Chapter 408.1: Baili Yiling's Suspicions

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Chapter 408.1: Baili Yiling's Suspicions

She should first discuss things with the Wind Shadow guard so that he could save her if she ended up falling into a trap.

The Wind Shadow guard had been following her this entire time, so he came immediately after she sent the signal.

They agreed on the plan of having her infiltrate the manor first to figure out Jun Xin's precise location, then she would notify the Wind Shadow guard so that they could carry out the rescue. If something unexpected happened, then they'd immediately send someone back to find Baili Yu!

After making plans for every step, Baili Yiling got up and patted the guard with a nefarious smile. "Take off your clothes!"

Take off his clothes?

The guard's face turned red as he looked at Baili Yiling in confusion.

Baili Yiling started laughing. "What exactly is going on in that head of yours? I'm telling you to take off your clothes because I want to disguise myself as a man!"

The guard finally realized that he had misunderstood what she meant and his face turned even redder. Baili Yiling found this amusing and was tempted to tease him more, but this wasn't the time to mess around so she just patted him again. "Time won't wait for anyone, so what are you still just standing there for? Hurry up and take them off!"

The guard took off his clothes as quickly as he could. Due to Baili Yiling's demands, he stripped until all he had left were underwear and he shivered from the chilly wind.

Eldest Miss was scary!

Baili Yiling looked at the pile of clothes on the ground, then nodded in satisfaction and chased him off.

The guard looked as if he had been granted amnesty and almost instantly disappeared into the forest.

Baili Yiling looked around to make sure that no one was around, then hid behind some trees to change into the guard's clothes.

The Wind Shadow guard's garments were all black, but it wasn't a stiff black. Who asked for the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce to be so rich?

The black garments had the emblem of the Wind Shadow guard embroidered in gold thread along with some complicated decorative designs. The style was convenient and very functional. A lot of elaborate weapons and tools were place inside the garment along with some first aid medicine and poison. It was truly an all purpose tool!

The only bad part about it was that it was a little large on her.

She spun a few times, then felt that this wasn't bad after all because it was alluring enough!

She was a woman, so her skin was naturally smooth with the faint pink tint of healthy skin. With this black garment as contrast, her skin seemed even more fair and she seemed to glow beneath the moonlight. In addition, her looks were quite similar to Baili Yu's, so when she changed into men's garments, she looked extremely handsome.

As the night deepened, the guards stationed at the door of the manor started hearing weak cries of 'help!'

A guard was just about to go over to take a look when someone came out from the manor. Everyone hastily saluted him, "Murong gongzi!"

"What's going on?" The person addressed as Murong gongzi had a pair of very gloomy and sinister eyes. It was Murong Ming of the Murong family! If Tang Doudou had been here, she definitely would've been shocked. However, Baili Yiling hadn't seen him before, so when she saw someone come out of the manor, she smiled in satisfaction and started crying for help again.

The guard hastily replied, "Replying Your Honor, someone has been crying for help in the forest."

Murong Ming's gaze darkened. It was the middle of the night, who would appear here?

Could it be…

He recalled how Jun Xin had just been caught and a cold smile appeared on his lips. He'd like to see who had come to save Jun Xin. He had gotten news that Baili Yu was currently panicking in Azure Water Valley because something had happened to Tang Doudou, and Feng Long was in Plum Garden… So who would it be?

As he was thinking about this, he started walking over.

When the hidden Wind Shadow guard saw Murong Ming appear, he inwardly wiped cold sweat for his eldest miss. He wanted to let Baili Yiling know of this person's identity, but it was too late. Murong Ming moved extremely fast and soon appeared near Baili Yiling.

From his position, he could see the hidden cold smile in Murong Ming's eyes and knew that things were bad. Perhaps Eldest Miss's scheme had already been seen through! However, he wasn't certain, so he called over a subordinate. "Send a message notifying Master of this situation and ask Master for instructions. I'm going to follow Eldest Miss!"


Meanwhile, after Baili Yiling waited for a while, she saw Murong Ming slowly walk over. She briefly met his eyes over the distance and immediately had an uncomfortable feeling.

However, she quickly suppressed that feeling. She was here to save Jun Xin and help Big Brother out with something. As long as it didn't require too much sacrifice, it was fine!

Baili Yiling was currently stuck in a trap that she had made herself. Her clothing and hair were completely disheveled. She pretended to be completely lost and her eyes were sparkling slightly from tears. When she saw that someone had arrived, joy flashed through her eyes and she used the voice technique she had learned in the past to change her voice into that of a delicate boy's. "This big brother, can you help me out?"

Murong Ming frowned. He felt like this person was familiar, but he couldn't recall where he had seen this person before. However, this person was beautiful enough to collapse a state, especially with those eyes. The bit of tears that made those eyes glimmer caused anyone that looked at them to feel pity. However, he had been on guard this whole time because of what happened with Jun Xin and this person had appeared in the middle of the night so it was extremely suspicious.

Murong Ming wasn't sure who this person was even he had information on pretty much everyone at Baili Yu's side. With how outstanding this person's looks were, there was no way he was an unknown figure. However, no matter how he thought about it, he couldn't place this person.

Could it be that he wasn't someone Baili Yu sent?

Had he been overthinking things?

Baili Yiling became uncomfortable from Murong Ming's silent stare and she shifted slightly. Her voice was extremely quiet, "Big Brother, why are you looking at me this way…"

The soft voice tickled Murong Ming's heart and gave him a shock. However, he didn't immediately speak. He cautiously observed the person for a while more before making a warm expression and asking, "Why are you here in the middle of the night?"

Baili Yiling relaxed when she saw him respond to her words. She sobbed a little miserably as she said, "I came from a far away village. My parents had died and I had no other relatives, so I came here to look for my relatives…"

This kind of thing happened often so Murong Ming couldn't pick out anything strange about it.

Could it be that he had really been overthinking things?


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