetically. "Uncle, farewell!"


"Let's go, go after Xiao Yi!" Xiao Sizhui waved towards the group of youngsters and they immediately swung their whips and left behind a cloud of dust.

Xiao Sizhui didn't follow them and turned back to offer Baili Yu a tablet. "I trust that you're someone who keeps your promises, but I truly can't feel at ease just leaving like this. Uncle, please take this tablet. In the future, if you ever encounter trouble, you can come to the Xiao family with this table to look for me and I'll definitely do all I can to help you!"

Baili Yu just glanced at the tablet without moving.

Xiao Sizhui was becoming a little anxious now. Could it be that this uncle was still unwilling to accept his apology?

Although Xiao Yi was the one who had been cursing at them, he shared responsibility for not stopping him in time. However, he had apologized sincerely, so why was the other party still insisting on not accepting his apology?

Could it be that although this person had lived a long time, he was still petty, and by saying that he wouldn't tell on them, he meant that he definitely would?

But he didn't seem like a petty person?

However, Master (a female teacher) once said that there was no way to figure out what was within a person's heart. Knowing a person's face didn't mean you knew their heart…

So what was he supposed to do!?

Just as he was at a loss, his hand suddenly felt lighter. Someone had taken the tablet.

He looked up and saw that the person who took the tablet was an aunt that looked around forty. She had very dark freckles due to aging, but her eyes seemed very spirited. When one looked into her eyes, one would completely forget about her age.

For a moment, Xiao Sizhui was captivated.

He only came back to his senses with Baili Yu gave a displeased cough. A red flush crept up his cheeks and he turned to ride away, not daring to look at the two.

Of course, before he left, he said, "Uncle, please keep the tablet well! Even if there's nothing you need help with, you can still look for me!"

He then rushed forward to catch up with his group.

As Tang Doudou watched, she burst out laughing. "How funny! It was fine to look for him even if there was nothing we need help with? Could it be that we should look for him to chat? The people of the Xiao family sure has a lot of time on their hands."

"Wife, you find this youngster amusing?" She had been teased to giggles by another man in front of him. Baili Yu expressed that he was very jealous.

There was no way Tang Doudou missed his obvious jealousy, but she acted like she didn't realize it. "He is quite amusing. That soft-spoken polite manner of his really makes people want to just bully… Mmpff…"

Baili Yu knew about her little plans. She was purposefully provoking him, so if he didn't punish her properly, she'd be even bolder next time!

The two got really intimate again on the carriage. It was like they had completely forgotten about the earlier lesson, or perhaps they hadn't expected for someone to appear so quickly on the remote road.

This person was actually quite courteous and just passed by on the tiny path to the side of the carriage without even looking at them.

Tang Doudou pushed Baili Yu away and pouted. "Scoundrel, rogue! How could you be like this in broad daylight!? Aren't you worried about being captured and drowned in a wicker basket?"

Baili Yu chuckled and gently stroked her lip. "Wife."

"S-stop calling me that!" His voice was hypnotizingly deep. Tang Doudou couldn't stop herself from blushing. Why did it feel like Baili Yu was going into heat all the time? It was already autumn!

"Wife is about to drown me in a wicker basket, if I don't hurry and call out a couple more times now, I won't have the chance to call you this way again in the future." Baili Yu had a puppy-eyed look as though she had bullied him.

He actually felt wronged!?

But Tang Doudou couldn't bear to be harsh towards him anymore while he was looking at her so doefully, so she said, "Fine, fine, don't pout anymore. It's not like I'll actually drown you, it's just a figure of speech…"

"Then can I still call you wife?"

Tang Doudou rolled her eyes. She knew that he had been pretending. "Fine, just call as you like."

In any case, even if she said no, Baili Yu would come up with another way to get her to say yes, so she might as well give in to him directly. If they kept dawdling like this, when would they finally reach the city?

This seemed to occur to Baili Yu as well because he stopped teasing Tang Doudou and turned around to continue driving the carriage forward.


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