Chapter 414.1: Die Together

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Chapter 414.1: Die Together

When Murong Ming heard his slightly deranged words, his eyes flickered with a thought. However, his expression remained the same. “What a pity about Baili Yiling. She’s Baili Yu’s younger sister. Even though she’d not a descendant of the Saint Tribes, the blood in her body is still probably better than that of most people…”

Before he even finished his words, he was knocked flying.

As he crashed into the ground, the mysterious person laughed coldly and said, “Are you trying to kill me? Baili Yiling’s blood is good, but unfortunately she’s a woman!”

Murong Ming reacted like this had just occurred to him. He didn’t even bother to wipe at the blood and hastily said, “Apologies, Sire. It was my neglectance! Please forgive me!”

“Humph. Just do your part properly and don’t mess anything up, otherwise…” The mysterious person’s fingers moved and those thin black threads appeared from the ground and spread like an enormous squirming black net.

The young men who had their wrists cut first had already turned into shriveled sacks of skin that were stuck to the blood-red altar. Their unseeing wide eyes were a terrifying sight.

Jun Xin stared at those people as he sensed his own blood rapidly pour out of his body. He seemed to be losing blood even faster than the rest of the men. HIs eyes dimmed. Originally, he wanted to look up at the moon one last time, but he ended up catching sight of that fiery red on the tree nearby.

His brows furrowed. Who was that?

Was that a friend or an enemy? Was he here to rescue them or just here to see the situation?

Or perhaps he was just passing by.

When that figure disappeared, Jun Xin retrieved his gaze. However, the mysterious person followed his gaze and looked over.

Jun Xin could no longer move and he had lost most of his blood to this strange altar. However, the mysterious person didn’t relax his guard at all.

Upon seeing this, Jun Xin just closed his eyes. It didn’t matter whether that person was a friend or an enemy, since he was about to die, he shouldn’t get another innocent person involved!

In any case, his life was something that others had brought back. As long as Baili Yiling passed this news onto Baili Yu, whether he lived or not didn’t matter.

The only thing he couldn’t fully put down was Tang Doudou.

Time slowly passed.

Jun Xin could sense the life in him trickling away. After some time passed, he was barely conscious. He wanted to open his eyes, but he couldn’t even lift his eyelids. Suddenly, he sensed that a light appeared in the surrounding blood-red. Although this light was also red, it was shockingly bright. Even with his eyes closed, he could sense that light’s rapid approach.

He forced his eyes opened and saw that light appear in front of him in a flash. Through the mass of red, he saw who the person was.

After a brief moment of shock, fury rushed up to his head. Why did this stupid woman come back again!?

Originally, he thought that Tang Doudou was the dumbest person in the world. However, from the looks of things now, another one had appeared next to him.

He wanted to yell at Baili Yiling, but the moment he opened his mouth, blood flooded out and he fell to the ground.

Baili Yiling hastily caught him, then looked towards the mysterious person who was sitting in the center of the altar. She sensed his immeasurable murderous intent and her heart jumped. She didn’t dare to delay any longer and quickly left the altar with Jun Xin.

Everything occurred too quickly. Just as the mysterious person sat down in the altar to absorb the enormous power that had been generated, Baili Yiling came and sent Murong Ming flying with a strike, then grabbed Jun Xin and left.

Meanwhile, he had barely absorbed half of the altar’s energy, so he couldn’t leave and could only watch as Baili Yiling disappeared into the darkness with Jun Xin.

Since the altar has lost a person and it was even a descendent of the Saint Tribes, the intense light immediately dimmed. The mysterious person coughed out a mouthful of blood. Just as he thought that the blood sacrifice would be a failure, Murong Ming ran back while pressing on his chest. When he saw that Baili Yiling had disappeared, he quickly said, “Sire! I’ll send someone to catch them right now!”

He moved immediately to leave, but before he could, a strong forced pulled him back. Murong Ming’s face instantly paled. “Sire! You! What are you doing!?”

“We're short one person, so you can fill in for that person. Haven't you always wanted to prove your loyalty? This is the best chance!" Murong Ming was dragged to the altar. There was no need to slit his wrist with a blade this time. The veins inside his wrist started moving like the branches of a tree and pierced right through his own skin, causing his blood to explode out and spill onto the altar.

The altar once again started glowing with bright red light. The mysterious person paid no attention to Murong Ming's pleading and slowly closed his eyes to continue absorbing that mysterious energy.

Meanwhile, Baili Yiling had already gotten far away from that manor with Jun Xin.

Still, she couldn't afford to stop. She didn't even bother to figure out where she was in this darkness and rushed forward like her life depended on it.

Jun Xin was being carried in a princess hold. Due to her small stature, he was very uncomfortable. "Stop for a little while. He won't chase after us for the time being."

When Baili Yiling heard this, she glanced behind them and saw that there really wasn't anyone coming after them. Her face which was filled with strange patterned veins loosened slightly. She landed on a tree and placed Jun Xin on the branch. Jun Xin's face was currently so pale that there wasn't a trace of blood and he barely seemed to be breathing. If she had been just a little later, he probably wouldn't have been able to hold on.

"Why did you come back?" Jun Xin forced himself to become more alert and opened his eyes slightly to look at Baili Yiling, then indicated for her to check his wrist.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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