Chapter 396.1: Imminent Peril

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Chapter 396.1: Imminent Peril

Tang Doudou's question made the smile on Jun Xin's face stiffen. He glanced towards her solemnly. "This is one question I've never considered."

Tang Doudou panicked. "What if it doesn't work…"

"Then I'm done for." Jun Xin smiled wryly. His white teeth were dyed red. "Once I die, you'll be sad, right?"

Tang Doudou nodded, but then she glared at him. "You just promised me that you wouldn't die!"

"What use is my promise? No matter how strong I am, there's no way I can win against the king of hell, right? What if this revival pill is fake? What if this revival pill really doesn't work…"

Tang Doudou hastily covered his mouth. How could he say things like this in this sort of situation?

"Stop talking, you're about to lose all your blood!" Tang Doudou couldn't bear to look at the blood flowing out between the cracks of her fingers. The words Jun Xin said earlier made her heart pound uncontrollably from fear. Jun Xin, Jun Xin was going to die?

No… would he…

She wasn't sure and even Jun Xin wasn't sure. That was probably why he had purposefully cracked jokes to distract her.

However, how could she turn away from the fact that two of her good friends were about to die? How could she possibly calm down?

As Jun Xin lost more blood, his body started convulsing uncontrollably and he kept groaning in pain. It looked as if something was tearing away at him from the inside. His forehead and body became soaked with sweat which mixed with the blood that came out of his mouth. It was a very frightening scene.

"It's actually strongest poison out of the ten strangest poisons!" Grandma Shen's exclamation of surprise came from behind Tang Doudou.

It was the ten strangest poisons again!

It was Bai Feiyun!

Rage flashed through Tang Doudou's eyes. So this was what Bai Feiyun meant back in the courtyard!

He said that he would kill Jun Xin and he had actually done it!

It was hateful! It was alright that he suspected her of not being Li Xueyi, but why did he have to hurt her friends?

What right did he have to do so? Did he have the right to do these things for Li Xueyi?

She was Li Xueyi and Li Xueyi was also her. Did he think that if he did this, Li Xueyi would feel grateful and would like him? What a joke!

Bai Feiyun was truly laughable. He thought himself so smart, but in reality, he was a complete fool!

From the moment he pushed her down on the stone table, he had already become her and Li Xueyi's enemy!

"Grandma, do you have anything that can relieve pain?" Jun Xin was in so much pain that he curled up and drops of sweat continuously formed and slid down his face. He was in so much pain that he couldn't even speak, so Tang Doudou looked towards Grandma Shen anxiously.

Grandma Shen's expression was unreadable in the dim light. Her voice contained a trace of ridicule as she said, "This grandma already told you just now that the reason I'm willing to save the nine-eared monkey is out of compassion. This grandma doesn't save just anyone… and furthermore, his name is Jun Xin."

When Tang Doudou heard this, her heart abruptly dropped. Crap, she had actually called out Jun Xin's name in her panic earlier!

Although Grandma Shen had always lived in the secluded Tree Valley, she was clearly aware of what went on in the Jianghu. Hence, there was no way she would be unfamiliar with the name Jun Xin.

Tang Doudou opened her mouth but didn't know what to say. When she saw Jun Xin in so much pain, she wanted to feed him the revival pill right now to hopefully ease his pain. However, she recalled what Grandma Shen said. It seemed that it would only revive a person after he died, so she could only suppress this impulse.

Following that, she picked Jun Xin up and hugged him, hoping that this comfort would help ease his pain a little. "Jun Xin, can you hear me?

"If it really hurts, then just scream, alright? No one would laugh at you."

Jun Xin was very strong-willed. Even though he was in so much pain that he kept groaning and his forehead was covered with sweat, he didn't let any screams of pain escape and forcefully endured the pain.

Tang Doudou continued patting his back softly. "If you don't want to scream, just bite me! If you bite me, you'll feel a bit better!"

She placed her hand in front of Jun Xin's gritted teeth. A trace of beast-like light flashed through Jun Xin's eyes. He really wanted to bite whatever was offered to him, but when he heard her words, it distracted him from the pain.

He smiled; an exceptionally bright smile. "Silly woman, it's not like I'm a dog. Why would I bite you?"

"Don't worry, I'm fine. This pain is nothing…" Jun Xin was breathing heavily, but his eyes were still dazzling as he looked towards Tang Doudou with a smile and teased her. "To be honest, I'd really like it if this poison was used on me a couple more times. You're already hugging me of your own accord. If you can also kiss me a little, then what is there to fear about death?"

Tang Doudou didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. How could he say such shameless things when he was at death's door? How could she possibly kiss him?

Jun Xin also seemed to know that it wasn't possible and smiled ironically at himself. His gaze slowly dimmed as he looked out the window at the barely visible sun. He said lightly, "If, if I had confessed to you earlier, would the outcome have been different?"

However, he spoke too softly, it was barely a sigh. Although Tang Doudou was hugging him, she still couldn't hear what he said. "What did you say?"

"Ha…" Jun Xin chuckled as the light in his eyes faded away. So this was what death felt like.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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