Chapter 411.1: Crap! It Was Over!

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Chapter 411.1: Crap! It Was Over!

Afterwards, he followed them all the way to North Hara City and followed that person to the high official's residence. After being in the residence for a little while, he was discovered. At that time, he had to quickly rearrange his plans. Since he was certain that the mysterious person was in the high official's residence, he acted like he had fallen for the trap and was knocked out. Afterwards, he, along with many other young men, were hidden in chests and secretly transported here.

Since that time, he had seen the mysterious person appear several times. Since he hadn't been knocked out, the restraints weren't a problem for him. However, he had to act realistically in order to obtain a chance to get to the bottom of what these people were trying to do!

What he wanted to know even more was what Bai Feiyun, Baili Feng, and the mysterious person were trying to do!

As he was thinking this, the door to this secret chamber opened. Jun Xin knew that this wasn't a good time to wake up so he closed his eyes and pretended to be unconscious in hopes of overhearing something.

When the door opened, light from the candles outside spilled in. From the footsteps, there were probably around five or six people. They didn't speak much after coming in. There was only the sounds of things being moved. They were probably carrying those young men somewhere. Soon, two people approached him and confirmed his guess since he was also carried out.

They weren't carried far. After they left the secret chamber, they were tied to something. The ropes were a little tight. Jun Xin opened his eyes a crack and found that they were at a place where the sky was visible. When he looked up, he could see the hazy moon.

At this time, a familiar voice appeared. Jun Xin realized with surprise that it was Murong Ming.

Why was he also here?

"Has everything been prepared?"

"Replying Sir Murong, everything's prepared!"

"En, then you guys can leave! Remember, no matter what you hear after this, don't come in! Got it?" Murong Ming looked at the circle of tied up young men that were still unconscious. Even Jun Xin who was usually so unbridled was now tied up like a dead dog, incapable of moving.

The guards seemed to know what was going to happen next. The moment Murong Ming said this, they left like they were fleeing for their lives.

However, one guard soon ran back. "Sir Murong, the Lin gongzi you brought back has disappeared!"

"What do you mean? Where's Yun Xiang?"

"It was Yun Xiang that told this subordinate. She said that Lin gongzi knocked her out, then disappeared!"

Murong Ming's gaze darkened. So there had been something wrong with Lin Ling!

But did he know what this place was? Did he even bother to investigate before coming here?

When Murong Ming's thoughts got to this point, he said to the guard, "Guard this place well. Don't let anyone approach. Kill intruders on sight!"

After saying that, he quickly left.

The moment he left, Jun Xin opened his eyes. He first looked around and found that they were at a very strange altar. There were countless strange veined patterns on it and the veins contained dark red traces. The piercing stench of blood filled the air. Jun Xin furrowed his brows. Why would there be such a demonic altar here?

Even he hadn't seen such altars much before. Most of the time, he had just encountered mentions of them in the ancient texts of the Seven Great Saint Tribes. They were classified as forbidden techniques so he had only seen brief mentions of them.

The book had said that there was no longer any way to create these sorts of altars and there were few people that knew how to use them.

He hadn't expected to have such luck as to run into one of the altars mentioned by the book.

However, who was that Lin gongzi they mentioned earlier? He didn't sound like a simple character. Could it be that he was also here to investigate this manor?

After a few minutes, Murong Ming came back again. He respectfully saluted and spoke towards the darkness, "Sire!"

When Jun Xin saw this, he had no choice but to shelve his questions for now. He looked over and found that in the dark shadows, there was a figure that was even darker than the darkness. It was probably the person Murong Ming had addressed as sire.

He was alarmed. He had no idea when that person had arrived. Even though he had been paying attention to his surroundings this whole time, he hadn't sensed that person at all.

He was inwardly shocked since this person's martial arts were actually stronger than his. When that 'sire' spoke, his voice was hoarse and grating like the sound of chafing steel. "This is the person you brought back? You were looking for him earlier?"


A heavy object fell to the ground, then there was the groan of pain. Jun Xin quietly opened his eyes. He didn't dare to move too much, but he was able to see the person that had been thrown to the ground.

When he saw those familiar little fox eyes, he was taken aback. Wasn't that Baili Yiling? Why was she here too? And she even got captured!

Another stone fell on top of his heart. It was going to be difficult for him to just get himself out of here, and now Baili Yiling was added on too. The more he thought about it, the stiffer his expression became. Wasn't Baili Yiling in Barbarian Mound Garrison?

Baili Yu was in Barbarian Mound Garrison. Why wasn't she with her brother? How did she end up being brought here?

Could he have seen wrong? It was dark after all and the moon wasn't that bright. In addition, he had just recovered so his body was still a little weak. As these thoughts raced through his mind, he glanced over again.

He found that she was completely tied up and there was a white cloth stuffed in her mouth. Except for the fall just now, she didn't seem injured at all. However, since she couldn't speak, her eyes were extremely wide as she glowered at the person in the darkness.

Jun Xin inwardly cried out in agony. It really was her!

But he couldn't understand how Baili Yiling had ended up being captured and brought here. His heart started sinking. How was he supposed to protect her and escape from the manor with her?

It wasn't that he didn't want to just overthrow this manor, but the opposition was a little too strong. If he didn't deal with things properly, both of them might die here today!

Meanwhile, what happened earlier was that Baili Yiling had been wandering inside the inner courtyard trying to figure out where Jun Xin was locked up and just as she was wondering if she got the wrong place, a pair of large hands appeared right in front of her and startled her into falling off the roof. However, she was caught in the blink of an eye. Cold sweat covered her back when she saw the mysterious person appear, but before she had a chance to think about it, her vision went black and she fainted. The next time she woke up was when she was thrown out, completely tied up. The painful fall almost made her scream. She glowered angrily at the person that had thrown her and inwardly cursed, hell, did he know what it meant to cherish the fragrance and pity the jade!?

However, even though her eyes looked about to pop out from her glare, the mysterious person didn't pay any attention to her. When it occurred to her that she was in a bad spot, she started looking around and found that there was a stage nearby. There was a figure in black that had conspiciously long legs. Joy immediately lit up her face. Wasn't that Jun Xin?

When Jun Xin sensed her gaze, he silently cursed at her stupidity, then closed his eyes and refused to pay attention to her. He couldn't expose himself because of her.

The moment Baili Yiling was thrown out, Murong Ming's eyes darkened but his expression didn't change. "This man had been sneaking about outside the forest. In order to prevent any unexpected accidents, this subordinate brought him back and placed him in house arrest in the west Plum Courtyard. How did Sire encounter him?"

"Forget it. Since he's in the manor and is a young man that hasn't lost his chasity, then tie him up too!" That sire's voice was seriously hard to listen to. Fortunately, he didn't speak much so Jun Xin and Baili Yiling's ears were spared greater torment.

Baili Yiling was thinking that being tied up over there was also good. That way she'd be able to see how Jun Xin was doing and perhaps work with him to escape.

Perhaps the Heavens were on her side this time because Murong Ming looked around and saw that the only empty space left was next to Jun Xin. He hesitated a little, but still tied Baili Yiling up there.

He tied her tightly so that she would have no chance to escape.

Murong Ming left only after making sure of this and walked back to the darkness. "Sire, everything had been prepared. As soon as the time comes, we can…"

"Follow me, I still have something to ask you."


The two gradually walked away and vanished into the distance. Baili Yiling hastily turned around and looked towards Jun Xin who had his eyes tightly closed. She was trying to come up with a way to wake him up when light appeared and gave her a fright. When she looked over, she discovered that Jun Xin had opened his eyes.

"How did you also end up captured?" The first thing that came out of Jun Xin's mouth was an annoyed reproaching question.

Although Baili Yiling knew that he wasn't aware of the situation, she still felt a little wronged. She had come out of good intentions to save him!

He didn't even bother to ask and was already berating her. That was too much!

She had a cloth stuff in her mouth so she couldn't speak and could only use her eyes to complain. The wronged look in her eyes made a strange feeling appear in Jun Xin's heart. He softened his tone a little as he asked, "Weren't you with Baili Yu? Why did you end up here? What is Baili Yu doing? Since you're captured, where's Doudou? Is she alright?"

He did soften his tone, but he asked so much, how was she supposed to answer?

Baili Yiling looked at him speechlessly. If he really expected answers, shouldn't he remove this cloth in her mouth? Did he get beaten dumb by someone?


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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