Chapter 377.1: Four Large Families

Prodigal Alliance Head


Chapter 377.1: Four Large Families

Could it be that Jun Xin had come here precisely because of this matter?

However, she couldn't understand why Jun Xin, who had told Ye Chuan to pass on to Baili Yu that he wouldn't take a step out of Huai City before Yun Hai was dealt with, would suddenly appear in Azure Water Valley.

And it was also because he had said that he needed to deal with Yun Hai that she hadn't suspected the strange person of being him.

When she saw him gesturing frantically, she started mulling over things again. This brat had never been very good at communicating things clearly. If she mistook his meaning, it'd be terrible!

Jun Xin impatiently pointed at Xiao Qian again and opened his mouth wide to mouth words, but she still had no idea what he was saying.

Beads of sweat were starting to emerge on her forehead. She wished that she could just charge over and ask.

In the end, she decided to just go with her instincts since she couldn't figure out what he was saying. If things went wrong, she would only have herself to blame.

"Senior Xiao, you've traveled a long way to get here and have been waiting in the sun for so long. Why don't you go rest somewhere for a while? Once I discuss things with the rest of the people from the martial arts alliance, I'll give you a definite reply."

There was no trace of joy or anger on Xiao Qian's stern face. "This is no trifling matter, so it should be properly discussed."

After saying that, he sat back down.

Tang Doudou looked towards the other three families. "You guys…"

"The four large families have always enjoyed honor together. A harm done to one is a harm done to all of us. Senior Xiao hadn't talked about the entire situation earlier." The person that spoke was the master of the Bai family. The alluring woman dressed in purple had a voice that was gentle as water.

Tang Doudou remembered that her name was Bai Luoqing. When she and Jun Xin were about to leave Huai City last time, Bai Feiyun had gone to see her.

"So what is the entire situation?"

"If Alliance Head wishes to know, why not ask Bai gongzi?" Bai Luoqing laughed delicately. "Rumors say that Bai gongzi has a very good relationship with you, Alliance Head, and Bai gongzi has been in charge of dealing with this matter this entire time. He knows more details than we do."

"How could Bai gongzi who's busy with the affairs of the Alliance Head Residence know more about a matter regarding the four large families than the families themself? Bai Family Master is truly going through a lot of trouble to ease this tense atmosphere." Regardless of what there was between Bai Feiyun and Bai Luoqing and regardless of whether Bai Feiyun's loyalty laid elsewhere, as long as she was the alliance head, she had to make sure that the martial arts alliance was steady in its solidarity. That was the only way they would be able to deal with the issues that came up. This was also something that Bai Feiyun had told her when they had first met.

Now that she had used it on Bai Feiyun, it counted as returning the favor.

Bai Feiyun hadn't expected for her to protect him without hesitation. The expression in his eyes became even more conflicted, but he still didn't speak. This entire time, he hadn't said anything and just stood behind everyone like he was part of the backdrop.

Tang Doudou's move seemed to be within Bai Luoqing's predictions because she laughed softly again. With this movement, her silver head ornaments also made soft tinkling sounds that drifted through the valley.

"It's actually not that complicated. That bastard not only murdered the young sir of the Xiao family, he also targeted the other three families. Many of our younger generation that were outside handling affairs to gain experience encountered that person and were murdered by him. From what we've found out, he had been killing indiscriminately even before he started targeting the children from the four families. Hence, this murderer must be caught, not only for our families, but also for the safety of the martial arts community!"

After Bai Luoqing said this, she remarked pointedly, "It's been such a huge matter, it couldn't be that Alliance Head really had no news of it?"

Baili Yu had been extremely worried about her getting stressed, so unless she asked him directly, he wouldn't tell her about anything that was in the least troubling.

Tang Doudou rubbed her nose and made up a small lie. "I came to Azure Water Valley to recover from an injury, so I've been training in seclusion. That's why I really didn't know about these events. If it weren't for the fact that Xiao Ren and Xiao Yi came to tell me that you guys were waiting outside the valley, I wouldn't have even known that you guys were here."

Xiao Ren and Xiao Yi were the doormen of Azure Water Valley. This was something that everyone knew.

So it turned out that the long delay was because she had been training in seclusion?

It was a logical explanation, so no one doubted her words.

Bai Luoqing had already finished what she wanted to say, so she started playing with her nails casually. Compared to Xiao Qian who seemed in extreme pain from losing his grandson, she looked as if she was just here to watch the show.

So it was pretty likely that although the other large families also suffered losses, they didn't lose children in the direct line of descent.

It was no wonder that the master of the Lin Clan Stronghold would bring Lin Shuxuan with him even though Lin Shuxuan didn't know any martial arts. She had heard that Lin Shuxuan was the only son in the Lin Clan Stronghold. If something happened to him, the master of the Lin Clan Stronghold would probably go crazy.

The master of the Lin Clan Stronghold looked much more worried than Bai Luoqing. Right after Bai Luoqing finished speaking, he walked up with Lin Shuxuan and smiled brightly as he called out, "Alliance Head Li!"

It was definitely hard to hit a smiling face and there was also the fact that she had tried to make use of Lin Shuxuan back in Hibiscus Garrison. So since Lin Shuxuan did so show much trust in her, she'll overlook that disgusting smile.

When the master of the Lin Clan Stronghold smiled, it truly was not an impressive sight. She really didn't know how he had been able to give birth to a dashing young man like Lin Shuxuan…

Cough! Tang Doudou retrieved her line of thought and asked, "Stronghold Master Lin, this is?"

Lin Shuxuan had been pulled forward by Stronghold Master Lin, but he kept ducking behind his father awkwardly while peeking at Tang Doudou behind his fan as if he was trying to make sure of something.

When Tang Doudou saw this, she laughed. Lin Shuxuan was trying to make sure of her identity ah!

She didn't bother to hide and grinned towards Lin Shuxuan. "Lin gongzi, many thanks for your aid back then in Hibiscus Valley!"

When Lin Shuxuan heard this, he slammed his fan shut and rushed forward to size her up. After a moment, he felt like it was being too impolite and looked away again. Perhaps he remembered how he had pulled her to those places before and felt embarrassed because he said, "Ahem, back then, I didn't know that Brother Tang was Alliance Head Li and unintentionally did some offensive things. I hope Alliance Head Li will forgive me."

When Stronghold Master Lin saw that his son was starting to chat with Alliance Head Li, his eyes narrowed with interest. Then he sighed and said to Tang Doudou, "My son had been telling me earlier that he knew you, but I hadn't believed him. He's just a weak scholar after all. All he does all day is make poetry, drink, and play around. How could he know a woman with such a manly spirit like you? So I pulled him over to let him see for himself."

Woman with a manly spirit? Tang Doudou had to admit her respect for this man. Could it be that he really didn't feel that this term wasn't a compliment?

"I am acquaintanced with Lin gongzi."

There was no way she would believe that this was all Stronghold Master Lin intended, so she quickly added, "Today's situation is a little unique, so I'll have to ask Lin gongzi to enjoy the sunshine a little while longer. I must go sort things out with the martial arts community. After that, we can talk over drinks!"

As she had expected, Stronghold Master Lin's smile immediately faded slightly, but he soon pulled Lin Shuxuan and headed back. She saw him berate Lin Shuxuan about something, then Lin Shuxuan snapped back unhappily. However, he still glanced back at her in a friendly manner from time to time and hummed as he walked away.

Tang Doudou felt that it wasn't a solution to have the martial artists keep waiting outside the valley, so she asked Xiao Yi and Xiao Ren if they could arrange rooms for these people.

However, Xiao Yi and Xiao Ren were firm on the fact that no one aside from her was allowed to enter.

The door that she had broken earlier was quickly fixed by them and they had already closed the doors again.

Upon seeing this, Tang Doudou had no choice but to negotiate with the martial artists and convince them to stay in the nearby Barbarian Mound Garrison for now since they needed to consider things carefully before making a move.

Tang Doudou's orderly arrangements showed that she no longer intended to retire from the position of alliance head.

A lot of people loosened a breath in relief, especially Elder Yu. He was extremely supportive of the idea and immediately arranged to lead everyone towards the garrison. Soon, the only ones left in the valley was Tang Doudou, Bai Feiyun, and the people from the four large families.

The people from the four large families didn't leave because Elder Yu didn't dare to make plans for them and because their motive in coming this time was clear. They were here to make sure that Tang Doudou didn't run away.

However, Tang Doudou was surprised that Bai Feiyun didn't leave.


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