Chapter 400.1: Not Concerned About Life or Death

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Chapter 400.1: Not Concerned About Life or Death

If Baili Yiling still couldn't understand what had happened after Jun Xin had put it this clearly, she should just smash herself to death with tofu.

Her eyes widened as she pointed to herself disbelievingly. "You're saying that I was tricked?"

Jun Xin nodded. "It seems that someone wanted you to come here."

"Why?" Baili Yiling looked towards him in confusion. There had to be a motive, right? There's no way it was just a whim. She suddenly thought of something and her eyes lit up. "Could it have been Yun Hai? He wanted to move me away so he could take advantage of this chance to take everything in Plum Garden?"

"It's not him." Jun Xin was certain.

It wasn't Yun Hai? Baili Yiling furrowed her brows in confusion. "Then who could it be?"

"Wait for your brother to come back to tell you." Jun Xin didn't tell her directly. After saying that, he sat down on the steps and spaced out while looking at the moon.

Jun Xin didn't really have a good temper. Baili Yiling had already learned this back in Plum Garden. If you said just one thing wrong, he would start shouting at you or hit you. Fortunately she was always smart enough to run quickly, otherwise she would've been stuck in bed recovering from injuries.

However, this person also had the bad habit of not listening to anyone as well. Once he decided on something, no one could dissuade him.

Baili Yiling glanced down at Jun Xin's side profile and his long legs which were stretched out casually on the steps. Her eyes narrowed slightly with a crafty expression. "Hey, did you have a lot of fun being with Sister-in-Law?"

Jun Xin didn't even glance at her. "If Baili Yu knew that you were always talking nonsense in front of me, do you think he would beat you to death?"

"Humph! All you know to do is threaten me with Big Brother!" Baili Yiling humphed and sat down next to Jun Xin, then continued to stare at him.

Before she could speak, Jun Xin said, "In any case, it's good that you're here. Once the sun rises, go with your sister-in-law to Barbarian Mound Garrison and help her keep an eye on the people there. She's always so out of it and gets tricked so easily."

Baili Yiling propped up her chin with both hands. "I'm fine with that, but what about you? What are you going to be doing?"

"I have other things to do." Jun Xin turned to look at her, but he felt uncomfortable looking at a face so similar to Baili Yu's and turned away again. He started filling her in on everything that had happened today.

Baili Yiling's face was completely pale by the time she finished listening. "How can you be so dumb? What if you really couldn't wake up?"

Seeing him sitting next to her like this, she had no way of imagining that he had died just a couple hours ago and could've never woken up. What made her heart ache was the fact that he had talked about such a frightening experience so nonchalantly. His tone was so calm that a person couldn't help but feel a little fear.

However, Jun Xin really didn't seem to care at all and he just said, "If I couldn't wake up, then that's that. Life and death isn't important to me."

Baili Yiling was speechless. However, no matter what she said, it'd probably be useless towards someone who didn't care about their life. At the same time, she was flustered to find that her heart had ached. Why would she have this kind of feeling?

Following that was a long stretch of silence. When the sun had completely risen, Jun Xin stood back up. "Don't tell your sister-in-law about the fact that I woke up. With how dumb she is, she'll definitely end up letting it slip."

Baili Yiling understood what he was planning to do and nodded. "Alright, then do whatever you need to do. I know what to do."

"You know?" Jun Xin glanced at her with clear doubt. "If you don't understand something, just ask me. Don't try to go on your own assumptions and think yourself so clever and amazing. Even Baili Yu doesn't dare to say that he's undefeatable. It's best if you humble up a little. Don't end up causing trouble, otherwise the person that will suffer at that time will be your sister-in-law, not me!"

Baili Yiling had no way to refute Jun Xin's sudden scolding so she grumbled unhappily, "If Sister-in-Law suffers, isn't that the same as you suffering…"


"Ah! I mean, alright, got it, I'll listen to your arrangement and definitely won't cause trouble! Don't worry!" He wanted her to be obedient? Humph, that was only possible if Big Brother was around! He wasn't even as smart as her! When he encountered things related to Sister-in-Law, he'd become especially clumsy and thoughtless. At that time, she'd probably end up having to salvage things...

Baili Yiling was thinking about all sorts of things and hadn't taken Jun Xin's words in at all.

Jun Xin turned around to glance at her again. One glance was enough for him to figure out that his words hadn't gotten through at all. A trace of hesitation flashed through his eyes, but there was no other way right now. The only way Bai Feiyun would stop being so cautious was if he thought he was dead and no longer a threat. That way, he would be able to investigate and find out if Bai Feiyun was related to that mysterious person.

After what happened recently, Jun Xin felt that things have escaped his realm of understanding. If it had been in the past, he could have gotten the subordinates of God Firmament Hall to investigate for him, but he hadn't gone back since his identity had been exposed and he already broke off all ties. However, with the situation this way, it seemed that he had to use the identity of Ming Mengxin again.

He just hoped that the people in Cloud City last time hadn't paid too much attention to him. That way, not that many people would know of his identity.

When Jun Xin's thoughts got to this point, he paid no more attention to Baili Yiling and entered the room on his own.

Originally, Baili Yiling was going to follow him in, but after thinking about it, she decided against it. She could imagine the way Jun Xin was definitely looking at Tang Doudou right now. Just the thought of it made her entire body uncomfortable. If she had to see it with her own eyes, she definitely wouldn't be able to stop herself from cursing at Jun Xin.

After all, that was her sister-in-law, her big brother's woman… However, she also couldn't stop Jun Xin from having feelings for her sister-in-law!

It was seriously a very complicated relationship!

Baili Yiling moved back and leaned against the wall. Her eyelids started drooping against her will. Ever since she got the news, she had been rushing here without rest. She hadn't slept at all last night.

When her thoughts got to this point, she couldn't help but sigh. Having someone to care for you versus not having that someone was sure a huge difference!

Then she laughed ironically at herself and closed her eyes to nap.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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