Chapter 412.1: The Opponent Was Too Strong

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Chapter 412.1: The Opponent Was Too Strong 

After Jun Xin finished bellowing, he saw Baili Yiling's deathly pale face and immediately recalled their current situation. He cursed at himself for being stupid as he quickly destroyed the ropes binding him. Just as he was about to reach out for Baili Yiling's ropes, he heard the sound of slow appaluse.

"Wow, who would've thought that Young Master Jun also had such deep feelings for that Li Xueyi? Even though she had already become someone else's wife, you're still so concerned about her. This deep friendship is truly rare ah!" Murong Ming walked out from the darkness. From the looks of things, he hadn't left at all and had been listening to everything from the shadows.

Jun Xin's expression became a little worried. Murong Ming's martial arts couldn't compare to his, but he hadn't noticed that Murong Ming had been hiding in the darkness. It had probably been due to that mysterious person.

As he had predicted, after Murong Ming appeared, that mysterious person appeared as well.

He glanced at Jun Xin meaningfully. It was only one glance, but Jun Xin became certain that this was the real person that he had exchanged blows with. The one from before had probably been a fake to mislead those people!

Jun Xin didn't speak. Baili Yiling freed herself from the bindings and looked up towards Jun Xin. Just as she was about to speak, Jun Xin stopped her and said, "I'll stop them. You should hurry and leave!"

"No, if I'm leaving, it'll be together with you!" If she left, how was she supposed to help Big Brother investigate? The person behind all of this had already shown himself. She wouldn't be able to accept it if she still couldn't find out his identity!

Jun Xin shot her a look, then his expression became a little strange and he abruptly pulled Baili Yiling into his arms while saying quickly, "I can't beat that person. Your presence will only be a burden for me. You should leave first. Once there's a chance, I'll try to escape too."

When Baili Yiling was suddenly hugged and enveloped by that faint sunshine-like sweetness, her entire face turned red. The words that she heard stunned her, then she started blaming herself. So it turned out that Jun Xin had been pretending to be unconscious this entire time and had risked himself in order to investigate this person.

However, she had messed all of this up. Not only would she not be able to save Jun Xin, she had caused them both to be in danger!

It was all because she thought herself clever!

"I know how you feel, but she's the only one I like." As Baili Yiling was spacing out, Jun Xin said this in a now normal voice. 

However, his tone was apologetic as Baili Yiling liked him but his heart already belongs to another so he had to reject her.

Even though she knew he was purposefully putting on an act, for some reason, her heart still clenched in pain.

However, she reacted very quickly and soon squeezed out a few tears. She murmured, "Sister-in-Law has already gotten married. Can't you try to accept me?"

Jun Xin patted her shoulder, then pushed her away. "Go! I won't ever love anyone else in this lifetime."

Tears streamed down Baili Yiling's face, messing up her makeup. "You're too heartless!"

"I don't want to see you ever again. I hope that you also won't appear in front of me again. I don't want her to misunderstand," said Jun Xin coldly.

Baili Yiling finally couldn't take these hurtful words anymore. In despair, she turned and flew off.

Jun Xin relaxed slightly when she left, but then tensed up slightly because Murong Ming who had been watching this from the side had moved to chase after Baili Yiling.

Just as he was about to move, that mysterious person also moved up.

"Who would've thought that not only is the infamous Blood Fiend Jun Xin so passionate, he's also so heartless? How could you say such heartless things to such a beautiful and lovely young lady?" The mysterious person's voice was still horrible to listen to, but this time the words contained a trace of a smile. It was clearly ridicule. 

He was laughing at them because he had already seen through Jun Xin's plan.

Jun Xin's impulsive rush had left and all that was left was calm analysis. Although he was usually too lazy to bother to scheme, it didn't mean that he wasn't intelligent. On the contrary, he was extremely good at schemes.

His actions just now, on the surface, seemed like he was doing that to create a chance for Baili Yiling to escape, but the true intention was for Baili Yiling to lead Murong Ming away. In order to prevent anyone from seeing this, he didn't even tell Baili Yiling the truth.

He was well aware of Murong Ming's capability. Baili Yiling's martial arts weren't that good, but she had plenty of tricks up her sleeve. When she sees Murong Ming chase after her, she'd definitely figure out what he had been planning.

Right now, he had to deal with this mysterious person. That was the current most important matter.

In reality, he really wasn't confident in the least. The last time he fought with this person, this person had no intention of paying attention to him, so this person was probably much stronger than him. 

However, his martial arts already counted as being at the apex. Further higher than that could only be weirdos like Baili Yu and undying old farts like Su Yi… Suddenly, a light flashed through his mind. Undying old farts? Could it be that this mysterious person was like Su Yi and was also some strange monster that had lived past his time?

The only existences like this that Jun Xin knew of besides Su Yi was Mist City's Feng Wu and West Qi City's Yan Feixue. This kind of special existence was seriously hard to obtain. There were very few that knew that such existences exists and most of them only knew Su Yi to be one of them.

Who ask for the city he had jurisdiction over to be so famous? It'd be hard to keep this from anyone!

But back to the main point, if this person was also an existence like that, then he was starting to regret things a little. He hoped that Baili Yiling would be a little dumber and wouldn't guess his meaning. After shaking off Murong Ming, she should hurry and get backup!

However, just as this thought arose, he saw Baili Yiling walked back with an unconscious Murong Ming in tow.

"Jun Xin, you…" Before she could even get a sentence out, she was sent crashing into the underbrush by a strike from the mysterious person.

Jun Xin hastily went over and helped her up while asking helplessly, "What did you come back for?"

The mysterious person hadn't put much strength into his strike. It seemed that he didn't plan to let her die that quickly. He just wanted to get rid of the inner strength in her dantian so that she couldn't do anything.

Baili Yiling coughed hard, then said weakly, "Weren't you the one that hinted for me to deal with Murong Ming?"

"But I didn't tell you to stupidly rush back." Jun Xin knew that it was his mistake, but he still couldn't stop himself from pushing the blame onto Baili Yiling.

Baili Yiling hadn't coughed blood from that strike just now, but she was about to cough blood from anger. Could it be that this was her fault now?


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