Chapter 389.2: A Small Chat By the Lake

Prodigal Alliance Head

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Chapter 389.2: A Small Chat By the Lake

Tang Doudou had already gotten used to Jun Xin's lack of sympathy towards other people. "It actually is pretty strange."

Jun Xin said, "The strangest is the master of the Xiao family, Xiao Qian!"

Tang Doudou was surprised, "Him?"

Jun Xin continued analyzing the situation. "Of the four large clans, the strongest is the Lin family and the Xiao family is second. The Bai family was originally ranked last, but since the Murong family is filled with disappointing hedonistic sons that only knows to play around and use despicable means this time around and Bai Luoqing turned out to be a very skilled leader, the Bai family managed to surpass the Murong family greatly in just a few years. At this point, it's almost about to surpass the Xiao family. This woman is very ambitious, and at the same time, is very skilled at hiding her intentions. If you have to have dealings with her in the future, you should remember this."

Tang Doudou recalled Bai Luoqing's strange smile when she left Azure Water Valley and smiled bitterly. "I've already gotten first hand experience with that. She truly isn't simple."

Jun Xin scoffed. "Who asked for you to be so dumb? If it were me, I would've already sorted out that woman. Bai Feiyun had definitely become strange because of her."

How did the topic get to Bai Feiyun again?

Tang Doudou pushed Jun Xin's hand off her shoulder and picked up Little Gray. As she petted him, her eyes filled with melancholy. "No matter what, since that's Xiao Bai's choice, it's fine."

Jun Xin curled his lips disdainfully. "Fine, think whatever you want."

Tang Doudou glanced up. At some point, the sun had disappeared, leaving the sky gloomy and dark. Just the sight of it made her heart feel heavy. She looked away and said, "It's already pretty late, so I'll head back now. Are you going to continue following me?"

"No, let's follow the original plan. When you get back to Barbarian Mound Garrison, find a chance to take me in. It's too dangerous to just have me follow you from the shadows. If it weren't for the fact that the mysterious person hadn't intended to kill you, you would've already died dozens of times on the way here." He looked towards her apologetically and scratched his head. "It was my neglectance."

Tang Doudou patted his shoulder. "Aren't I fine? Don't worry, I have good luck. I wouldn't die that easily."

"The heck? With how unlucky you are, how you can still say that you have good luck?" Jun Xin stood up. "Once this matter is resolved, you should have Baili Yu bring you somewhere far away. The Jianghu is seriously too dangerous."

Upon hearing this, Tang Doudou looked towards him worriedly. However, because she was sitting, the first thing she saw what Jun Xin's exceptionally long legs whose slenderness was emphasized by his black boots. Because these legs were seriously too good-looking, she couldn't help but stare. While captivated, she blurted out, "Jun Xin, how old are you?"

Jun Xin lifted his brows. "Why are you asking this?"

"Uh…" Tang Doudou felt that it would be a bad idea to tell him that she wanted to play matchmaker.

Jun Xin had a very childish face and didn't look very old, but she had a feeling that this stinkin' brat wasn't that young.

"Your head's always filled with useless things!" Jun Xin could tell from the way she was hesitating that she wasn't thinking anything good. He was about to rap her head again, but then couldn't bring himself to do it. Instead, he pulled her up, then turned and used his leg to lift the bird cage. The movement was very smooth and handsome. After he finished this sequence of movements, he even sent Tang Doudou a wink.

If this wink had been sent towards someone else, that person would probably be so infatuated that their head would spin. However, Tang Doudou just walked up, took the cage from him, then patted his shoulder with a serious sigh. "If your eye twitches uncontrollably, it's an illness. You need treatment!"

Jun Xin's face immediately turned black and he rapped Tang Doudou's head. "You're the one who's ill!"

After saying this, he disappeared from sight.

Tang Doudou shook her head and placed Little Gray on her shoulder before starting to walk towards Barbarian Mound Garrison.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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