Chapter 437: Find a Revival Pill

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Chapter 437: Find a Revival Pill

They hastily brought Jun Xin back to North Hara City.

There was no way they could stay in an inn with Jun Xin in his current state, so Baili Yu had the maids find a quiet manor for them.

Jun Xin was placed in the most peaceful wing. Tang Doudou and Baili Yiling were the only ones standing guard in this large wing.

Baili Yiling's eyes didn't shift away from Jun Xin this entire time. She seemed to be under a spell and couldn't hear or see anything aside from Jun Xin.

Tang Doudou had already sighed countless times while looking at the two of them. She could tell that Baili Yiling had fallen in love with Jun Xin, and that she was very deeply in love. Perhaps this was even Baili Yiling's first time ever falling in love with someone. Who would've imagined that things would end up this way?

Baili Yu's expression had been very grim. It was clear that Jun Xin really might die this time.


Tang Doudou scratched her head. Jun Xin counted as someone who has already died once.

If they could find another revival pill, could they revive him again?

But something that could revive a dead person was pretty much something that went against the very nature of the world. Would it be that easy to find one?


Suddenly, Baili Yiling turned towards her. Her eyes were red like that of a rabbit’s.

Tang Doudou hadn't expected for her to take the initiative to speak. She thought that Baili Yiling had already sank completely into her sorrows.

"Yiling, are you alright? Jun Xin, he… don't be so sad…"

"Sister-in-Law, you don't need to comfort me." Baili Yiling sat down next to the table by the bed and turned to stare at Jun Xin again.

Tang Doudou was worried that she'd sink into it again and hastily said something to distract Baili Yiling.

"Yiling, what exactly did you guys encounter these past few days? How did you guys end up like this? And what happened to that mysterious person?"

Baili Yiling was silent for a few moments, then she quietly recounted the whole sequence of events. When she got to what happened on that mysterious island, her entire body started shaking involuntarily as if she felt herself to be back in that moment. However, this time, she was there alone…

When Tang Doudou figured out what had happened and saw Baili Yiling reacting this way, she hastily stopped Baili Yiling from saying any more. "Then this means that all of the mysterious person's secrets is on that island?"

"En. This was also Jun Xin's later guess, but I hadn't believed it at that time because Eldest Brother was also there. I never thought that he and the mysterious person…"

"Baili Feng…" He really was someone of the Baili family.

She had suspected this earlier, but she was still surprised to find out that it was true. He even went to see Baili Yiling.

"I don't know whether I should believe the things that Eldest Brother told me anymore."

Tang Doudou understood her current feelings. "I'll tell your older brother about these things. He'd definitely know which parts are true and which parts aren't. However, Yiling, just to be safe, you probably shouldn't meet your eldest brother so much in the future."

Baili Yiling nodded. She naturally understood this point. Furthermore, it was very likely that Baili Feng had colluded with the mysterious person to stage the dangers that she and Jun Xin had encountered on the island.

However, she couldn't imagine why he would do this.

At the same time, Baili Feng's tone and expression didn't seem like he was lying and that natural feeling of closeness between relatives couldn't be faked.

However, if Baili Feng had really colluded with the mysterious person and was behind what happened to Jun Xin, she wouldn't acknowledge this eldest brother! Even if he was her biological brother!

However, these things weren't important right now. What was important was Jun Xin.

"Sister-in-Law, I heard Big Brother say earlier that Jun Xin is in this state because a soul devouring bug had gotten into his heart." Baili Yiling hesitated for a moment. "When I was in Cerulean Mountain, I saw a book that recorded information about the soul devouring bugs, but I was only concerned about finding information about the hoarfrost poison so I had tossed it aside."

"If I knew back then that something like this would happen, I definitely would've kept that book on me at all times…" Baili Yiling felt overwhelming regret.

Tang Doudou could sense that there was another meaning contained within these words.

"You're thinking…"

As expected, Baili Yiling glanced towards her and said, "I want to take a trip to Cerulean Mountain."

"You want to go to Cerulean Mountain?" Tang Doudou was stunned. She couldn't go there right now!

The only reason she would make this choice was because she didn't know of the mysterious person's identity.

If she knew that the mysterious person was Lan Jia, she would understand that there was no way she could go to Cerulean Mountain!

When Tang Doudou saw the resolute expression Baili Yiling's face, she knew that she wouldn't be able to dissuade her. After hesitating for a few moments, she said, "How about this? Jun Xin still needs you to take care of him, so you should just tell us where the book is and have your brother send…"

"No! I'm the only one that'll be able to find that place!'

"Jun Xin will be here, so I'm sure that Big Brother's subordinates are much better than me in taking care of people." Baili Yiling stood up. "This matter can't be delayed. It takes half a month to get to Cerulean Mountain from here, so I'm going to set off now. Sister-in-Law, no matter what, make sure Big Brother keeps Jun Xin alive until I come back!"

Tang Doudou looked at her without saying anything. There was no way she could allow Baili Yiling to do this.

"Your brother is already working on coming up with a way. If even he can't figure anything out, I'm afraid that book…"

"It's fine. If Big Brother has a way, Big Brother should use that method save him first. I'll come back as soon as I get the book, nothing will happen!" Baili Yiling was determined to take a trip to Cerulean Mountain.

At this point, Tang Doudou didn't know how to persuade her, but she understood that she couldn't let Yiling go. It hadn't been easy for them to finally make it back, if something happened to her again, how was she supposed to explain things to Baili Yu?


"Sister-in-Law, please don't try to dissuade me again. I have to go!"

"Then I'll just tell you directly as well! Yiling, I won't let you go. Regardless of whether it's your older brother or me, we don't want you to put yourself in harm’s way."

"Without Lan Jia there, Cerulean Mountain isn't dangerous at all. Sister-in-Law, why are you saying this?" Although Baili Yiling sounded puzzled, her tone contained a hint of demand.

It was clear that she had sensed something off about the situation from the start. Perhaps she had said all of this just to trick Tang Doudou into telling her the truth.

However, if Tang Doudou didn't tell her, there was no way Baili Yiling would be able to guess the truth.

Tang Doudou and Baili Yiling looked at each other for a long time. Finally, Baili Yiling crumbled first. She covered her eyes, but tears still fell through her fingers. "Why!? Why are you guys keeping things from me!? What exactly is going on? Why can't you guys tell me?

"I just want to save Jun Xin! He can't die! What am I supposed to do if he dies? I haven't even told him that I liked him!

"Sister-in-Law, please let me go! If I stay here without doing anything, I'll go crazy!"

Tang Doudou's heart broke when she saw Baili Yiling's heart-wrenching sobs and she almost agreed to it several times, but in the end, she hardened her heart and lowered her eyes as she reached out to knock Baili Yiling unconscious.

This was something she had Baili Yu teach her when they had free time.

"Sis…" Baili Yiling hadn't expected Tang Doudou to knock her unconscious and was caught completely unprepared. She wasn't even able to get a word out before her eyes rolled back and she fell at the side of the bed.

Once Baili Yiling collapsed, Tang Doudou stood up and said apologetically, "Yiling, even though I know these words mean nothing, but I still have to say it. I did this for your sake. If you feel that I've done wrong, when you wake up, come look for me!"

After saying that, she had the maids standing guard outside bring Baili Yiling back to her room.

"If Eldest Miss wakes up, don't let her leave the manor. If she asks, just say it was my orders and have her come look for me!"


Once Baili Yiling was brought away, Tang Doudou walked back to look at Jun Xin who was lying on the bed for a while before going to look for Baili Yu.

Baili Yu had just returned from sorting things out. When he bumped into Tang Doudou, he asked, "Did something happen to Yiling?"

All of Jun Xin's main meridians were sealed, so the only thing that could possibly happen to him was death. The only thing Baili Yu was still worried about was Baili Yiling.

Even Tang Doudou had been able to notice, so of course he had noticed that Baili Yiling liked Jun Xin. However, he also knew that Tang Doudou was the only one in Jun Xin's heart. They were the same. Once someone entered their heart, they wouldn't let another person enter their heart. Yiling… probably won't ever find her feelings returned.

One was a good brother of his, the other was his younger sister. Baili Yu heaved a sigh. He didn't want either one to be hurt.

Tang Doudou's thoughts were pretty much the same as his. Although she was usually very carefree, her face was currently filled with worry. "En, she insisted on going to Cerulean Mountain to find a book that had a record of the soul devouring bugs. I couldn't stop her so I sealed her acupuncture points and had the maids take her back to her room. However, she won't let it go just like this. You should send some people to keep an eye on her."

Baili Yu replied, "Yes, I'll do so."

"Did you find any ways to deal with the soul devouring bug while you were out?" Although Tang Doudou knew that it wasn't possible to find a way in such a short time, she couldn't stop herself from asking.

As she had expected, Baili Yu shook his head. His expression was no longer as calm as before. "It's been way too long since the soul devouring bugs have last appeared. If we want to find a potential cure, we have to look through very old texts. However, this is like trying to find a needle in the ocean. It might take years."

When Tang Doudou heard that the situation was hopeless, she became agitated. "Then what do we do?"

"I also know of the book that Yiling had talked about. It doesn't record how to deal with the soul devouring bugs, but it explains the special characteristics of the soul devouring bugs very clearly. I can use that information to make the soul devouring bug fall deep asleep within Ah Xin's body so that it no longer damages Ah Xin's meridians, but there is also a risk accompanied by this method, that’s why I wanted to find a skilled doctor. However, unfortunately we weren't able to find Senior Cang."

Cang Baicao's disappearance truly was something to be lamented.

However, Tang Doudou recalled all that he had suffered and said, "Since Senior Cang no longer wants to be involved with the world, let's stop looking for him!"

"I understand what you mean, but in this world, who other than Senior Cang would be able to deal with the soul devouring bug? And not even Senior Cang necessarily knows the method." As Baili Yu spoke, he led Tang Doudou to the study.

His words made Tang Doudou's heart leap. Senior Cang's medical expertise was truly at a point that an ordinary person could never reach, but there currently did exist another person…

"Doudou, what's wrong?"

"It's nothing. I just remembered how Jun Xin had been revived the last time he was poisoned. I was wondering if this time…"

"You mean we should look for another revival pill?" Baili Yu instantly caught her meaning.


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