Chapter 440: Hate

Prodigal Alliance Head

Chapter 440: Hate

If Tang Doudou had known about Nangong Yan's little scheme, she would've rolled her eyes and just remarked that Nangong Yan had too much free time.

Tang Doudou wasn't that smart, but she understood many obvious logics so she wouldn't pay attention to only surface level matters. She had gained a lot of knowledge from the modern world's tv drama and novels. In those dramas, a little misunderstand would always cause the people in love to suffer like the world was ending as if only this could prove that their love was great and that it was true love… But in reality, what's most important is for both sides to be honest with each other and rely on each other. This calm and stable love was what should be truly pursued!

These entangled love and hatred that caused people to be separated forever, just let them stay in Grandma Chiung Yao's novels!

As for those supporting female leads that were always hopping around, they can just put on a solo act. She was busy with her pregnancy and looking after Jun Xin. She even had to curry favor with Baili Yu's master too, so how could she possibly have the time to care about things beyond that?

Hence, when Nangong Yan stepped into Jun Xin's wing with an exquisite but much better hairpin that was pretty similar to the jade water orchid hairpin, Tang Doudou didn't even blink, much less turn pale in shock like Nangong Yan had expected.

On the contrary, since Tang Doudou had been eating medicinal dishes recently, her face was healthily flushed and she seemed alert and spirited. She reached Dao Xun's side with a few light steps.

Dao Xun was currently checking Jun Xin's pulse. His aged face that was filled with wrinkles kept frowning, then relaxing like he was conflicted.

Tang Doudou asked tentatively, "Master, Jun Xin, he…"

Dao Xun sighed. "Why is it like this?"

"Like what?"

"He's used the revival pill before?" Dao Xun looked over towards Baili Yu.

Baili Yu turned towards Tang Doudou.

Tang Doudou immediately answered, "Yes. The last time he got poisoned, it was the revival pill that brought him back to life."

Dao Xun sighed again. "Then this is troublesome."

Tang Doudou and Baili Yu shared a glance, then Tang Doudou asked, "What do you mean?"

Dao Xun lowered Jun Xin's hand and stroked his beard. "A lot of medicine becomes ineffective once a person uses the revival pill. Even if we find a way to deal with the soul-devouring bug, it might still…"

After saying that, he heaved another long sigh.

That sigh was like a heavy bell that crushed Baili Yiling's heart. She had been eavesdropping outside, but now she rushed in and almost knocked over Nangong Yan who had been right in front of the door.

"Senior! You mean that Jun Xin can't be saved?" The moment she rushed in, she grabbed Dao Xun's sleeve. She had almost knocked Tang Doudou over as well, but fortunately Baili Yu had reacted quickly.

Dao Xun frowned as he looked at the young girl in front of him. When he saw that her face looked familiar, he was startled. "You are?"

"Senior, my identity isn't important. Please, tell me whether there's hope to save Jun Xin?" Baili Yiling stared fixedly at Dao Xun, her fingers so tense they were almost about to rip Dao Xun's sleeve.

After Tang Doudou regained her balance, Baili Yu walked up and pulled Baili Yiling. His eyes were stern as he berated, "Yiling! What are you doing!? Have you no manners? You're not the only one worried about Ah Xin, but is there a need to be so rude and impetuous? If your sister-in-law actually got knocked down, how would you make up for that!?"

No one had ever seen Baili Yu like this.

Most of the time, if he wasn't smiling craftily, he was indolently indifferent. Even if he was angry, he usually wouldn't show it.

His clear anger carried a huge oppressing aura. It made Baili Yiling so scared that she couldn't even speak.

When Dao Xun saw his disciple react like this, he also frowned slightly.

Tang Doudou was the first to snap out of it. She had also been given a fright, but when she saw that Baili Yiling's face was pale, she immediately walked up to pull Baili Yu. She then reached out to hug Baili Yiling and said, "Yiling, it's fine. I understand how you're feeling and I don't blame you. Your big brother… He's also just worried about Jun Xin."

When Baili Yiling felt the warmth coming from Tang Doudou, her stiff expression gradually relaxed a little. She peeked at Baili Yu fearfully, then glanced down at Tang Doudou's slightly bulging belly. Her eyes filled with self-blame and she looked tearfully towards Tang Doudou. "I'm sorry, Sister-in-Law. I was too rash earlier!"

"It's fine. Like I said, I don't blame you."

Dao Xun also said, "Little lady, you were just worried about Ah Xin. It's fine."

After saying that, he looked towards Baili Yu and asked, "Ah Yu, this lady is?"

Baili Yu was still a little bit angry, but he glanced at Baili Yiling and said, "She's this disciple's younger sister…"

He paused, then said, "The biological younger sister I've always been looking for, Baili Yiling."

"Oh!" Dao Xun's brows lifted in realization. "So it was you!"

It was only now that Baili Yiling realized that this elderly man was actually her older brother's master, Senior Dao Xun!

It was no wonder Big Brother had suddenly berated her earlier… So this meant that he was also Jun Xin's master?

When she didn't speak, Dao Xun thought that she was still scared and reached out to help Baili Yiling up. "Good child, it's alright. From how worried you seem about Jun Xin, you…"

He hesitated in the rest of his words.

Baili Yiling was first stunned, then her face flushed.

Tang Doudou and Baili Yu shared a glance without saying anything. However, Tang Doudou saw that a bit of worry had appeared in Baili Yu's eyes. She was just about to ask him what it was about when she saw Nangong Yan.

Nangong Yan was currently glaring at Baili Yiling with bone-deep hatred!

Tang Doudou found it strange. Nangong Yan had never interacted with Baili Yiling before, so where did this hatred come from?

However, the moment she looked over with confusion, Nangong Yan sensed it and abruptly turned to meet her gaze. A sharp light flashed through her eyes, but was immediately replaced by a sweet smile as she walked this way.

"Congrats, Senior Brother! You've finally found Younger Sister Yiling!"

Baili Yu glanced at her. "Thanks."

"Yan er, you came just in time. Give me the frozen wick needles I gave you a while ago." Dao Xun also glanced over at Nangong Yan.

When Nangong Yan heard the words 'frozen wick needles,' her lips twitched conspicuously and her facial color turned ugly. At the same time, she was doing her all to prevent this from showing, so it just made her expression even more contorted.

When she didn't speak, Dao Xun became impatient. "Don't worry. Once we go back, I'll have your Uncle Yin make you another batch."

Was this the important point?

Nangong Yan's expression was twisted with suppressed emotions, but she still reached towards her waist to take out an exquisite cloth bundle.

Inside were the frozen wick needles.

By the time she lifted her head, she was smiling again and said in a spoiled tone, "Master, you're the one that said it! If you don't give me more later, I won't let you off!"

Dao Xun stroked his beard. "Of course."

Then he took the needles and spread the cloth out on the side of the bed as he said, "You guys should leave for now. Ah Yu, although you've sealed Ah Xin's main meridians, it won't last for long. I'm going to use the frozen wick needles to completely seal his vitals so that he goes into a vegetative state. Following that, you have to send Ah Xin to somewhere extremely cold and find millennium glacial stone to make him an ice coffin. Inside the coffin, his body will be able to stay in this state for a thousand years…

"Like this, even if we can't find a way to cure the soul-devouring bug, the soul-devouring bug would also die completely inside his body due to lack of nutrients. This is also a method to save him. It's just that it would take a long time."

After he said this, he lowered his hand again. "Are you guys willing to use this method?

"Ah Xin's parents had died while he was young so he no longer has any relatives in this world. As his master, I have the right to decide this for him, but I feel like I should still hear out your opinions.”

"I'm willing! Regardless of how long it takes, as long as he can live, I'm willing to wait! I'm willing to wait until the day he wakes up!" Baili Yiling didn't hesitate in the least and blurted out her opinion with a resolute expression.

When Baili Yu heard what she said, he looked angry again. Tang Doudou hastily pulled him and shook her head towards him.

Baili Yu saw the meaning in Tang Doudou's eyes and sighed soundlessly. However, he followed Tang Doudou's meaning and didn't berate Baili Yiling.

Dao Xun's gaze swept across them. "Since you guys don't object, then I'll start now! However, after I finish setting the acupuncture, Ah Xin will wake up briefly. At that time, I'm sure that he'll want to see one of you, so you guys should prepare what you want to say to him later!

"For now, you guys should head out!" After saying that, he turned around.

"Let's go. Everyone, let's wait outside for now!" Tang Doudou pulled Baili Yiling and started walking outside.

Baili Yu naturally followed after her. The only thing in Nangong Yan's eyes was Baili Yu, so when she saw that he was leaving, she also followed.

Once they left, the door closed behind them.

"Sister-in-Law, Ah Xin, he…" Baili Yiling looked towards Tang Doudou worriedly.

Tang Doudou consoled her and said, "It's fine. That's your brother's master. Even if you don't trust him, you should trust your brother, right?"

Baili Yiling understood the rational, but her heart was still uneasy.

She didn't dare to look at Baili Yiling and could only lowered her head. "En."

Tang Doudou kept consoling her. After a while, Tang Doudou glanced over and saw that Nangong Yan was staring at Baili Yu with infatuation. She shuddered from disgust. Couldn't this woman be a little more reserved? For better or for worse, that was her biological older brother!

Baili Yu also seemed to have sensed Nangong Yan's gaze and glanced down at her in disdain. "If you don't have anything else to do, you should head back first. Master will be staying here for a while."

Who would've expected Baili Yu to drive her off so directly?

When Tang Doudou saw the flood of color on Nangong Yan's face, she couldn't hold back and burst out laughing.

Then she felt that she was being too much and quickly covered her mouth while looking everywhere but at Nangong Yan's hate-filled glare.

Only people who were way too bored would bother to look at this kind of gaze.

"I came this time with Master, so I'm staying wherever Master's saying! Senior Brother, do you really hate me this much?" Nangong Yan squeezed out tears and looked towards Baili Yiling with a pout like how can you be so heartless? For better or for worse, I'm your junior sister. For better or for worse, I came here with Master!

Baili Yu glanced at Tang Doudou who looking at the sky, then he glanced at Baili Yiling and the ants crawling on the ground before finally looking over at Nangong Yan. His eyes were serious as his scarlet lips parted slightly with short and cold words. "I do hate you."


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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