Chapter 44: Qing Yin was Very Angry

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Chapter 44: Qing Yin was Very Angry

But then Tang Doudou recalled Qing Yin’s aggrieved tone earlier and the hand she extended out immediately withdrew back.

I must find a time to clear things up with her, Tang Doudou thought. But, right now, the top priority was to resolve this current matter as fast as possible.

When Qing Xin heard what Qing Yin said, her graceful brows slightly knitted, “Qing Yin, what nonsense are you saying!?”

No matter what the Masters do, it’s not their place as servants to guess their intentions. Other than consoling, it’s best for them not to be too talkative. If they provoked the Masters and caused them to be unhappy, the ones that must bear the punishment would be them, the servants.

These things were all things Qing Yin had said to them sisters. In the past, it was also Qing Yin who handled matters the best; that was why Baili Yu would often bring Qing Yin along when he headed out.

But why is it that right now, she would choose to ignore the customs?

Her eyes shifted again and her gaze landed on Tang Doudou. It must be because of Li Xueyi. It was only ever since Qing Yin started serving Li Xueyi that she became so strange.

“Miss Bai, this servant has something to boldly ask. Why was Miss in Snow Building?” Qing Yin ignored Qing Xin’s words and looked directly at Miss Bai.

Qing Yin was one of the most competent maids that served Baili gege. Even though her own status wasn’t normal, she still couldn’t casually offend Qing Yin.

So she immediately started weeping with soft sobs, “I-I also, it’s because I also heard that Baili gege wasn’t in Snow Building and my entire body was so dirty it felt uncomfortable, that’s why I had Qing Xin bring me over.”

Qing Yin’s expression was unsympathetic. She had been serving Master the longest and she had long since seen so much of these kinds of schemes that she had gotten tired of them. For Qing Xin not to know was very normal; at the start she had also been muddled, she only began to slowly see through it after being exposed to it for a while.

In reality, the one she was worried about was Tang Doudou. Would he be deceived by this Miss Bai’s outwardly innocent appearance?

As she thought about it, she glanced at Tang Doudou and saw the latter looking at Miss Bai with both eyes emitting light. It was like when a starving dog saw feces; those eyes were filled with the desire to pounce over and smack kisses until satisfied!

Eh, too disgusting. Qing Yin hurriedly retrieved her thoughts. After this thought, when she looked at that Miss Bai again, she felt more and more disgusted by her.

Then she aimed her faintly angry gaze at Tang Doudou for a moment. Looks like as long as it’s a man, they wouldn’t be able to escape Miss Bai’s bewitchment ah!

“Master has never liked anyone coming to Snow Building, could it be that Miss Bai didn’t know?” She couldn’t bear to scold Tang Doudou so she could only direct her criticism towards Miss Bai.

Miss Bai also felt pretty depressed. In the past, no matter how much Qing Yin disliked her, she still wouldn’t directly expose her with pointed words like this. How come she insists on repeatedly pressing her today?

Unless… Miss Bai’s gaze also moved towards Tang Doudou just in time to bump into Tang Doudou’s eyes which were emitting light. The frank(explicit of sex) gaze frightened her and she immediately retrieved her gaze.

This man is too frightening!

Ignoring him, Miss Bai slightly bit her cherry lips whilst her eyes turned faintly red, “I…”

Seeing this, Qing Xin couldn’t watch on anymore, “Qing Yin, I was the one who brought Miss Bai over. This morning Master said he was going to the Wind Building. And since all the other buildings were already closed by Master’s order, I could only bring Miss Bai over here to Snow Building.”

“There’s so many guest houses in the garden, all of which are ready for guests at any time. Why did you have to bring her, of all places, to Snow Building? And to even let her bathe inside?”

“This…” Qing Xin couldn’t reply. Back then, she had also suggested going to a guest room but Miss Bai refused. Miss Bai had wanted to go to Snow Building, saying that there was no one inside and bathing wouldn’t take long anyways. Qing Xin thought it wouldn’t be of much importance so she agreed and brought Miss Bai over.

Looking at Qing Xin’s expression, Qing Yin was already able to surmise pretty much the whole situation. She said to Qing Xin: “As long as Miss Bai doesn’t spread this matter, I will naturally help you hide this matter and keep Master from finding out.”

After speaking to here, everything was already made as clear as it could be. The only thing left was to see what Miss Bai and Qing Xin chose.

No one present desired for this matter to be known. Thus, when they heard Qing Yin’s suggestion they immediately went silent as they considered the pros and the cons.

Miss Bai was the very first to react. She still had on that delicate and fragile act as Qing Xin helped her up. Tightening the clothes around her body, she said: “When Li gongzi burst in I had already finished bathing. He, he didn’t see anything.”

After speaking, she even lowered her eyes. Her long eyelashes faintly trembled, giving off the impression that she was holding back her tears after suffering a great wrong.

Tang Doudou nodded like a chick pecking rice grains and hurriedly added, “Yes yes yes! Miss Bai is right, I didn’t see anything!”

Seeing this, Qing Yin furrowed her brows and pulled Tang Doudou over, “Since it’s like that, then let’s just leave it at this. Li gongzi, don’t you still need to see Master regarding a matter? Let’s go.”

Being reminded by Qing Yin like this, Tang Doudou immediately recalled her proper business. But when her gaze swept over Miss Bai, she paused again. From their conversation just now, it seems she had misunderstood. This Miss Bai wasn’t Baili Yu’s little pampered darling at all but actually just one of Baili Yu’s admirers.

Cough, then just now, weren’t her expressions of goodwill a waste of energy?

Just thinking about it caused her to feel upset. In the end, the best option was to traverse the honest and straight route. For now, let’s just go look for Baili Yu.

“That’s right. Since Miss Bai is so highly principled, I also won’t act unreasonable either. While green hills change not, clear water flows long*. Let us meet again someday!” Tang Doudou grinned at Miss Bai. Even though this wasn’t Baili Yu’s pampered little darling, but she’s still full of potential ah. Perhaps one day she’ll rise up to occupy the position!

While the green hills remain, the fresh water will continue to flow without changing, which can signify that hatred or feelings of friendship also won’t ever change. It can also signify eternity, the world will go on for a long time so there will always be the chance to meet again. In this case, it was probably the latter meeting as she does end with a Chinese saying that’s pretty much, we’ll meet again.

This relationship ah, has to be built well! Perhaps one day it’ll come in useful.

Qing Yin found the scene unpleasant to watch, so she pulled Tang Doudou and headed outside. When they got to the door, Qing Xin suddenly called out to her, “Qing Yin, Miss Bai is also looking for Master for a matter. I have to clean up here, so can I trouble you to bring Miss Bai over?”

Qing Yin decisively wanted to refuse. To want her to go find Master together with Miss Bai? She’d rather go die.

But before this sentence could even come out of her mouth, Tang Doudou, who was completely ignorant of the situation, immediately replied refreshingly: “Okay! Let’s just go together, no problem!”

Qing Yin turned furious.

But she really had no way out. Shaking her head, she didn’t look at Tang Doudou anymore and angrily rushed downstairs.

Tang Doudou rubbed her chin, not knowing which door of moodiness Qing Yin was heading towards.

Women ah, their moods are seriously hard to guess.

“Then I’ll have to trouble Li gongzi to wait outside for a moment. Once I finish tidying up I’ll come out to look for gongzi.” Miss Bai curtsied. Her movements were graceful, warming the heart and delighting the eye.

Before a woman heads out she does have to tidy up her appearance a bit. Tang Doudou had a rather deep understanding of this from experience, “Alright, then I’ll wait outside for you. Ahem, time’s a bit tight so remember to hurry up a little!”

After speaking, she even winked towards the person before laughing loudly with ‘haha’s and swaggering off.

Inside the room. How is this behavior like a normal man?! Tang Doudou's vulgar appearance and behavior caused Qing Xin to feel extreme disdain and despise towards him. Furthermore, she didn't know what happened to Qing Yin jie, for her to protect Tang Doudou so much.

Retrieving her gaze, she glanced at Miss Bai’s pitiful appearance and all the anger rose up at once, “Miss Bai, we’ve caused you to suffer grievances.”

“Qing Xin, Li gongzi is Baili gege’s guest. I’m also just doing this for Baili gege’s sake. I’m alright.”

“En.” Qing Xin supported her as she helped take off her coat and brush her hair, “Miss Bai, Qing Xin has something she doesn’t know whether she should say straight out or not.”

Miss Bai lowered her eyes, “Qing Xin, if there’s anything, you can just say it directly.”

“Ever since Li gongzi came to the garden, Master has treated Li gongzi very specially. Now even Qing Yin jie is partial towards him so Miss Bai must be careful and be on guard against him!” Qing Xin repeated all the rumors in the garden, then continued, “He also seems to have a lot of tricks. Even Young Master Jun has spoken up multiple times for his sake and there’s even a rumor that Young Master Jun would go to his room every night…”

“What!?” Hearing this, Miss Bai couldn’t remain unperturbed anymore. The expression on her face twisted slightly, “You said Young Master Jun goes to his room every day? What does he go there to do?”

Qing Xin said: “What else could he do if not that…”

“Where did you hear this from!? How could Young Master Jun be that type of person!?”

“That’s why ah, that’s why I said that Li gongzi was especially abnormal.” Qing Xin clicked her tongue, “It is said that Qing Yin jie even walked in on the two while they were being intimate. But we also don’t know how it was handled because Young Master Jun actually spared Qing Yin jie and didn’t make her take punishment.”

“Alright, enough. These are just winds from an empty cave and not very founded on facts so you should speak of them less.” Even though Miss Bai said this, she was very envious. Back then she invested so much effort in pursuing Jun Xin, yet that guy was simply like a wooden block: insensitive to the point of blindness. He even teased her time and time again, angering her to the point her heart hurt until finally, she saw Baili Yu.

Yet now, Jun Xin actually fell in love with a man, and it’s even a man like this. Thinking to here, Miss Bai’s mood was extremely tangled. How laughable. He was the man she had fought over with so many young ladies, yet the one she had to be jealous of now was actually a man! What kind of situation was this!?

When she retrieved her thoughts, Qing Xin had also just finished combing her hair, “I’ll head over first. I’ll have to trouble you regarding this place.”

“Miss Bai, don’t mention it. Hurry and go find Master. Tidying up and these kinds of matters are all duties that Qing Xin is supposed to do.” Qing Xin replied.

Outside the door, Tang Doudou was looking around the area as she leaned against the railing of the building. From the corners of her eyes, she glanced at Qing Yin who was downstairs. How exactly should she explain it to Qing Yin?

When Miss Bai came out, she was right in time to see the corners of Tang Doudou’s mouth tilted up and her gaze fixed frivolously towards something below.

Following that line of sight, Miss Bai only saw Qing Yin whose appearance was as lithe and graceful as a willow tree next to the river, nothing more beautiful could be imagined.

“Li gongzi has waited long.”

Tang Doudou turned around and her eyes immediately lit up. Sighing with emotion, she thought, truly a great ‘softly blooming lotus’G ah.

Half the hair was pulled up into coils while a large expanse of fine black hair was left to drape down from the back of her head. Wearing a pink brocade skirt, the fringes adorned with lotus leaves lightly floated with her movements and complemented her soft delicate little face. At her waist hanged a jade accessory which swayed left and right with her every movement.

“Haha, not long, not long. Are you done squandering time? Do you need to put on some more rouge, draw an eyebrow or something?”

“No need, Li gongzi.

“Since it’s like this, then let’s go find your Baili gege!” Tang Doudou lifted her brow and bowed as she swept out her hand, “Miss Bai, this way please.”

Miss Bai nodded and leisurely walked downstairs.

Tang Doudou walked behind her. Watching Miss Bai’s little movements with her lotus steps and the way her body appeared soft like a slender willow branch in the wind, Tang Doudou couldn’t help but start to imitate her; a small step swaying one sway, a large step swaying three sways. After imitating for a while, she got way too tired. Tang Doudou wondered if Miss Bai would also feel tired from always walking this way.

Qing Yin had good martial arts skills so her hearing was keen.

She had already heard the sound of the two heading down the stairs long ago, but noticing that Tang Doudou’s steps were slightly strange, she curiously looked over. That scene of Tang Doudou imitating MissT/N Bai’s way of walking almost made her burst out laughing.

She helplessly retracted her gaze. Sometimes Li gongzi truly resembled a little girl, way too naughty.

“Qing Yin, let’s go!” Finally got down! Tang Doudou exhaled a breath. Da fudge, following behind Miss Bai made it so that she couldn’t even walk naturally.

She dashed like a little bird to Qing Yin, “Let’s go.”

The three set off together and soon reached the so-called Wind Building they talked about. Tang Doudou looked around. This place wasn’t much different from Snow Building ah!

She completely couldn’t understand Baili Yu’s preferences.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by LazyMiyu

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T/N - “That scene of Tang Doudou imitating Miss Bai’s way of walking almost made her burst out laughing.” The author (or the transcriber?) wrote Bai gongzi instead in that sentence, but there was no indication of it being part of a joke so I just used Miss.



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