Chapter 360.1: Pray For Yourself

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Just as she was about to ask that person about this, the entire meteorite started shaking violently. It was so bad that she couldn't even sit.

She tried standing up and almost fell several times. When she did fall in the end, unexpectedly, she ended up crashing into the wall behind her.

The solid and slightly cold sensation practically moved her to tears. People who haven't experienced being in complete darkness before wouldn't understand this feeling. Even when you knew that there was nothing around, you couldn't help but feel like things were approaching you and that something was staring at you from the darkness.

So the solid feel of the stone wall gave a sensation of stability and safety, it was something to lean against.

"It's about to start. Since you won't leave, then just pray for yourself!" said that person coldly before falling silent.

Tang Doudou couldn't be bothered with him at this point. She edged closer to the wall and looked around in warily. After reconsidering several times, she once again blew the torch until it lit.

She was fricking a normal person that only felt safe in places with light. She was already halfway scared to death, so telling her not to ignite any light in this situation was torture!

Once the torch lit up, the first thing she did was to swept the torch towards the ground. However, what she saw scared her even more. There was no one there! There was no one around at all.

"Hey, hey! Why did you disappear again?" When Tang Doudou wasn't able to find that person, she turned to look behind her instead. She loosened a breath in relief when she found that the wall behind her looked to be the same material as the meteorite.

There was definitely a reason why she hadn't been able to make contact with the stone wall in the darkness earlier. Baili Yiling had told her the moment they got here that these people were very skilled with traps. Could it be that this Ninth Uncle set up some sort of system in here too?

Then what experiment had he been talking about?

Tang Doudou was completely confused. She had no idea what Ninth Uncle was trying to do.

Meanwhile, that person had disappeared like he had never existed. His appearance was strange from the start, and his disappearance was just as baffling.

However, she didn't have the time to go look for that person. The ground beneath her feet was starting to shake again like there was an earthquake.

She hastily started jumping upwards along the wall. She was hoping to climb onto the wall in order to avoid the unstable ground, but something she never imagined happened again. As she was scaling the wall, the wall suddenly disappeared!

Too many unexplainable things have happened in this short period of time so she was already no longer as sensitive to it. Without the wall to lend footing, she soon fell back down. The shaking had stopped but she wasn't relieved at all because her intuition told her that what came next would be even more troublesome.

On the other hand, Ah Jie had led Baili Yiling to search a lot of places, but there was no trace of Tang Doudou having been in those places. Baili Yiling was getting more and more worried. At the same time, she started suspecting that Ah Jie wasn't bringing her to the right places.

The sinkhole was enormous. Even if a person walked for several days straight, it still wasn't possible to cover all the places. If Ah Jie had led her towards the wrong direction, by the time she came to realize it and tried to turn back, it would already be too late.

When Baili Yiling's thoughts arrived at this point, she decided that she couldn't keep that matter secret anymore. Hopefully, she'd still make it in time by revealing it now. As for the consequences, she didn't have time to worry about it.

"Ah Jie! It'd be terrible if we don't find Sister-in-Law soon!"

Ah Jie feigned an expression of concern and consoled her, "Eldest Miss, the situation probably isn't as bad as you think. I heard that Young Madam is the martial arts alliance head. Since she was able to become the alliance head, her martial arts is definitely strong. She's probably already escaped from whatever it is that delayed her and is currently hiding somewhere, waiting for us."

Humph! Baili Yiling inwardly sneered. Ah Jie's words were truly laughable. He heard?

With how many scouts they had stationed in the outside world, how could they have missed the news that Sister-in-Law didn't really know martial arts? Did he think she was a three-year-old, to use this shoddy reason to try and dissuade her?

"What if though? And Sister-in-Law's current condition is unusual too…"

This caught Ah Jie's attention and he asked, "What's wrong with Young Madam?"

Baili Yiling acted troubled and hesitant. "It's nothing. Big Brother told me not to tell anyone, but I'm really worried about Sister-in-Law. After all… she's not the only one in danger right now!"

Although Baili Yiling hadn't said it clearly, Ah Jie immediately understood what she meant.

He walked up excitedly and grabbed her shoulders, his eyes glowing with intense light. "Eldest Miss, you're saying… you're saying that Young Madam has conceived?"

Baili Yiling hastily stepped back to dodge Ah Jie's grasp with a flustered expression. "Don't make things up. That's not what I meant!"

"Eldest Miss, what need is there for you to keep this from us? We're all of the same family after all." The more Baili Yiling tried to conceal it, the more certain Ah Jie became that this was true. If this was the case, he couldn't delay things any longer. He had to hurry and find Ninth Uncle to tell him about this. Hopefully Ninth Uncle still hadn't made his move yet. If he did, the consequences would be terrible.

Although Baili Yiling acted very flustered, she had actually been observing Ah Jie's expression carefully this entire time. When she saw his expression turn serious, she knew that this was working.

"If something happens to Sister-in-Law, how am I supposed to explain it to Big Brother? I've promised Big Brother that I would definitely take good care of them! I'm so useless!"

Ah Jie heard her words of self-blame, but he wasn't really paying attention. The only thought on his mind right now was to go find Ninth Uncle, so he said, "We're already searched so many places without any result, so that person probably didn't flee in this direction. Rather than search aimlessly, I think it would be better to head back to the tribe to gather a group of people to search. It'd be faster to search with more people!"Baili Yiling hesitated for a while, then agreed to the idea. Following that, the two of them rushed back to the tribe.

When they got back, Baili Yiling discovered that the people who had headed back earlier hadn't turned the traps off at all. Although she was angry, she could only pretend that she hadn't noticed anything. Ah Jie quickly said that he was going to gather the tribesmen, then disappeared.

Baili Yiling naturally didn't sit down to wait for him and instead, followed him. She saw that he went to close all the traps first before putting on the Saint Tribe's distinctive black robe. Following that, with a few leaps, he left the place where the tribe lived.

Right after Ah Jie had turned off the traps, Mu Ye who had been held back by a dangerous trap  finally escaped. His clothing were torn beyond recognition and his eyes were frighteningly cold.

He stayed where he was and looked around. Suddenly, he noticed the pickled plums on the ground and his gaze sharpened. An instant later, his figure soared forward like an owl.

He followed the trail all the way to the lake where the trail ended.

He stopped next to the lake and walked around several times. Just as he was about to jump into the lake to search, he discovered the one-eyed creature in the lake and instinctively shuffled back. With this, the creature came into clearer view.

He immediately gave up on the idea of looking in the lake. He recognized this species. Although it had strong offensive power, it didn't eat meat, hence Tang Doudou definitely hadn't been thrown in the lake. She was somewhere else!

When Mu Ye came to this conclusion, he ran into the forest. He passed by the place Tang Doudou had entered several times, and in the end, missed and started heading further away.


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