Chapter 373.2: The Ruthless Shen Wuming

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Shen Wuming gave a cold humph, then turned towards the crowd. "If you feel like what I said is wrong, you can step out!"

"Psychopath!" Someone had quietly muttered this.

"You have objections?" Shen Wuming pointed towards a random person in the crowd.

That person's expression changed drastically and he hastily waved his hands. "I wasn't the one that said it!"

"Then you agree?" asked Shen Wuming.

If he said that he agreed, that meant that he supported Shen Wuming. However, if he said he didn't agree, that would be publicly opposing Shen Wuming. Either option was a bad choice. That person was stuck and couldn't say anything.

Meanwhile, Xiao Yi, Xiao Ren, and Tang Doudou were pressed against the door and peeking outside from the small crack above the door.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier that there was such a good spying spot?" Tang Doudou had pushed her way to the very front and took up most of the space.

Xiao Ren didn't speak so Xiao Yi answered, "You didn't ask ah! And we didn't know that you were planning to gather information."

"Dumbass!" Tang Doudou rapped his forehead. "If I didn't gather information first and just headed out, isn't that courting death?"

Xiao Yi and Xiao Ren nodded in agreement.

Xiao Yi asked, "But where exactly did that Shen Wuming come from? He seems really unbridled. Not even the people from the four large clans are saying anything against him."

She wished that she knew!

Tang Doudou rubbed her chin. It seemed that she'd only be able to find out about this matter once Baili Yu came back. She had a feeling that the reason Baili Yu had headed out this time also had something to do with this Shen Wuming.

In addition, it wasn't that the four large clans didn't dare to do anything, it was clear that they didn't want to pay attention to this clown.

Tang Doudou believed in the ability of that elder from the Xiao family. There was no way he would humble himself in front of Shen Wuming.

When she sank into thought, Xiao Ren and Xiao Yi exchanged a glance, then Xiao Yi asked, "Then what do you plan to do now?"

"Let's wait and see for now!" Tang Doudou lifted her head to continue watching only to find that a fight had already broken out. After observing for a few moments, she exclaimed softly, "Shen Wuming actually killed someone!"

Xiao Yi and Xiao Ren were stunned and squeezed over to look as well.

It was complete chaos outside. Some were angry and wanted to teach Shen Wuming a lesson, others were stunned and wanted to escape… Screams, shouts, and crying filled the air, and Shen Wuming just stood in the midst of the chaos with a fearless and arrogant expression on his face. "If you have objections, this is your end. Who else has objections?""That old man seriously goes too far in bullying people!" Even Xiao Ren couldn't take it anymore. He gritted his teeth angrily. "A person's life is brought about by their parents. What right does others have to casually take another's life!?"

Xiao Yi's expression was stern as he looked at the corpse. "This guy surnamed Shen is actually here to purposefully cause trouble, isn't he?"

They were Cang Baicao's followers so they had a deep respect for life. Shen Wuming's indiscriminate slaughter of the innocent infuriated them.

The person that had died was the person who had been stuck on what to say earlier. He had been alive just a moment earlier, trying to come up with a way to answer Shen Wuming's purposeful questions, but in the blink of an eye, he was now lying in a puddle of his own blood and staring lifelessly towards the door.

Tang Doudou pressed a hand against her chest. A burst of rage flooded her heart and rose to her head. She slammed her fist on the door, then prepared to open the door.

Xiao Yi hastily stopped her, then glanced towards Xiao Ren. "Lady Doudou, this Shen Wuming seems to be purposefully doing this to anger you so that you show up. He clearly knew that you were behind the door, that's why he did that just now. You can't fall into his trap!"

"That's right! Lady Doudou, Shen Wuming's definitely aiming for you!"There was no way that Tang Doudou could still be unaware of that with things at this point, but she had to go out. She couldn't let people unrelated to her die because of her!


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