Chapter 445: Several Months Now

Prodigal Alliance Head

Chapter 445: Several Months Now

When Qing Yin saw that she had come over, she forced a smile. Then she saw Baili Yu and hastily got up to curtsy.

However, Tang Doudou hastily stopped her. "Qing Yin, don't move around!"

Then she turned towards the people around. "Where's the doctor? Why didn't anyone call a doctor?"

Someone hastily replied, "Reporting Madame, someone has gone to call one! They'll probably be here soon!"

"Then stop hovering around here! Hurry and prepare soft blankets and get a stretcher! If you don't have one, use a long bench! Bring her to a room first!" Tang Doudou looked around at the servants, then started giving out instructions.

When the servants heard what she said and since Baili Yu was here, they quickly left to carry out her instructions.

Qing Yin struggled to speak, but she kept having to gasp for air. More air left her lungs than would go in. She moved her lips weakly, but no sound would come out.

Tang Doudou's heart ached when she saw this. She reached out and softly pressed a finger to Qing Yin's lips as she said, "Be good. Wait until you get better to talk."

"Gasp, gasp…" Qing Yin closed her eyes as she struggled to inhale through the pain. She pushed aside Tang Doudou's finger and made a slight sound. Her eyes were determined.

This obstinate girl will probably refuse to rest until she could pass on her message.

Tang Doudou moved her hands away and leaned over so her ear was by Qing Yin's mouth. "If you need to say something, just tell me."

Qing Yin smiled and then struggled speak again. The slight current of air formed a very light voice. At first, Tang Doudou didn't react, but as Qing Yin continued, her face started turning pale.

By the time Qing Yin finished, Tang Doudou's face was completely white.

Baili Yu, who paid attention to every detail about her, moved over to support her. He looked towards Qing Yin and said, "I'll save them as soon as possible, so focus on recovering and don't worry."

Qing Yin's expression relaxed when she heard what Baili Yu said and she shot Tang Doudou a relieved smile before passing out.

Fortunately, the servants had already prepared a makeshift stretcher. Tang Doudou arranged for them to be careful with bringing Qing Yin back, then to wait for the doctor.

Tang Doudou was just about to discuss what Qing Yin had just said with Baili Yu when Baili Yiling came to look for them.

"Big Brother, Senior Dao Xun is looking for you guys. What are you guys doing here?" Baili Yiling looked at them, puzzled.

When Tang Doudou saw that Baili Yiling didn't seem stuck over what happened before, she sighed in relief. She walked over to exhort for the servants to take good care of Qing Yin again and to report immediately if anything happened, then she pulled Baili Yu over to where Baili Yiling was.

"Something has happened to Qing Yin. We were on our way over too!"

Qing Yin was a skilled maid of Baili Yu's. Baili Yiling had heard of her back when she was staying in Plum Garden, but they haven't interacted much. Still, out of habit, she asked, "What happened to her?"

She was also a little confused. How did something happen to Big Brother's maid all of a sudden? And it was to the point that Big Brother had personally come to check on things.

Could they tell Baili Yiling about this?

Tang Doudou rubbed her nose as she glanced towards Baili Yu. When she saw that there wasn't much expression on his face, she walked up to take Baili Yiling's hand and started walking while telling her about what Qing Yin had told them earlier.

"Qing Yin encountered the mysterious person as well?"

"En, like you guys, they also got injured by strange beasts. The people of the martial arts alliance and the four large clans are even more severely injured. It was fortunate that a lot of them went this time, otherwise they probably wouldn't have been able to make it back. However, since it was Qing Yin that had brought them over, they're now demanding an explanation from your older brother." Tang Doudou sighed. It was all her fault for not thinking things through back then. If she had gone with a different method, this probably wouldn't have happened. So many people from the martial arts alliance had ended up dying.

Baili Yiling thought for a moment, then said, "Had Sister-in-Law sent Qing Yin to bring the people of the martial arts alliance over to try and save Jun Xin and me?"

"It counts as so, but Yiling, you shouldn't worry about it. I sent them there also because we wanted to capture that mysterious person. It seems that even with so many people, they weren't a match for the mysterious person. I'll have to discuss this matter with them soon." However, even if she went, those people would probably no longer listen to her. After all, she had started this. If she hadn't sent people to look for Jun Xin and Baili Yiling, those people wouldn't have been injured, so in the end, it was her error in judgement.

When Tang Doudou's thoughts reached this point, her heart became heavy. If only the martial arts alliance would collaborate with Baili Yu. With the four large clans added on, no matter how powerful Lan Jia was, there was no way he'd be a match for them.

As the proverbs put it, even the largest elephant could be bitten to death by an army of ants and furthermore, these three powers weren't ants but tigers.

When this idea occurred to her, she couldn't help but become excited. Who asked for Lan Jia to be such a pain in the butt? Every time she recalled all those crazy things he had done and those impressive acting skills of his, she would feel a sharp chill.

She couldn't help but curse at him. His organs were rotten to the core, so why was he still alive?

"It doesn't look like we have time to head over today. Ah Xin's matter can't be delayed, so let's head over to where the martial arts alliance is tomorrow morning. The doctors that we've found for Ah Xin are almost here as well, so I'll have someone bring them over in a bit." When Baili Yu saw that Tang Doudou looked depressed, he couldn't help but laugh. This silly girl only knew how to console others and not herself.

He then looked towards Baili Yiling. "We can head over on our own. You should first get changed and have a doctor treat your injuries. If you're like this again, don't blame me for punishing you based on the family rules!"

His tone was mild but still filled with an imposing aura. Baili Yiling's face turned pale and she didn't dare to argue back.

Tang Doudou had to hold back her laughter. This guy was sure good at lying without even blinking! She had never heard of Baili Yu's house having any family rules. He was just saying this to scare Baili Yiling a little.

However, it actually worked!

Baili Yiling really didn't doubt Baili Yu's words at all. It was clear that she sincerely respected Baili Yu.

Then she became a little confused. Baili Feng was clearly more closely related to Baili Yiling than Baili Yu, but when she talked with Baili Yiling about Baili Feng, she saw that Baili Yiling was guarded against and suspicious of Baili Feng. However, her attitude towards Baili Yu was the complete opposite. How could this not be strange?

"Alright, then Big Brother, can I go find you guys once I get changed?" Baili Yiling was silent for a few moments before she asked this carefully.

Baili Yiling had a lively and mischievous personality so she was only well-behaved in front of Baili Yu.

Baili Yu glanced at his younger sister and inwardly sighed. However, on the surface, he agreed without any expression. Baili Yiling's face immediately filled with joy and she excitedly let go of Tang Doudou's hand as she said, "Alright, then I'll go right now! Big Brother, Sister-in-Law, you guys have to wait for me!"

She had already started running before she even finished her words and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Tang Doudou smacked her lips as she watched, then leaned towards Baili Yu. "Tsk, tsk. Say, big evil spirit, should we play matchmaker?"

Baili Yu glanced at her mildly. However, his interests had been stirred a little by her words. Perhaps they could really have Yiling and Ah Xin…

Yes. Although Ah Xin had a stubborn personality, as long as they used the right methods, it wouldn't be hard to influence him.

When his thoughts reached this point, he smiled as well. "Alright! I've tried all sorts of things in this lifetime, but I really haven't tried being a matchmaker yet!"

Tang Doudou rubbed her nose as she laughed. A prince, the richest individual in the world, the saint emperor, a male courtesan… He really had abundant life experiences!

When the two reached Jun Xin's room, they saw that Dao Xun had taken off all of Jun Xin's clothes. Aside from his important area which was covered, every other part was covered by needles. It was a frightening sight.

However, Tang Doudou had only one brief glance. The moment they stepped in, Baili Yu covered her eyes and pulled her behind him.

His broad palm pretty much covered Tang Doudou's entire face. She was speechless.

The place that should be covered up was covered, so why couldn't she look? He was so stingy!

She had even seen Mu Ye's naked upper body! If she told Baili Yu this, would he explode like a firework?

Although Tang Doudou entertained these thoughts, she behaved and stayed behind Baili Yu without moving.

"What did you guys come in for? Wait outside for me!" Dao Xun didn't even turn around and just waved his hand in annoyance.

And that was how they were driven out.

As they stood facing the door that Dao Xun had angrily shut, Tang Doudou couldn't help but laugh. "I told you to knock, but what did you say?"

Baili Yu's face was currently black. What had he said earlier? He said that he, Baili Yu, went wherever he pleased, that he never knocked. He'd like to see who dared to drive him out!

When he saw Tang Doudou's expression of schadenfreude out of the corner of his eye, if it had been anyone else he would've already strangled them to death for daring to laugh at him.

"Aiyah, what's wrong? It's just being driven out by your master, don't worry about it! You'll get used to it!" As Tang Doudou spoke, she wrapped an arm around Baili Yu's shoulder. However, their difference in height was too great so it was more like she was hanging off Baili Yu's shoulder.

"Oww, why is my waist and back aching so much lately?" It was especially painful today. She hadn't rested at all since getting up, so the soreness was even more painful. It was like she had done intense exercise. Her entire body was sore to the bones.

When Baili Yu heard this, he became extremely concerned. He carried her to the pavilion as he asked, "Why does your back and waist hurt all of a sudden?"

However, he didn't wait for her reply and instructed a maid to find a doctor.

Tang Doudou yawned, then frowned. "I don't know either. I'm fine lying down, but after walking a little, I'd feel like my entire body aches…"

"That's because you don't walk much. Starting today, walk a couple rounds in the manor every day. After a few days, the pain will go away!" Dao Xun had also left the room at some point and had arrived in the pavilion.

"Master." Baili Yu hastily placed Tang Doudou on the stool. "Please take a look at Doudou, is it…"

"It's not!" Dao Xun glowered at him, then sat down in front of Tang Doudou. "Girl, how many months has it been?"

"Um…" How many months? It should be around six or seven, but she had no idea how much the fetus had developed! Who asked for her pregnancy to be so weird?

When Dao Xun saw the confusion on her face, his smile faded and was replaced with a stern look. "It couldn't be that you don't even know how many months you've been pregnant?"

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