Chapter 346.1: There's No One Inside

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That person didn't suspect her at all. However, it was hard for anyone to imagine that she was lying with how serious she was acting.

"Take care, Sir!" That person respectfully sent her off with a cupped fist salute.

Tang Doudou nodded and left.

Right after she left, someone else came.

"Yun gongzi!" The person guarding the door reacted with joy.

"Did someone come by just now?"

"There was a young man dressed in white, but he left really quickly."

The person addressed as Yun gongzi then asked, "A young man in white? Did he say why he came?"

"He seemed to have come here looking for the Hall Master. When I said that Hall Master wasn't here, he asked a few strange questions."

Yun gongzi seemed surprised. "What strange questions?"


The two's voices were gradually drowned out by the rain.

The rain was getting increasingly heavy. Tang Doudou ducked inside the earlier alley and changed back into her clothes from before. Then, she headed towards a pharmacy to grab the medicines that Nan Maner had specified in her prescription before struggling through the rain back to the inn.

When she got back to the street the inn was on, the water level had already reached her waist. At the rate things were going, this inn would be submerged by tonight!

Tang Doudou hastily walked to the inn. She shuddered uncontrollably in fear due to all the water around her. Fortunately, the waiter had been watching the inn doors this entire time because he didn't see her return, so when he spotted her in the water, he immediately shouted, "She's over there!"

Then he ran over. "Aunt, why did you stay out so long? With how strong the rain is, if you hadn't come back now, you definitely wouldn't have made it back.

Tang Doudou kept her arms lifted high to keep the medicine out of the water as she shouted, "Don't worry about me. Hurry up and go back to tell everyone to leave while it's still possible to walk! Any later and it'll be too late!"

"Aunt, what are you saying?" Due to the rumbling of the thunder, it was hard to hear each other's voices even if they were standing right next to each other. The only reason Tang Doudou had been able to hear what the waiter said was because of her inner strength.

Since the waiter couldn't hear her and she had to go back anyways to pack up her stuff, she decided to just pull the waiter back into the inn.

Once she got inside, she first flung some of the water off. When she glanced back, she saw that the water level had gotten even higher.

Her gaze turned serious and she rushed into the inn. "Innkeeper, Innkeeper!"

"Oh! This big sis, you're finally back!" The innkeeper got up behind the sales counter. When he saw that she was soaked, he immediately cried, "Bis Sis, you had better go get changed. You're completely soaked! It'll be troublesome if you get sick. With how badly it's raining, it's nearly impossible to get a doctor."

There was no way Tang Doudou had the presence of mind to care about changing clothes right now. She pulled the innkeeper over and said, "Innkeeper, pack up your valuables, then hurry and leave!"

The innkeeper just looked at her with confusion. "What? What do you mean?"

"Something has probably happened to the city's drainage system. Look at how much water has accumulated outside? It's not draining at all. If this rain continues, the surroundings will definitely be flooded. You guys need to hurry and leave while the water level is still manageable!" said Tang Doudou quickly. She then ran upstairs and started running by while knocking on all the doors.

"Everyone, hurry and leave this place! Hurry and get up!"

"Hey, hey, did this old lady go crazy? Where are we supposed to go in such heavy rain?"

"What's going on? Who knocked on the door? Rainy days are sleeping days."

"Aunt, Aunt, please stop knocking!" The waiter who had come in after Tang Doudou couldn't be bothered to worry about his wet clothes and hastily ran up the stairs to stop her.

Tang Doudou looked towards the people that had walked out and repeated what she had said to the innkeeper. Afterwards, she shouted again, "Everyone! You shouldn't just run mindlessly. While you guys leave, call out to the people around and let them know to leave as well. Run towards the south! The elevation there is higher, so it won't be flooded as easily."

Some people glanced outside. From upstairs, that water didn't look very deep and it didn't seem anywhere as scary as this aunt was putting it.

"If you want to leave, no one's stopping you. However, we've been on the road for an entire week and finally got to rest when you woke us up. Since you've done it out of good intentions though, we won't hold it against you." The large man leaning against the door near Tang Doudou had an exceptionally loud voice.

Tang Doudou rolled her eyes at him. The people she had yet to call out were now startled awake by his voice.

Tang Doudou looked around and warned them one last time. "I've already told you about this, it's up to you whether or not to listen!"

Afterwards, she rushed into her room and hastily packed up before heading back downstairs.

When they saw that she really did look rushed, some people paid heed to her words. However, others just humphed in disdain with remarks of 'ignorant country wife' and slammed their doors shut again.


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