Chapter 376.1: Xiao Qian's Request

Prodigal Alliance Head


Chapter 376.1: Xiao Qian's Request

Beneath the mask were familiar unbridled almond eyes.

No one would've been able to guess that this young man was actually Jun Xin.

After seeing Jun Xin for the first time in two months, Tang Doudou's feelings were too complicated to describe. However, she was very happy and that happiness soon filled her eyes.

"What? You're not happy to see me?" Jun Xin's smile widened when he saw her stunned look, then he turned around to pick up the antique lamp that Shen Wuming dropped.

He weighed the lamp in his hand for a moment, then said with a sneer. "He had the nerve to show off defective goods? How ridiculous."

By this time, everyone else was slowly coming back to their senses and some of the them recognized Jun Xin.

"So it was Young Master Jun." After someone remarked this, the crowd immediately started clamoring again. Everyone looked around nervously. Since Blood Fiend Jun Xin was here, where was Baili Yu?

Tang Doudou also wondered the same thing and pulled Jun Xin over to whisper, "Where's Baili Yu?"

However, Jun Xin just shrugged. "How would I know?"

Tang Doudou looked at him in surprise. "You weren't with him?"

"Wasn't he with you? I was going to ask you where he was." Jun Xin scoffed, then said with a slight pout, "You hate seeing me this much?"

"Of course not!" How did he get to that conclusion? She was just a little worried about Baili Yu, that was all.

"So then you wanted to see me?"

Tang Doudou looked helplessly towards the sky.

"You're not answering? Then I'm taking that as a silent affirmation!"

He was still teasing her even in this situation? She didn't even know how she was supposed to get this crowd to leave!

"Here! This young master is happy today, so I'll give this to you." Jun Xin didn't care what the others present were thinking since he was used to always doing whatever he wanted.

He only volunteered to help every once in a while when his kindness flared up or his brain stopped working.

After tossing the lamp to Tang Doudou, he clasped his hands behind his head and walked into courtyard.

Tang Doudou wanted to stop him at first, but then realized that there was no point in him staying here. If he stayed, these people would be too scared to speak openly.

Jun Xin came fast and left fast, but helped her deal with the annoying problem of Shen Wuming.

Elder Yu sat back down and glanced towards Bai Feiyun before turning back to Tang Doudou. "Alliance Head, have you been well?"

Tang Doudou looked over and the people that had been gathered closely together slowly moved apart. The people that had been defending Shen Wuming earlier moved away as fast as possible, worried that Tang Doudou would call them out.

The corpse was dealt with and Shen Wuming was the only left on the ground.

Normally, the people who had been kicking up a fuss wanting revenge should've taken advantage of this chance to deal the killing blow to Shen Wuming, but none of them made any moves.

Meanwhile, Tang Doudou felt that he was no longer a threat since the antique lamp was now in her hands, so she didn't bother with him either.

Instead, she walked to Elder Yu and said with a smile, “Of course I’ve been well with Elder Yu helping me manage the marital arts alliance. I’ve been extremely well.

“Rather, it’s Elder Yu that hasn’t been well lately, right?”

She glanced casually towards Bai Feiyun and ended up being captivated by his deep gaze.

She furrowed her brows. What was he hesitating about?

“As long as the martial arts alliance is well, the entire martial arts community is well. My personal well-being isn’t that important.” Even after this much time, Elder Yu’s tendency to feign humbleness hasn’t changed at all.

“Elder Yu’s willingness to spare no effort in working for the sake of the martial arts community is truly admirable,” said Tang Doudou.

Elder Yu smiled stiffly as he cupped his fist towards her. “Alliance Head, the reason we came this time…”

Tang Doudou waved to stop him. “I know why you guys came, but I won’t and also can’t. I also have no way of standing alongside everyone to fight anymore.”

Elder Yu’s expression immediately changed. Everyone’s expressions turned dark. What she meant was that she was no longer going to be the martial arts alliance head?

Elder Yu stepped forward with a flustered expression. “Alliance Head, please reconsider ah!”

He looked towards Bai Feiyun worriedly. “Bai gongzi, please talk to the alliance head!”

Bai Feiyun’s gaze was so deep that no one could tell what he was thinking.

Tang Doudou glanced briefly at Bai Feiyun, then turned to the people of the martial arts community and said solemnly, “I have yet to do anything to benefit the martial arts community since becoming the alliance head, I truly do feel regretful about this. However, I will be taking advantage of this time while all of you are here to announce this decision so that everyone can focus on finding another talent!”

When the people present heard this, they understood that she was serious about discarding this responsibility!

In reality, Tang Doudou hadn’t been planning to do this, but after coming out and thinking about this, she felt that it was best to stop being the alliance head. Even if she wasn’t the alliance head, she could still work on building up her influence and at the same time, she wouldn’t have to deal with so many trifling matters.

The more important reason was Bai Feiyun.

When she had been with him, she always felt very close to him. It was mainly because he gave off an aura that made people instinctively want to get closer to him. However, just looking at him now made her feel awkward.

Before, she thought it was because she had gotten married so she felt a need to keep a distance from other men in order to prevent Baili Yu from getting jealous.

However, she later realized that she didn’t have this feeling towards Mu Ye or Jun Xin. Even after getting married, her feelings towards them hadn’t changed at all.

So the only possible reason was that Bai Feiyun had changed.

She couldn’t help but feel sad when she recalled how he used to have full faith in her and had said to her that everything was alright as long as it was her. The ship of friendship truly overturns easily.

These people had come to Azure Water Valley with the sole motive of forcing Tang Doudou to appear so that she would uphold righteousness for the martial arts community, but now, although they managed to force her to come out, she was actually abandoning this responsibility. Sounds of discontent immediately filled the valley.

All sorts of things were said.

Tang Doudou chose to ignore it. “However, I don’t have the Alliance Head Command Tablet with me, so once you guys choose the next alliance head, I’ll send the Alliance Head Command Tablet over as congratulations.”

“Alliance Head, please don’t be rash. Do you think the position of alliance head is just a toy? Please show consideration for your fellow martial arts community comrades. Even normal abdications require a public announcement and the sorting out of the current matters before a martial arts convention is held to decide the next alliance head. It’s not something that can be done with just a few words.” If it had been before, Elder Yu would’ve been overjoyed to hear that Tang Doudou wanted to abdicate, but now it was completely different. If Tang Doudou stopped being the alliance head, most of the responsibilities that came with this position would probably fall to him. That would be a huge problem.

Elder Yu’s words came as a surprise to Tang Doudou. Who would’ve thought it’d be so hard to stop being the alliance head?

“Why wasn’t there anyone handing things over to me back then?”

Elder Yu’s expression turned even more solemn. “Cloud City only sent you after the previous alliance head died.”

Tang Doudou finally understood.


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