Chapter 416.1: Calamity and Fortune are Interlinked

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Chapter 416.1: Calamity and Fortune are Interlinked

"What could be wrong with me? You've been rushing about the entire day, go rest!" Ye Chuan patted the Wind Shadow guard's shoulder, then walked passed him and headed towards the courtyard as well.

The Wind Shadow guard's eyes flashed. He hadn't told Ye Chuan and Qing Yin about the message Baili Yiling had him bring.

It wasn't that he didn't trust them, but that Baili Yiling had repeatedly exhorted that he had to personally tell Master or the female master.

However, he couldn't casually appear in front of others because he was a hidden guard. He had no choice but to wait and see if he'd be assigned to patrol the courtyard. At that time, he might have an opportunity to tell Tang Doudou.

As he was thinking this, he turned around and headed towards where the rest of the Wind Shadow guards were stationed.

In the small courtyard overlooking the cliff.

Tang Doudou had woken up.

Even Cang Baicao hadn't expected for her to wake up. He was currently checking her pulse worriedly in order to figure out how she had been able to wake up even though she had been poisoned.

"Senior Cang…" called Tang Doudou weakly. This old guy had been checking her pulse this entire time and wouldn't even let her talk. It had already been over an hour. She didn't know how long she had been unconscious, but she felt really hungry.

However, the moment she opened her mouth, Cang Baicao stopped her again. He lowered his eyes thoughtfully for a while again before finally letting go of her wrist. "Strange, it's seriously strange! It's too strange!"

Tang Doudou tried speaking again helplessly, "Senior Cang, did you figure anything out?"

Cang Baicao shook his head. "No."

Tang Doudou was speechless. He spent that long and still hadn't figured anything out? She was about to starve to death!

"How long have I been unconscious?"

"Not long. It hasn't even been a day yet." Cang Baicao was still stuck on Tang Doudou's currently strange pulse condition and just answered off-handedly before getting up and pacing around in the room.

Tang Doudou looked outside helplessly. "I'm hungry."

Cang Baicao froze for a moment, then he glanced at her and shook his head. "You can't eat yet."

Cang Baicao's words dealt Tang Doudou a fatal blow. She couldn't eat? Wasn't this demanding her life? She was seriously starving, she had never been this hungry before. This wasn't normal if she had only been unconscious for half a day. She felt like she had been starved for half a month. She practically wanted to eat everything in sight.

"I really am hungry." Tang Doudou looked towards Cang Baicao beseechingly. "Let me eat a little, alright? Just a little?"

Cang Baicao furrowed his brows in puzzlement and asked, "You're really hungry? How hungry?"

He seemed to also sense that something was off and he walked towards her again.

Tang Doudou nodded, her face pale. "Really hungry, like I haven't eaten in years."

Cang Baicao burst out laughing. "If you haven't eaten in years, wouldn't you have already starved to death?"

Despite that, he still placed his hand on her wrist again to take her pulse.

Tang Doudou inwardly complained that he had already tried for so long and still hadn't figured out anything, so was there any point in feeling her pulse again?

Cang Baicao seemed to know what she was thinking because he explained, "Don't look down on the pulse. It contains a lot of information alright? For example, there's the unstable pulse! It beats easily but disappears when one presses hard. It's like wood floating in water. If it's unstable and strong, it means that there's too much wind and heat. If it's unstable and weak, then it indicates low blood pressure.

"A heavy pulse requires strong pressure to feel. It's like stone dropped in stone. If it's heavy and strong, then it indicates cold pain. If it's heavy and weak, then it indicates a chill.

"A delayed pulse generally causes there to be only one pulse when there should be three. If the pulse is extremely slow, it may indicate troubles in the heart. This might indicate venereal disease or severe chill. If it's also weak, it must be investigated more closely."

Cang Baicao said so much that Tang Doudou's head was swelling. "I still want to eat."

"Wait a little longer!" Cang Baicao's tone had loosened up a little and he told her to wait.

So what else could Tang Doudou say?

There was no one in the room except Cang Baicao. As soon as she woke up, Cang Baicao told her that Baili Yu had gone off to find some rootless grass. Qing Yin who had been standing at the door just glanced in before running off.

So this stubborn old man was the only person left.

She rolled her eyes, but could only wait for him to finish checking her pulse.

This time, Cang Baicao's face wasn't twisted in confusion and he nodded repeatedly before realization dawned on his face. He seemed to have gotten an answer to his earlier questions.

Tang Doudou couldn't help but ask, "Senior Cang, what did you find out?"

"Haha, it's good." Cang Baicao looked towards her happily. "It's your fortune ah!"

Tang Doudou rolled her eyes again. There was no one as unlucky as her in the world. How did being unlucky suddenly become a fortune?

There was the fact that first, a lamp she brought on impulse ended up causing her to transmigrate here.

Ever since then, her head kept threatening to fall off her shoulders. If it weren't for the fact that she had gotten to know so many friends, she probably would've already fallen apart and jumped into a river to commit suicide.

"This poison is extremely fierce. However, Baili gongzi had used his inner strength to suppress the poison just in time, which is why it hadn't immediately flared up and hurt the fetus in your belly." Cang Baicao stroked his beard as his aged eyes lit up.

"Afterwards, I used a vitals protection pill to protect your main meridians. With so many substances inside your body, there's no way you'd be able to wake up normally. Even if you were to wake up, you shouldn't be so clear-headed."

Tang Doudou sank into silence. After Cang Baicao said all this, she became a little curious about what was going on with her body as well.

Cang Baicao paused for a moment, then continued speaking. "You see as well, right? Not only have you woken up, you're completely alert and even feel hunger…"

Tang Doudou was thinking, if she couldn't even feel hunger, wouldn't that mean she had gone dumb?

"The vitals protection pill protects your heart but it means that you can't eat. That's why I wouldn't let you eat earlier."

Tang Doudou glanced at him sharply. "Then you're allowing me to eat now?"

"En, yes. Wait for a little while, I'll get someone to make some mild porridge for you." As he spoke, he got up and went out to instruct someone to make food before coming back inside.

"When I checked your pulse earlier, I discovered that there was something else in your body. It was that thing that had neutralized the poison and the other drug that had been restricting the child's development. With the vitals protection pill's protection, the shackles over the fetus has gradually been loosened. The reason you feel hungry is because the fetus is hungry."


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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