Chapter 375.1: Where Did This Young Man Come From?

Prodigal Alliance Head


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“Shen Wuming, even if other people are afraid of you, I’m not afraid of you! I will be avenging those sixty-plus people you murdered today!”

The young man showed no fear regarding the strange attack and continued shouting loudly.

Was this kid an idiot? Wasn’t this seeking death? Or could it be that he really did have a grudge against Shen Wuming?

Although a lot happened, it actually took place in an instant. As these thoughts arose, as Tang Doudou was distracted by the appearance of that blue flame, Shen Wuming’s palm with the flame was already nearing the young man’s head. Everyone could imagine the bloody sight that was about to occur.

However, that young man just laughed lightly, then his figure flickered and he narrowly dodged that fatal strike. He reappeared near Shen Wuming with his arms folded.

Tsk tsk, that’s all you have? And you still have the nerve to show off? Don’t you feel embarrassed?” The young man curled his lips in disdain.

Shen Wuming was also shocked to see his strike fail. Ever since he learned this martial arts, nothing like this had ever happened.

That young man had been able to react so quickly to such an abrupt attack, he definitely wasn’t simple.

Shen Wuming’s gaze turned serious and he started circling the young man cautiously.

The young man waited for a while, but there were no more attacks, so he yawned. Scorn then appeared on his face. “We’ve only exchanged one blow, but you’re already this scared?”

Then his words took a turn in a slightly ridiculous way. “It looks like I’ll be able to finally get my revenge today!”

Following that, he looked towards Tang Doudou with worshipful sparkly eyes and continued, “This is all thanks to the great Alliance Head Li ah! Thank you for your grace ah! This young one truly has no way to repay this grace in this lifetime, so Alliance Head Li, why don’t you just accept this young one as a concubine?”

This young man was seriously an exotic flower!

A lot of people couldn’t help but burst out laughing. How could he have the presence of mind to flirt with Tang Doudou in this situation?

Tang Doudou’s concern for the young man immediately disappeared when she heard this. Fudge, this little brat that hasn’t even grown fur had just tried to flirt with her in front of everyone!

And he hadn’t just been messing with her, his words messed with Baili Yu as well.

If he was the concubine, then wouldn’t Baili Yu be the main wife?

In that case, instead it being that she became Baili Yu’s bride, it would be that Baili Yu was taken as a wife…

If Baili Yu found out, even if this youngster managed to deal with Shen Wuming today, he’d still be in for it tomorrow. Baili Yu wouldn’t bicker much with her, but he did care about his reputation a lot.

However, for some reason, she felt that this young man was very familiar.

At the same time, she was certain that she had never seen this young man before.

Shen Wuming was clearly very good at controlling his emotions. Even though the young man provoked him this way, he didn’t let the anger go to his head and continued circling the young man while trying to spot an opening.

When he didn’t make a move, the young man started getting impatient and pulled out a dagger. The dagger was made of ordinary material and looked very simple.

“This was the demonic sword! Back then, I had to pull it out with my own hands from my father’s body. The blade had become stuck in his flesh so when I pulled it out, it tore up his body even more and dragged his internal organs out with it!” The young man tilted his head back and looked towards the sky mournfully. “Today, I swear to use this demonic sword to kill you so that my father’s spirit can rest in peace!”

“Is he telling the truth or not?” After the atmosphere relaxed somewhat, small discussions sprang up again.

“It seems true.”

“But his expression is too fake!”

“It’s probably cause he’s overly hurt… probably…”

The young man had sharp ears. When he heard this, he frowned and shouted angrily, “It’s of course because I’m hurt! What do you mean by probably? Could it be that you think I’m making this up?”


No one answered him.

When the young man saw this, he became even more enraged and tilted his head back even more sorrowfully. “Human hearts have changed ah! It’s such a heartbreaking tragedy, but you guys are actually showing no sympathy and even suspecting it of being fake!”

“Shen Wuming is just filled with evil to the point that he is capable of committing any imaginable crime. His heart is like that of a snake’s, his methods are as cruel as that of a scorpion’s, he can’t even be called a beast, not even a dog! Not only does he harm people, he takes life without mercy. He’s just a beast in human skin! Yet not only are you standing by in the face of injustice, you’re even allowing him to continue to be so unbridled and are supporting him by gathering here where our kind-hearted, virtuous, and... a-and aimable Alliance Head Li is recovering to bother her! Your conducts are seriously too disappointing!

“Today, I must administer justice in place of the Heavens and stop Shen Wuming, this demon! I must make the world right again!

“Alliance Head Li, don’t try to stop me, I’ve already decided! I won’t rest until either I die, or this beast dies!”

He was definitely the idiot that the monkey invited!


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