Chapter 334.2: Having Children Discussion

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"What was that earlier?" As Tang Doudou lay Baili Yu's arms, she thought back to the setup of the carriage but she didn't recall anything being in that place. In addition, it couldn't be Baili Yu since without martial arts, there was no way to move that fast.

She thought about it for a while, but couldn't come up with an explanation, so she patted Baili Yu's chest. "Big evil spirit, were you angry earlier?"

"No," replied Baili Yu. Then he quickly added, "I don't dare."

Tang Doudou felt around for a while and finally found his face, then his lips. She moved her lips over, then said, "I didn't mean that. I was just thinking that this place is too unsafe. If anyone passed by, or some beast, a bird… Wouldn't all our private things be seen?"

Baili Yu knew what she meant, but he continued playing dumb. "What private things?"

Tang Doudou wasn't aware of Baili Yu's mischievous intentions and mumbled embarrassedly for a while before quietly saying, "It's just that, you know!"

Inwardly, she wondered, weren't the people in the ancient era really reserved?

Why was Baili Yu always doing things different from most people here?

Could it be that he was also a member of the transmigration army?

She started spacing out and didn't even notice when Baili Yu softly brushed over her lips several times. By the time she came back to her senses, Baili Yu had already tasted her countless times and finally couldn't hold back his desires anymore and firmly captured her lips in full.

Tang Doudou was kissed to the point her head spun. Finally, she decided to just give up and give in to him. After all, it wasn't even the first time anymore, so what was the point in being reserved?

In addition, it was so dark here, only a ghost would come visit.

Moreover, Baili Yu had been copping feels and stealing kisses this entire time, but held back and didn't do anything serious. If she still refused to give it to him now that it was night, she'd be the one regretting when his system blew from holding back too much.

When Tang Doudou's thoughts reached this point, she relaxed and allowed Baili Yu to do as he wished. However, after a while, she noticed that although Baili Yu's hands were moving restlessly and his mouth was misbehaving, he made no move to go towards the next step. Tang Doudou's head filled with question marks. What was this? Could it be that this guy's tastes had changed? He only wanted to touch and kiss, and no longer wanted to do the real thing?

Pei pei! How was that possible? Didn't he already do the real thing last time? She shouldn't doubt her own man's abilities…

Tang Doudou silently muttered. But soon, she became puzzled again. So what exactly was this?

Could it be that she's not attractive enough?

Baili Yu dislikes her since she was too ugly?


Could someone tell her what exactly was going on!?

"Wife, can you focus more while kissing?" Baili Yu could sense that her thoughts were wandering off. He reluctantly released Tang Doudou's captivating moist lips although he really didn't want to. However, if he didn't pull himself back now, he couldn't guarantee that he wouldn't become a wolf and hurt this adorable little woman.

It wasn't convenient for her right now, so all he could do is kiss and touch a little to sate his cravings.

Tang Doudou panted for breath. It took quite a while for her to calm down. When she touched her lips, she found that they were extremely swollen and pushed away her earlier thought. If he really disliked her for being ugly, why would he kiss her so madly? That kiss was clearly so filled with desire that it almost burned her rationality to a crisp.


When she didn't speak, Baili Yu thought he had made her angry again. Pregnant women tended to have large mood swings. Even though he had been very careful, it was still unavoidable that fires may be sparked. All he could do was quickly calm her down before she exploded.

"Let me show you something." After saying that, he lifted Tang Doudou in a princess carry and headed out of the carriage.

Tang Doudou wrapped her arms tightly around Baili Yu's shoulders and asked, "What are we going to look at in the middle of the night? We should just go to bed early. We'll still have to travel tomorrow."

"It's fine. It'll be right about time to sleep after we finish seeing it." Baili Yu felt relieved when he heard her voice. She had probably been too out of breath earlier to reply.

"Fine, I'll listen to you this once." Tang Doudou leaned against Baili Yu's chest. She felt abnormally content as she listened to his vigorous heartbeat. Then she recalled her plans to live in seclusion and said, "Baili Yu."


"I have a thought, do you want to hear?"

Baili Yu rubbed his chin against her hair and replied softly, "En, tell me."

"How about, we don't go to Huai City after all? Let's just find a place to live in seclusion? We can open a restaurant to earn money. Every morning, when the rays of the sun land on our bed, we'll open our eyes and see each other. When the sun sets, we can sit on the roof together to watch the sunset.

"In spring, we'll bring an umbrella and take a boat out onto the lake. During the summer, we can go lotus flower viewing. In the autumn, we'll sweep the fallen leaves in the courtyard, and in winter... well, we can sit around and eat hot pot while watching the snowflakes turn the courtyard silver. The next day, we can take a shovel and make a snowman… say, what do you think?"

Baili Yu lowered his eyes to gaze into her faintly visible sparkling eyes that dazzled like stars. He hooked his lips. "Alright! At that time, we'll have a bunch of big, fat boys and watch them grow into adults, get married, and have children!"


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