Chapter 350.2: Take The Most Unexpected Route

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Xiao Siyuan replied, "I don't know how to tell you about the specifics, but please believe me. The reason we came this time was just for the sake of helping you."

Tang Doudou rubbed her chin. "En, if you really want to help me, then just stay here!"

Fudge, if they really did want to help her, where were they earlier?

The Xiao family?

Of the four families—Lin, Bai, Murong, Xiao—from the Lin family was Lin Shuxuan from the Lin Clan Stronghold. From the Bai family was Bai Feiyun; the Murong family, Murong Ming; Xiao family, Xiao Ziyu… But of the surname Xiao, there was also that Xiao Yiyun who was always with Elder Yu. Wasn't he also someone of the Xiao family?

That was why Xiao Siyuan's words were seriously like fart. However, since he had warned her about things, she decided not to bicker with him over the small details. In any case, she wouldn't believe any of his words.

Xiao Siyuan saw that she still didn't believe him and was still heading towards Huai City, so he shouted again, "Alliance Head Li, it's fine if you don't believe me, but please don't go to Huai City!"

She had already decided not to believe him, so why would she listen to this?   

Tang Doudou curled her lips wryly. If she didn't go to Huai City, where else would she go? Head back to Green Maple City? Or to Dream Mountain to wait for Mu Ye? He had even taken the Swayflower with him, so it was clear that he wouldn't be heading back to Dream Mountain any time soon.

Since Yun Hai was in Green Maple City, she couldn't take that risk.

Hence, Huai City was the best choice! Didn't the proverbs put it well? The most dangerous place was the safest place. Since they didn't want her to go back to Huai City, she was definitely going to Huai City.

Once she got back, she would be able to start dealing with matters out in the open using her own identity, and most importantly, she would have more ways to get news about Baili Yu.

So she left without even bother to glance back.

Xiao Siyuan sighed, then his eyes filled with confusion. He couldn't figure out why Tang Doudou would feel that he was lying. Could it be that he looked that untrustworthy?

Drops of rain continued to hit his face. He stood there for quite a long time, but Xiao Yi never showed up. He thought that Xiao Yi was still angry, so he gave up on waiting and forcefully broke through the seal himself. The result was that blood seeped out the corners of his lips. He had gotten an internal injury.

After recovering mobility, he didn't go after Tang Doudou and instead, headed back to the old temple.

He saw from a distance away that there was no light in the temple. His expression turned serious and he rushed into the temple, but there was no trace of Xiao Yi.

Did Xiao Yi head out to look for him?

But there was no need to extinguish the fire completely before heading out.

So where did he go?

There was no way Xiao Siyuan could've guessed that Xiao Yi was currently following Tang Doudou as she scaled the city walls.

Even at night, the security at the city gates was iron tight. However, the patrol system on the city walls wasn't as strict.

Tang Doudou figured out the timing for the rotation of the guards. Currently, she was slowly approaching the wall from a tree nearby as the guard groups were switching out.

There were sentinels on the wall as well. There was one about every five paces, so there was no way to slip past them without notice.

Thus, Tang Doudou pulled out a silver ingot and gathered up her inner strength to throw it towards a far side of the wall.

The thunk sound was exceptionally clear in the still night.

These sentinels had long been bored out of their minds from standing there without rest for countless nights. If they actually managed to capture someone, they would be able to understand the purpose of this, but it's been so long and not even a rat tried to sneak in, so they couldn't help but feel tired of this.

When they heard a disturbance, they immediately became much more spirited. After sharing a glance, they all started running in that direction.

Normally, perhaps they would have left someone to keep watch over this spot, but all of them were longing to gain merit by capturing a target and finally ending this endless guard duty, so they all rushed over without even thinking about it.

This was perfect for Tang Doudou. With a leap, she landed on the wall. As she glanced over towards the disturbance she had successfully caused, her lips hooked in a smug smile. Easy as pie!

She was just about to continue moving when she sensed something flying towards her. She hastily turned to dodge and ended up stepping on a pile of weapons. The sharp clatter of metal sounded much more like there was an intruder than that thunk caused by the ingot.

The guards who hadn't been able to find anyone on that side immediately started running back over here. Several of them even went and got torches.

Tang Doudou silently cursed. Which bastard did that!?

She didn't pause and jumped straight into the city, then leapt over several roofs. However, when she landed, it happened to be right in front of a group of troops that was patrolling the city.

When they saw her figure, they excitedly shouted, "It's Li Xueyi! Everyone! Quick, catch her!"

F*ck! What did you mean by Li Xueyi? How the hell could you tell in this pitch-black darkness?


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