Chapter 415.1: Beauties Cause Calamities

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Chapter 415.1: Beauties Cause Calamities

The mysterious person moved very fast and instantly caught up with Baili Yiling, but he didn't make a move. He just glanced at Baili Yiling from the darkness with a strange expression in his eyes.

Baili Yiling didn't bother to wonder about this and took advantage of this chance to rapidly retreat backwards. With a few leaps, she landed near the edge of the sea, then threw herself into the deep waters.

As they crashed into the cold water, Baili Yiling held her breath and pulled Jun Xin to her front. She hugged him tightly as she swam forward and deeper into the ocean.

Inside the water, Jun Xin lifted his head and wanted to push her away so that she could swim and escape on her own, but Baili Yiling glared at him, then pressed his head into her chest and quickly continued swimming.

She had grown up on an island so her skill at swimming was beyond just good. Even though she was pulling a person with her, she was still quickly able to shake off the mysterious person.

The mysterious person was currently floating in midair above the surface of the sea. He had immediately chased after them the moment Baili Yiling jumped into the water, but he was a step late. He had no way of finding them in the vast sea and due to the water, the tracking device he left on Jun Xin became useless.

However, with how severe Jun Xin's injuries were, after soaking in the sea water like this, he was dead for sure.

The mysterious person stayed above the surface of the sea for over an hour. When no one floated to the surface, he finally turned and left.

Deep below the surface of the sea, Baili Yiling was currently transferring some of her breath to Jun Xin by mouth. However, even though she had continued to do so, Jun Xin's breath was slowly fading away. He seemed like he was having a fever, but his body temperature was actually becoming shockingly cold!

They couldn't afford to stay in the ocean any longer!

Baili Yiling came to a decision. She couldn't be bothered to worry about the mysterious person being on the surface anymore and swam up with Jun Xin. When she broke through the surface, she found that they were in the middle of the sea. Not only was there no trace of the mysterious person, there was also no trace of land.

Baili Yiling was also completely spend from having swam for so long while pulling along a person. She couldn't help but despair in this situation. Could it be that they were really going to die here today?

She glanced at Jun Xin who had already fallen unconscious and recalled the faint sweet taste of his lips when she had been trying to pass some of her breath to him. Her face flushed, then she tightened her grip on him. Her eyes filled with resolution. She had finally fallen in love with someone, there was no way she was going to die just like this!

Even though she knew that he didn't like her, Sister-in-Law had already gotten married, so if she worked hard, she might be able to make a place for herself in his heart. She had hope, even though that she knew the hardest thing to understand in the world was probably a person's heart.

She smiled slightly, then started looking around again.

Suddenly, she saw that there was something near where the sea met the sky.

It was an island!

Baili Yiling had grown up on an island, so she recognized that trace of color as an island right away!

Truly, the Heavens didn’t bar a person's way!

She sighed in relief, then started swimming there with all her might.

At this point, the sky was already bright. As the sunshine spilled onto the golden sand, it made the sand unusually warm in this end of winter climate.

Two figures abruptly fell onto the sand. Baili Yiling gasped for breath. She felt like her lungs were about to burst and her limbs were so weak that they felt like they would never move again. However, she only rested briefly. Then she forced herself to get up again and slowly dragged Jun Xin up the sandy beach.

She only stopped when she truly couldn't move anymore. She touched Jun Xin's forehead and found that it was still shockingly cold. However, his face was completely red. He probably had a fever due to his injuries being soaked in sea water.

However, fevers should cause heat!

This situation was too strange, and this place was far away from the mainland. She didn't even know if there were any people on this island. With how low his temperature was, if they didn't get medicine, he'd definitely be in trouble!

Her heart ached slightly and she rummaged through her bag again. However, then she felt like collapsing. Almost everything in the bag had fallen into the sea and the rest were soaked by water so they could no longer be used.

"Jun Xin, can you hear me?" Baili Yiling's gaze finally landed on the mountain deep in the middle of the island, then she turned around and gently patted Jun Xin's cheek. "Hold on alright? Wait for me to come back, got it?

"If you die, I'll go back and bully Sister-in-Law! She's dumb anyways!"

When she saw that Jun Xin didn't react at all, she started laughing at herself. How could an unconscious person possibly hear her words?

She should hurry and make use of this time to see if there were any useful herbs in the mountain!

After she said that, she got up, but the hem of her clothes was pulled. "Y-you can't bully her!"


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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