Chapter 348.2: It's a Conspiracy

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Following that, she went downstairs to get food.

However, the moment she opened the door, she saw the man she guessed to be Yun Hai appear in the inn.

She reflexively closed the door as her eyes filled with confusion. Why would he be here?

She walked back into the room and examined her human skin mask carefully. She didn't see any problems with it, so she went over to write a message on a piece of paper and put it inside the chest before putting the chest on a roof beam. After doing all of this, she finally left the room cautiously. Downstairs, she ordered some mildly flavored dishes, then sat down at a corner of the inn.

Yun Hai was still there, standing in the very center of the inn.

Of Baili Yu's three most trusted subordinates, Jun Xin and Yun Hai truly had extraordinarily handsome looks. His eyes were just like his name, mild and distant like a sea of clouds.

He looked around the inn, then headed straight towards Tang Doudou.

Tang Doudou noticed his movements, but pretended that she didn't see him and continued eating calmly even as her heart pounded nervously. Why was he walking this way? Could it be that he had recognized her? But he had never seen her before, so how had he been able to recognize her?

Countless thoughts were flashing through her mind, but she continued to just drink the porridge spoonful by spoonful calmly.

Yun Hai stopped about five steps away from her and sat down at the table next to her.

Could it be that he hadn't been heading towards her?

That wasn't possible. There was no way someone like him would do something for no reason. The inn wasn't very full right now. There were a lot of empty tables in this large hall, but he had insisted on sitting down near her, at the very corner of the room. It was clearly done with a motive.

Tang Doudou finished drinking the porridge, then ate the steamed buns on the plate. However, she still didn't feel full, so she had the waiter bring up a tray of steamed dumplings. Afterwards, she handed the medicine that she had prepared beforehand to the waiter. "Waiter, please help me make this medicine, then bring it to my room."

Following that, she handed the waiter some coins.

The waiter left with the packet of medicine. As Tang Doudou retrieved her gaze, she noticed that Yun Hai was currently looking at her. However, she ignored him even as he seemed to continue to look at her. After finishing her food, she returned to her room.

During this entire time, Yun Hai didn't do anything except look at her.

He didn't stop her when she got up either, so it just confused her even more.

Although she was puzzled, she didn't spend much time on pondering it since she had already decided to leave Green Maple City as soon as possible. As for Baili Yu, all she could do was try to contact him. However, he had already been gone for so many days, so she had no idea how he was doing right now.

"Guest, your medicine is ready!" Knocking came from the door, followed by the waiter's voice.

Tang Doudou opened the door. After the waiter handed the medicine to her, he handed her a paper note and a strip of cloth. "A guest had me deliver this to you."

There was no need to guess. That person was definitely Yun Hai. From the looks of it, her identity had already been revealed.

However, she didn't understand what it was that gave her away.


She went back inside and drank the soup, then slowly opened the rolled up piece of paper.

It seemed that Yun Hai didn't know that she was illiterate ah!

As she looked at the message that was half filled with words that she didn't know, she couldn't figure out whether she should be laughing at herself or Yun Hai. She put the note away as she chuckled, then picked up the cloth to look at it.

She reeled with shock. T-this cloth! Wasn't it the fabric Baili Yu was wearing when he left?

Her shock was replaced with worry. Could it be that Baili Yu had already fallen into Yun Hai's hands?

She clenched her fists. Anger filled her eyes, then she took out that paper strip again, copied down the words she didn't know, and left the room.

She soon came back, but her facial color was more worse than before.

What Yun Hai wrote was that she had to get to Dream Mountain within three days, otherwise…

But how did Baili Yu end up falling into his hands?

Tang Doudou couldn't figure it out, so she could only burn the paper note for now.

A trip to Dream Mountain was inevitable.

Dream Mountain… But why Dream Mountain?

Nan Maner and Mu Ye hadn't come back either. Could it be that something had happened to them as well?

Originally, she thought that she could work through things slowly, but now the situation suddenly got very urgent. No matter what, it would take two days to get to Dream Mountain from Green Maple City. Even if she wanted to rush back to Huai City, there wasn't enough time to do so.

If Yun Hai wanted something from her, why didn't he say it directly to her in the inn? Why was he having her go to Dream Mountain?

Could it be that he also wasn't sure of her identity? Or could it be that he had other plans? And what was with Baili Yu's clothing?

After resting for a little while, Tang Doudou didn't wait for the rain to stop and quickly packed up her things to rush to Dream Mountain. However, there was no way to get a horse right now in the city and she wouldn't be able to get to Dream Mountain in three days just with her qinggong.

Just as she was panicking over what to do, she saw a woman leading a horse towards the inn.

The horse looked to be very strong, so Tang Doudou hastily went over. "This lady, an emergency has occured at home so I need to hurry and make a trip back. However, the road is very long. An old woman like me will probably die before making it back on foot. Can you sell this horse to me?"

That woman looked very compassionate and her voice was very gentle. When she heard that it was very urgent circumstances, she directly handed the reins to Tang Doudou. "Aunt, what are you saying? It's just a horse, there's no need to talk about money. You should hurry and head back!"

"Thank you!" Tang Doudou didn't bother to be polite and leaped right onto the horse. The movement was swift and nimble, nothing like the movement of an aged woman. A trace of suspicion flashed through the woman's eyes, but she didn't have a chance to think much about it since Tang Doudou had already rushed into the rain with the horse.

After a blink, she was already gone.

At this time, Yun Hai's figure appeared on the inn's roof. Fu Yunliu was standing nearby as well. Both of them emitted a faint light, which was actually a barrier made from inner strength to block the rain.

Fu Yunliu laughed delicately and softly leaned towards Yun Hai. "I thought she was clever, but it only took a cloth that we picked up and a few sentences to crack her disguise."

Yun Hai dodged her and said expressionlessly, "Palace Head Fu, have you come to a decision about the collaboration I proposed?"

Fu Yunliu's brows furrowed slightly. "I've said that as long as you help me obtain the Steadfast Prince, I'll help you without any conditions."

Yun Hai said, "You say obtain the Steadfast Prince and you don't count that as a condition?"

Fu Yunliu giggled, then pressed a delicate finger on Yun Hai's chest. "Of course it doesn't count. After all, I am the master of a palace. You want me to help you with such an important task in exchange for just a man? You're truly naive!"

"The Steadfast Prince isn't an ordinary man."

"No matter how extraordinary, he's still just a man. In addition, although I like his temper right now, his looks really aren't anything special."

Yun Hai glanced at her. "The Steadfast Prince's looks are nothing special? Could it be that you want Baili Yu?"

"Hahaha…" Fu Yunliu started laughing again. "Actually, the one that I want is Yun gongzi!"

Yun Hai's expression didn't change. "I'll help you get the Steadfast Prince, but you shouldn't forget what you agreed to."

"Don't worry, my reputation is still quite trustworthy."

Yun Hai didn't say anything else. After standing there silently for a while, with a slight movement, he left the roof and walked into the building opposite the inn.


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