Chapter 345.1: Such a Great Husband

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Originally, the waiter was going to refuse the money, but after he heard what Tang Doudou said, he immediately accepted and said, "Alright! Guest, just wait for a few moments. Breakfast will be on its way!"

"En." Tang Doudou then turned around and closed the door.

Baili Yu had also gotten up, but he didn't put on the human skin mask and instead, moved to put it inside a chest.

When he heard her walk in, he turned around. "Doudou."

Tang Doudou had thought about things for an entire night and managed to think through some things. If she continued being like this, she'd only hurt them both and make their relationship worsen to the point that it went towards an unretractable end.

She wasn't over-reacting. When she heard him call her 'Doudou' instead of 'wife,' she was inwardly glad that she had managed to think things through. Otherwise, if she pressed on and ended up driving Baili Yu away, it would be too late to regret.

In reality, Baili Yu's feelings towards her hadn't changed in the slightest. The only reason he called her 'Doudou' was because he was worried she would get angry again if he called her 'wife.'

Both sides were thinking on behalf of the other person, and they both loved each other so much, but a huge rift still existed between them. This wasn't something that could be quickly solved, it would only be bridged with time. Perhaps, when they had grown old together, they would be able to understand what each other was thinking with just a glance.

"When are you planning to leave?" asked Tang Doudou quietly as she walked over.

When Baili Yu heard the concern in her voice, he was first taken aback. Following that, he laughed happily and threw down the mask to pulled her into his arms. "Doudou, my good wife, thank you!"

Tang Doudou pursed her lips. "I've thought things through. There's no need for us to talk so much about such things, just remember to come back soon."

She really was his understanding good wife. It was truly worth his three lifetimes of fortune to obtain such a wonderful woman.

After breakfast, Baili Yu packed up and prepared to leave. However, when his hand touched the door, he turned back again worriedly. "Be extra careful, alright? It's best if you just stay in the inn until I get back. If you want to go out, try to stay close to the inn. That way, it'll be easy for Nan Maner to find you when she comes back."

He had already said these things countless times like a nagging grannie during breakfast. It was so much that Tang Doudou was practically getting calluses in her ears from hearing these words. She waved towards him impatiently. "I got it, I got it. Hurry up and go. If you wait until I regret, I won't let you leave again."

Finally, Baili Yu dropped it. However, he walked back again and softly kissed Tang Doudou's forehead. "Wait for me."

He was about to turn and leave, but tears welled up in Tang Doudou's eyes and she reached out to wrap her arms around his neck. She took in his features as she pressed her cheek against his. "You have to come back safe!"

"I will."

Baili Yu left.


Tang Doudou didn't know how many times she had sighed. As she watched the drizzle outside the window, she felt as if she was becoming gloomy with the weather.

This was the first time she felt like each day was like a year.

"Guest, the lunch you ordered is here!" The waiter's voice came from outside.

Although Tang Doudou didn't want to move, she forced herself to get up and walk over to open the door. It was only after she opened the door that it occurred to her that she hadn't gone out since Baili Yu left, so she had never ordered lunch.

Her confusion evidently showed on her face, since when the waiter saw her, he explained, "A very good-looking young man told us to deliver all three meals on time to you from now on. Breakfast and evening snacks will also be brought up according to what he ordered."

So it was Baili Yu.

Tang Doudou was quite moved. She had known that he has always been very detailed, but she never thought he would be that considerate. He had probably known that she would forget to eat after he left, that's why he instructed for the inn to bring her food before he left.

"Guest, that young man is your son, isn't he?" Just when Tang Doudou was too moved to speak, the waiter's next words almost made her choke to death on her spit.

"W-what makes you say that?"

The waiter lifted his brows smugly. "It's very simple ah. Other than the son, who else would be so considerate towards an old couple?"

When Tang Doudou saw how delighted he looked about seeing through everything, she couldn't bring herself to crush his confidence, so she just took the food with a smile and thanked him before closing the door.

Once she took everything out and placed it on the table, she found that there were two pairs of chopsticks and bowls.

"It was no wonder that the waiter hadn't suspected anything," remarked Tang Doudou with a faint smile. Her eyes were filled with happiness. It was such good fortune to have such a great husband.

Most of the dishes here were ones she liked. Due to the fact that her stomach hadn't been feeling well lately, Baili Yu had ordered very mildly flavored dishes. These little considerate gestures filled her heart with warmth.

The more Tang Doudou looked at the food, the hungrier she got, so she soon lifted the chopsticks and started eating heartily.

The next few days passed just like this. She ate, slept, then woke up to eat again.

She didn't head out a single time.

It wasn't that she was being very obedient or that she was too depressed, it was because it had been raining constantly without a single pause.

The rain was also very heavy. There were probably places that already flooded.

As she looked out the window at the knee high water on the streets, she couldn't help but worry. Was Baili Yu alright? It was raining so hard, had he managed to find shelter? Did he catch a cold from the rain… Would this rain delay his journey? The day of his return would probably have to be pushed back.

This damned rain!

Tang Doudou lay back down on the bed. Nan Maner had also been gone for quite a while. Dream Mountain wasn't very far away from here and based on how much Nan Maner wanted to see Mu Ye, there was no way that she would take her time.

Could it be that Mu Ye wasn't at Dream Mountain?

This was the only possible reason for why Nan Maner hadn't come back.

Forget it, rather than staying here to fret helplessly, she should just head out herself in order to stop worrying.

Everything Baili Yu nagged her about before he left had been totally washed away by her worries.


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