Chapter 388.2: This Chicken Isn't Actually a Chicken

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Chapter 388.2: This Chicken Isn't Actually a Chicken

When she entered, she found that it was a beautiful sea of pure white spider lilies.

It was breathtaking! She heard never seen spider lilies before, but she had heard of them. White spider lilies were very rare, but Baili Feng actually had a yard of them.

"Did you plant all of this?" After a brief moment of shock, she turned around to ask this.

Baili Feng nodded, then walked into the yard.

She followed behind him and soon noticed that there were some small black blobs among this sea of pure white. When she looked closer, she found that they moved. She moved even closer and found that they were graceful-looking little birds.

Baili Feng stopped walking and just looked at those black blobs as he said, "These are the silkie that I'm raising."


Tang Doudou felt like countless black lines were dropping down her forehead. Was Baili Feng serious?

Did he think that she had never seen a silkie?

What chicken looked like this?

These black animals were as graceful as swans as they walked through the yard with small steps. When they saw people approach, then only glanced over briefly before continuing on their way.

When Baili Feng saw her astonishment, he said with a smile, "Aren't my silkies different from other people's?"

"It's truly very different…" How was it just different? It was a completely different species!

Suddenly, her wide sleeve moved and a small head poked out to look around. When he saw the things that Baili Feng called silkies, excitement filled his eyes and he moved back a little in preparation to lunge out. Tang Doudou hastily pressed him back down and shoved him back into her sleeve before Baili Feng saw.

After doing all of this, she wiped her forehead in relief and asked, "Baili gongzi's silkies has truly widened my view of the world."

Baili Feng lowered his eyes for a moment before looking up again. "Then does Lady Doudou still want one?"

Tang Doudou was tempted. After looking at those so-called silkie for a little while more, she asked, "Can Baili gongzi bear to part with one?"

His gaze was extremely gentle as he looked at those birds and he had walked extremely softly as if he was really worried about startling these birds. Just from this, it was clear how much he cherished them.

However, Tang Doudou still made this request. It surprised Baili Feng, but he still agreed. "Since Lady Doudou has asked for them, of course I can part with one."

After saying that, he instructed for a servant to get a cage so that Tang Doudou could choose one. After placing it into the cage, Baili Feng personally handed the cage to Tang Doudou.

"Many thanks!" Tang Doudou could see the reluctance in his eyes and inwardly sighed. She also felt very helpless about this. When she got back, she'll probably just raise this.

She didn't plan to eat it anymore since this thing was so small that it couldn't even serve as a snack…

After getting the bird, they turned back. Tang Doudou couldn't help but be curious about the black and white contrast and asked, "Most people aren't willing to plant this sort of flower in their home, but Baili gongzi had planted so much in this yard. Could it be because of these birds?"

Baili Feng smiled warmly. "That's right."


"These birds aren't actually silkie, they're a special type of bird species that live on Wind Cloud Island. One time, when I was a child, I got lost in the mountains and found a pair of baby birds near a cliff and started raising them. Because they resemble chickens and had completely black feathers, some people mistook them as silkie at first glance. In reality, even though I've raised them for so many years, I'm still not sure what exactly they are, so I just went with silkie."

Tang Doudou couldn't help but laugh when she found out how these 'chickens' came to be. "Baili gongzi truly is a carefree person."

Baili Feng glanced at the bird she was carrying and hesitated. Tang Doudou noticed, so she said, "Baili gongzi, if you have something to say, please go ahead. There's no need to hesitate."

"The pair of birds I found back then are no longer here. These birds are their descendants. This one just wants to say, if Lady Doudou doesn't know how to raise this one or finds it troublesome, you can bring it back any time." After saying that, he explained, "They really like the scent of spider lilies. When they're taken away from it, they start becoming irascible. Lady Doudou should pay attention to this."

Something like this happens?

Tang Doudou was starting to regret a little now. Why did she ask for this on impulse?

What if she accidently killed it? How was she supposed to face him in the future?

Just as she was considering whether to give the bird back to Baili Feng, she saw a manservant approach and salute them.

After Baili Feng told the manservant to rise, the manservant got up and handed the scented sachet Mu Qingyu had given him to Tang Doudou.

"Miss Mu said that her leg is already much better so you don't need to worry about her."

Don't worry about her?

She didn't want her to head back over?

Tang Doudou squeezed the scented sachet and a faint fragrance filled the air. She turned around and said to Baili Feng, "It seems like she's doing better than I thought. Since that's the case…"

She then looked towards the servant. "Remember to boil two eggs for her everyday and wrap it with cloth so that she can gently rub it over her injury. That way, it'll slowly move the blood along."

"Remember to boil eggs for the miss everyday," instructed Baili Feng.

"Understood, gongzi."

They soon reached the door. As Tang Doudou walked down the steps, she said, "Baili gongzi, no need to see me out."

"Lady Doudou, remember to come back after you finish your business," said Baili Feng with a soft smile.

She'd definitely be coming back to Flowing Clouds Manor. The only thing was, she wasn't sure what Baili Feng was planning, so she could only leave for now.

They nodded at each other, then Tang Doudou turned and left with the bird.

Once she left, Baili Feng suddenly started coughing until his pale face turned completely red. At the end, he started coughing blood. The servant next to him hastily pulled out a handkerchief and offered it to him. "Gongzi, you should hurry back to rest!"

Baili Feng wiped away the blood at the corner of his lips even as he continued coughing softly. "Cough cough, it's fine."

After saying that, he looked towards the direction Tang Doudou had left in. A trace of loneliness flashed through his elegant eyes. Hopefully she wouldn't make him wait too long, otherwise he wouldn't be able to hold on…


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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