Chapter 378.1: Unobtainable Love

Prodigal Alliance Head


Chapter 378.1: Unobtainable Love

Jun Xin bent down slightly and lifted Tang Doudou in a princess carry with a laugh. "How exactly is Baili Yu feeding you? Why're you getting lighter the more you eat? You're pregnant with a little baby now, how can you be so skinny?"

Tang Doudou was speechless. If he wanted to talk, he should just talk. What did he mean by lifting her up?

"Put me back down!" Xiao Yi and Xiao Ren were still here too! Even without turning to look, she could sense that the two kids were looking at her with strong disdain.

Jun Xin laughed, then lifted his chin haughtily. He started strolling around the courtyard. "Haha, I refuse! If you have the guts, just bite me."

"Hurry and put me down, otherwise I really will bite you! I still have important things to deal with, so stop messing around!"

"What important things? The current most important thing for you is to rest properly and recover. What are you wandering around for? I kept sending you looks earlier but you're just like a damned wood block. You didn't get it at all and even confidently spouted a bunch of useless things." As he was saying this, his originally playful expression turned sharp. "Silly woman, don't you know that Xiao Qian has already started to hate you due to your hesitation earlier?"

Tang Doudou was surprised. "How's that possible?"

When she was observing him earlier, he didn't react with any displeasure?

Jun Xin sighed helplessly when he saw how confused she looked. Then he lifted an eyebrow. "Who's scared of him? With this little master here, he won't be able to touch you!"

Fudge, everyone's already adults, so couldn't he be more civilized in the way he speaks?

"What exactly are you looking for?" After Jun Xin wandered around the courtyard for a while, Tang Doudou finally couldn't stop herself from asking him this.

"Your room ah! Aren't you tired from standing outside for such a long time?" Jun Xin glanced down. The tenderness in his almond eyes caused Tang Doudou's heart to start pounding.

She pushed him and said quietly, "I'll bring you over but put me down. It'd be bad if other people see."

Jun Xin's smile stiffened. It was only now that he recalled that she was Baili Yu's wife and that she was even pregnant with Baili Yu's child.

He had missed her so much and was so happy to see her that he forgot about this. These facts rained a bucket of cold water on his excitement.

However, he didn't set her down and just used a mischievous expression to conceal the depression in his eyes. "Hm? Are you embarrassed?"

"Stop wasting time and put me down!" It was already bad enough that Xiao Yi and Xiao Ren saw, but if Baili Yu came back and saw, who knows how he would sort out this brat.

"I refuse! If you're angry, just bite me to death!" As Jun Xin was saying this, he was thinking that she might as well just bite him to death. That way he wouldn't have to suffer this pain anymore. Every time he recalled how he would never be able to have her, it felt like poison was seeping into his heart and making it pulse with pain.

Tang Doudou was annoyed. She seriously didn't know what to do with him, but she also couldn't bring herself to bite him, so she just pointed towards a room. "Stop making me lose face and just bring me back!"

Jun Xin smiled shamelessly. "Aiyah, stinkin' woman, you can't bear to bite me?"

"If you keep spouting nonsense, I'll just put poison into the food next time I cook and poison you to death!" Even though she knew that this threat would be useless, she still said it to relieve some of her annoyance.

Jun Xin carried Tang Doudou into the room and headed directly towards the bed. He settled her in carefully, then patted off the dust on his clothes before sitting down near the table. "Have the people outside wait. Rest up properly before heading out."

"You're not going to stop me?" Tang Doudou thought that he would stop her from going to Barbarian Mound Garrison and had been trying to figure out a way to persuade him when he said this.

Jun Xin played with the jade cup on the table, twirling it with his fingertip. His tone was filled with disdain as he said, "Should I say that you're stupid or that you're so stupid it's cute?"

Tang Doudou rolled her eyes and told herself that a mature woman didn’t bicker with a brat.

"When I was in Huai City, I heard that the old guy with the surname Yu was gathering people to come to Azure Water Valley. I was worried that you guys wouldn't be able to handle it so I headed over with them. At first, I didn't want you to get involved, but as I was observing them, I found that Elder Yu and the four large clans' intentions weren't as simple as they were making them seem to be. That's why I stayed undercover to continue observing the situation.

"However, unexpectedly, Shen Wuming showed up out of nowhere. He even knew the method to use the antique lamps, so I thought he was someone of the Seven Great Saint Tribes at first. However, later I found out that he wasn't."

"How exactly do you use the antique lamps?" She had already been planning to ask Jun Xin to teach her how to use those lamps because it looked really powerful.

Jun Xin furrowed his brows and he stopped toying with the cup. "I don't know how to explain it to you. It's really troublesome to explain… so just forget it!"

Tang Doudou: …

Then he continued, "The matter was complicated from the start. With Shen Wuming added on, now even I'm confused about the situation. I was just about to investigate more when you idiotically jumped out with the intention of fighting Shen Wuming. That's why I had no choice but to step out and help you deal with that annoying guy! My entire plan became useless."

Then he scolded, "Are you dumb? Couldn't you just behave and stay inside? First you headed out with such a crappy disguise that it was a miracle no one saw through it, but why are you so brainless? You managed to make it inside safely and you already got enough information to know that the situation was complicated! But you still stupidly rushed out? And you even kicked down the door?"

The more he said, the more irritated he got. He slammed the cup down on the table and paced around the room. "I can't help but get angry whenever I think about it. You're no longer just yourself! You're pregnant with a little baby too! Why are you still acting like a crazy little kid? If you kicked too hard and your energy ended up affecting the fetus, what's going to happen to the baby? And Cang Baicao isn't in the valley right now either. What will happen to you? What is Baili Yu to do? What am I to do?"

When he said that, Tang Doudou started feeling that she really had been too rash. She hadn't thought about the child in her belly at all… But what did this have to do with him?

Tang Doudou was very speechless. She wanted to ask him why he was being such a busybody, but when she saw how angry he was and how he had been thinking of her this entire time, she stopped herself and just stared at the ceiling while quietly allowing those words to pass in and out of her ears.

Jun Xin probably had a bit of a personality disorder, because after this burst of ranting, he started laughing again. The sound of his laughter made Tang Doudou's hair rise on end.

"Jun Xin, are you alright?"

"What could be wrong with me?" After laughing, Jun Xin returned to his usual unconcerned manner. "Since you've already decided to get involved in this matter, you can't drop it halfway. We'll just continue investigating to find out what exactly the mastermind is trying to do and who exactly he is!"

His tone became filled with excitement. Tang Doudou rubbed her head in confusion, then sat up. "Jun Xin, are you really alright?"

Jun Xin slapped the table, annoyed. "I said I'm fine, that means I'm fine. If you have the time to worry about me, you might as well spend that time worrying about yourself."


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