Chapter 413.1: Blood Sacrifice

Prodigal Alliance Head

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Chapter 413.1: Blood Sacrifice

The Wind Shadow guard flew rapidly in the direction of North Hara City with Baili Yiling, but before they could enter the city, Baili Yiling suddenly told him to set her down.

“Eldest Miss, we should hurry back to find Master so that he can save Young Master Jun!” The Wind Shadow guard was very anxious. He belonged to one of Baili Yu’s four main hidden guard groups but before Feng Long and Yun Hai appeared, it was Jun Xin that had led them. Although a lot of the original members were already gone and most of the members now were new ones that had joined when Feng Long took over, he still remembered the time when Jun Xin led them.

At that time, Jun Xin wasn’t even as old as them, but he was extremely strict and cold.

However, in private, he’d often drink and chat with the rest of the guys.

As the Wind Shadow guard was thinking this, he said, “If Young Master Jun was confident that he had chances of winning, he wouldn’t have delayed things for so long, nor would he have told me to take you away!”

He had been with Jun Xin for many years and was well-aware of Jun Xin’s habits. Jun Xin was like this almost every time. Whenever he wasn’t confident in the outcome, he would have everyone else leave first. He would never voice his insecurities.

What Wind Shadow guard didn’t know was that this was exactly why Baili Yiling wanted to turn back. Although she didn’t understand Jun Xin’s personality that well, she could tell from the words that Jun Xin told her deliver to Big Brother that he didn’t think he’d be able to make it out alive. That was why he wanted her to deliver the message for him!

No! There was no way she could leave while knowing that he was likely to die once she did!

Baili Yiling pulled the Wind Shadow guard’s sleeve. “Listen, I’m going to go save Jun Xin, so you need to hurry up and go tell Big Brother this…”

As she spoke, she moved closer to the Wind Shadow guard’s ear and passed onto him what Jun Xin had said. Then she pulled out a pill. A complicated expression flashed through her eyes as she looked at it, but she swallowed it without hesitation.

“Eldest Miss, this!”

“It’s an order!” Baili Yiling swept her sharp gaze towards the Wind Shadow guard. “I’m commanding you to head back immediately!”

“Eldest Miss!”

“Are you going to disobey orders?” shouted Baili Yiling.

The Wind Shadow guard wanted to argue and was too distracted to notice the red light that had appeared in Baili Yiling’s eyes. Strange veined patterns had also appeared on the part of her arm that was exposed.

It was required of a hidden guard to obey his master’s orders without questions!

Although the Wind Shadow guard didn’t want to, he had no choice but to follow these orders. “Understood!”

Baili Yiling paid no more attention to him and turned to head back to the manor.

The Wind Shadow guard’s expression changed rapidly as he watched her disappear. Finally, his expression became resolved and he turned to rush in the opposite direction like his life depended on it. Regardless of what it took, he had to make it back to Azure Water Valley as quickly as possible!

Meanwhile, by the time Baili Yiling had arrived at the manor, her pupils had become completely flame-red. Not only were those veined patterns all over her arms, they were covering her neck and face. There was a faint red phoenix on her forehead, making her usually refreshing looks become abnormally bewitching.

She could hear the sounds of the fierce battle before she even entered the manor. In a flash, she moved to a nearby tree. It was hard to see anything in the manor due to the countless orbs of blue flames. However, the flames were pierced by large amounts of black threads. From a distance, it looked as if there was an enormous black cocoon that contained blue light inside. It was a very eerie sight in the dark night.


There was another enormous explosion. A figure flew out of the black cocoon with a trail of blood and crashed heavily into the roof, sending the tiles flying in all directions.

The faint blue flashes instantly went out.

Baili Yiling’s heart clutched, but she forced herself to stay still and continue watching. Jun Xin reached out and grabbed the wood beneath the tiles to stabilize himself, narrowly avoiding the fall.

He wiped at the blood at the corners of his lips. The excitement in his eyes still didn’t fade and just became more intense. “Again!”

Jun Xin shouted, then his figure formed a harsh dark afterimage in the air as he reappeared in front of the mysterious person.

However, this time, the mysterious person didn’t do much. He just spread his hand in front of him and numerous black threads flooded towards Jun Xin. Jun Xin naturally wouldn’t allow these strange threads to bind him. A flame appeared on his palm and rapidly burned the approaching threads.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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