Chapter 382.1: Traveling Together

Prodigal Alliance Head

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Chapter 382.1: Traveling Together

The moment Little Gray screamed, Xiao Yi and Xiao Siyuan's facial colors changed drastically.

So there was no need to mention Tang Doudou, her soul was almost scared flying. However, she reacted quickly, pulling Little Gray down and placing him in front of her, then she waved towards the other two.

"Lift Lin Shuxuan onto your horse and go!"

"What about you?" Xiao Siyuan hastily asked.

Of course she was leaving too! The fudge, could it be that she was going to stay here to enjoy the view with that ruthless murderer?

"Shut up already! If you don't wanna die, then hurry it up!"

"Lady Doudou, we can't leave you here by yourself!" Xiao Siyuan was firm on this. However, Xiao Yi had already lifted Lin Shuxuan onto his horse.

"Siyuan, if we stay here, we'll only become a burden for her."

Tang Doudou felt speechless when she heard this, then she cursed, "Idiots! I'm freakin' going with you guys!"

After saying that, she hastily jumped onto the horse. She couldn't be bothered with wasting time with them anymore. Lifting her whip, she drove the horse forward like her life depended on it.

Her movements were so quick that Xiao Siyuan and Xiao Yi only reacted when she was out of sight. They shared a glance with the same thought: Alliance Head was sure quick at fleeing for her life!

"Let's go!"

Tang Doudou rushed forward for a long time until she didn't sense the danger anymore. She slowed down and waited for Xiao Siyuan and Xiao Yi to catch up. Little Gray crouched on her shoulder, puzzled over what had happened earlier. He had clearly sense someone approach, but why hadn't he been able to see it?

"Zizizi!" He couldn't figure it out, so he just tried to convey what he sensed earlier to Tang Doudou.

"What?" After Tang Doudou figured out what he was trying to say, she was also very shocked. It was no wonder he had screamed so abruptly earlier. There had actually been an invisible person next to her!


"He concealed himself? Isn't that the martial arts style that Liu Zhiyuan uses?" Tang Doudou muttered to herself. Could that person have been Liu Zhiyuan?

But then she dismissed this idea. Liu Zhiyuan's murderous intent was nowhere as strong and his martial arts wasn't at this high of a level either.

In addition, if it had been Liu Zhiyuan, Baili Yu definitely would've realized it was him when he killed Xiao Ziyu in West Wind City.

However, even if this person wasn't Liu Zhiyuan, he definitely had some relationship to Liu Zhiyuan!

There was no way it was a coincidence that they used similar martial arts!

As she was thinking this, the two brothers had already caught up and Lin Shuxuan had also woken up. His face down to his lips were completely pale.

"Shuxuan, you alright?"

"I'm fin… Do I look alright?" Lin Shuxuan gave a bitter smile. He felt sick, so he tried to lean backwards, but Xiao Yi pushed him in disdain.

"Don't lean against me. If you don't feel well, just lay on your stomach!" As Xiao Yi said this, he pushed Lin Shuxuan forward until he fell on the horse's head. Lin Shuxuan cried out weakly and swore to get revenge as soon as he got better.

The scene of them bickering was the first thing Xiao Siyuan saw when he caught up, so he offered, "Brother Lin, then do you want to ride with me?"

However, right after he said this, the two people who had been arguing shouted at the same time.

"No need!"

"No way!"

After that, they glared at each other again.

Xiao Yi said, "Siyuan, your horse is too weak to carry two people."

"Brother Siyuan, thank you for your kind intentions, but I'm not scared of this bastard!" Lin Shuxuan flung Xiao Yi's hand off his shoulder and sat up. He wiped away the sweat on his forehead, then said to Tang Doudou, "Alliance Head, what exactly happened earlier?"

"Little Gray sensed someone next to us earlier, but that person wasn't visible, so it was very dangerous." Tang Doudou told the three about what Little Gray had sensed earlier, then said, "So be on guard and make sure to keep an eye on the surroundings. The moment Little Gray shows a reaction, make sure to react quickly, got it?"


"Little Gray, make sure to tell us the moment that person appears," said Tang Doudou.


Little Gray nodded hastily. Master had told him before leaving to make sure to protect the female master!

If even a strand of this female master's hair got injured, Master would demand an explanation. When Little Gray's thoughts got to this point, he started staring at the surroundings even more attentively.

The other three hadn't paid much attention to this monkey earlier, but now that they noticed how intelligent it was, they gathered around to get a closer look at it.

"Is this a monkey?" Lin Shuxuan poked his head over. When he recalled that Tang Doudou had shoved this monkey at him earlier, he became even more interested in it.

Tang Doudou glanced at him like he was an idiot. "Are you a person?"

"Of course I'm a person!"

"So isn't it obvious? Of course Little Gray is a monkey!" Tang Doudou pushed them away and said sternly. "How could you guys have the mood to mess around at a time like this?"

Although Xiao Siyuan and Xiao Yi were also curious, they controlled themselves quite well. Upon hearing this, their expressions went back to normal and they started following behind Tang Doudou again.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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