Chapter 401.1: Moved

Prodigal Alliance Head

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Chapter 401.1: Moved

Baili Yiling looked at Tang Doudou weirdly. Shock flashed through Baili Yiling's eyes along with a bad feeling. Sister-in-Law couldn't have feelings for Jun Xin…

No way!

She immediately got rid of this thought. The reason Sister-in-Law said this was definitely because she was moved by everything Jun Xin had done for her. If there was a man that was this good to her and cared about her so much that he didn't care about his own life, she would also be very moved. If she didn't already have someone she loved, she might even be moved enough to give her heart to him. However, whether you liked someone or not was something that was set from the beginning.

At this point, Tang Doudou was done with the porridge. She went to check on Jun Xin again, then lifted Little Gray who was hanging next to the bed. "Yiling, I'm going to deal with Xiao Yi and Xiao Ren's corpses first. You should rest here for a while. Once I come back, we can head to Barbarian Mound Garrison together."

"Sister-in-Law, I'll go with you!" Baili Yiling quickly walked over. She couldn't let Sister-in-Law go on her own, otherwise Jun Xin would definitely start scolding her the moment Sister-in-Law left.

Tang Doudou hesitated. "Jun Xin will be alone here, I…"

"Who would do anything to him with him like this?" said Baili Yiling.

That was true, he was already…

Tang Doudou nodded and pushed open the door. "They're near the library, let's go."

After cremenating Xiao Yi and Xiao Ren, she found pots to store their ashes and placed them in the library. Following that, she fixed the shelves and books, but she couldn't do anything about the bloodstains and could only leave them for now.

She locked up the library, then sighed. Would Cang Baicao be heartbroken to learn of this news when he came back? After all, these two had already accompanied him for so many years. From now on, he'd be the only one in Azure Water Valley again.

"Sister-in-Law, are we going to Barbarian Mound Garrison right now? But we only have one horse…" After Baili Yiling happily greeted Little Bell for a while, she looked towards Tang Doudou worriedly.

Tang Doudou only realized this issue when she brought it up.

"Why don't we leave Jun Xin here for now?" Baili Yiling tried suggesting this.

"No!" What if that person snuck into Azure Water Valley again and did something to Jun Xin's remains?

Baili Yiling said, "But there's no way that you can keep bringing him around, right? Since we have to put him somewhere, it'd be better to leave him in a quiet place like this rather than in Barbarian Mound Garrison."

Tang Doudou hesitated. "But I'm worried…"

Baili Yiling walked up and took her hand. "Sister-in-Law, you're confused because you've gone through too much. Based on what I see, since that person has already obtained what he came from, there's no way that he'd come back. The only people that will come here is either Big Brother or Cang Baicao. In addition, if you leave him here, you can announce to the people outside that you've already buried him. If someone comes to investigate, there just happens to be two new burial mounds outside the valley, right?

"This is actually a lot safer for him. And regardless of whether it's Cang Baicao or Big Brother that comes back, they'll know what to do once they see him."

Tang Doudou found this suggestion very reasonable. It truly was the best decision to leave Jun Xin in Azure Water Valley for now, but…

"If I leave his corpse here, after some time, it'll start decomposing. I'm worried that before I even find Senior Cang, he'll… If I keep him with me, at least I'll be able to accompany him for a while longer."

If a person was really dead, what was the point in accompanying a corpse?

Baili Yiling shook her head. "Don't worry, Sister-in-Law, I've heard of that revival pill and understands its effects better than you do. If you fed him the pill after the time limit passes, even though it won't revive him, it'll protect his soul and body for a very long time. So if you find a way to revive him during this time…"

Before she even finished her words, Tang Doudou had grabbed her arm hard. "Yiling, is that really true? He can still come back?"

It hurt so much that Baili Yiling was about to reflexively shake her off, but then she saw the extremely excited expression in Tang Doudou's eyes and her heart dropped. Sister-in-Law's reaction was a little over the top!

"Sister-in-Law, calm down. Listen to the rest first." Baili Yiling inhaled sharply, then tried to divert Tang Doudou's attention.

Tang Doudou finally realized what she did and hastily let go. "Sorry, I got too stirred up!"

She didn't find her actions inappropriate at all, but Baili Yiling was getting worried. She felt that she couldn't allow this to go on any longer. She had to hurry and find Big Brother, then make sure that Jun Xin and Tang Doudou stayed apart!

This thought had already been planted in Baili Yiling's heart and she was just waiting for the right opportunity.

"It'll be fine, Sister-in-Law. I understand how you feel. After all, Jun Xin had only gotten hurt by Bai Feiyun because of Sister-in-Law."

Tang Doudou patted Little Gray's head, her gaze conflicted. "Yiling, continue? Tell me what exactly I should do."

"Sister-in-Law, you must know that it's not easy to revive a person." Baili Yiling felt like she had to pour some cold water to get Tang Doudou to calm down.

It wasn't good for a pregnant woman to be so stirred up, and how could she possibly know how to revive a person? Even if she did know, the truth was that Jun Xin wasn't dead!

When she recalled this, she started regretting the fact that she had agreed to keep this secret since it was causing Tang Doudou pointless worry.

"I know it's not easy." Tang Doudou sighed softly, no longer so excited.

Baili Yiling hastily continued, "That's right! So we should hurry and look for Cang Baicao! He's a godly doctor, he'll definitely have a way!"

Hope appeared in Tang Doudou's eyes again. "Alright!"

They sealed the doors, then Tang Doudou reluctantly left with Baili Yiling to head towards Barbarian Mound Garrison.

Right after they left, Jun Xin jumped out the window and glanced towards the building that Tang Doudou had sealed to the point that not even wind could get through. A bright smile appeared on his face. It seems like that stinkin' woman did care about him after all!

When this occurred to him, his mood became better than it had ever been before. He felt like the sun was wonderfully warm today. Stinkin' woman, since you do care about me, even if it was just a little, that was enough. I don't ask to be your only one, I only ask to be by your side. As long as you're happy and well, that was enough.

When Tang Doudou and Baili Yiling got to Barbarian Mound Garrison, it was already late noon.

Everyone had already been waiting in the courtyard for a long time. They immediately walked up to greet her upon seeing her. Elder Yu was in the lead and he reached her in a couple steps. "Alliance Head, are you alright?"

Tang Doudou looked at him weirdly. "What could've happened to me? Why are you guys here? Oh, and did you guys prepare those three comrades' corpses for cremation?"

Tang Doudou concealed all of her emotions and calmly glanced over the crowd.

Bai Feiyun wasn't here.


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