Chapter 351.2: A Havoc in Huai City

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Tang Doudou knew that the people in Huai City would probably have varied reactions to her return, but that all of them would be very stirred up. Although she had managed to temporarily get herself out of that dangerous situation, she had landed herself in even more dire circumstances.

However, she had no other choice. If she hadn't gotten herself out of that situation earlier and had gotten captured, there would be no future left to worry about.

In addition, her style had always been to deal with things as they came. Although this method didn't seem very reliable, plans were never able to keep up with unpredicted changes. If you planned everything out ahead of time, it would be difficult to adapt to changes as they came. With this method, you'd be conditioned to come up with a solution no matter what came your way.

One step at a time, you'd be able to gradually reduce the danger.

As of now, since she had managed to get back to Huai City, it'd be much easier to get information.

Although it was a bit more dangerous, if she was careful, it wouldn't be too bad.

In addition, since she was in Huai City, Jun Xin would definitely come up with a way to get her even if he didn't come personally.

When she heard from Baili Yu that Jun Xin had assumed control of the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce, she started guessing at why Jun Xin would do that. After considering all the possible options, the conclusion she came to was that he had definitely been forced by circumstances!

As for what those circumstances were, there was no way to find out without talking to him directly.

In addition, it was clear that the circumstances were so severe that he had been unable to leave Plum Garden and all his subordinates were occupied. If it weren't for that, even if he couldn't go personally to give her the latest news, he definitely would've sent someone to let her know.

After thinking about this for a while, Tang Doudou accepted a kind-hearted citizen's invitation and walked with a family to their house.

Once she walked in, she realized that it was the family where she had stolen the donkey, so her face flushed red. Fortunately, it was dark and her face was covered with soot so it wasn't noticeable.

This house belonged to an young couple who lived here with their aged mother and their two year old son. The husband and wife had ran out earlier to get news and find out about their donkey. The grandma and the child had been guarding their packed luggage in preparation to flee for their lives.

When Tang Doudou saw this, she felt guilty again.

So while they weren't looking, she quickly stuffed a silver ingot below a window. This was fifty taels. It'd serve as compensation for their donkey and the psychological stress.

Right after she did this, the young woman came over to grab her. "Young man, don't feel embarrassed. We also feel bad that something like this has happened!"

"However, what's happened has already happened, being hung up about it is no use, right? The following days will still come, we'd still have to worry about how to go on, right? For tonight, you should just stay at our place. We'll head back to your house together tomorrow morning to check out the situation and ask about how the imperial household plans to deal with this. There should be some compensation."

Tang Doudou nodded with her eyes teary. "Thank you so much. Thank you!"

"Alright, stop crying now, alright? It's already quite late, so I'm going to go settle my mother-in-law down. This house isn't very large, so I'll have to trouble you to squeeze in with my husband, I hope you don't mind?" asked the woman.

Tang Doudou looked up and glanced towards the man who had a very simple and honest looking smile on his face. Inwardly, she was rolling her eyes. Although she had made her voice a little gruff, it wasn't that much. Why did this woman think that she was a man?

Could it be that the two lumps in front of her chest had gone invisible?


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