Chapter 450: Dispute

Prodigal Alliance Head

Chapter 450: Dispute

"Ah Yu." Just as everyone was wondering why Dao Xun had suddenly lowered his chopsticks, he spoke. "There's something I must mention to you before I leave."

Dao Xun's expression was so solemn that Baili Yu couldn't tell what he was thinking at first. "Please go ahead, Master."

Dao Xun glanced at Tang Doudou, then turned towards Baili Yu and said slowly, "Ah Yu, you're not a child anymore, so continuing to meander like this won't do. It's time you get married!"

Baili Yu never thought that Dao Xun would bring this up. He was taken aback, then his smile faded. "Get married?"

"That's right!" Dao Xun stood up and walked to Baili Yu's side. "You've always been a sensible child and has rarely made this master worry. Even when you left Wind Cloud Island seven years ago, you had arranged multiple routes of retreat for yourself so I couldn't help you even if I wanted to. As of now, the only thing that this master still worries about is you settling down!"

Originally this would be a happy occasion, but Baili Yu's facial color wasn't that good and he even seemed a little angry.

Tang Doudou and Baili Yiling were confused by their reactions and shared a glance. What did Dao Xun mean?

"Master, I want to talk to you in private about this." Baili Yu glanced over at Tang Doudou and saw her confusion. He inwardly sighed, then forced his tone to remain calm.

Dao Xun also glanced towards Tang Doudou. "Alright!"

Then the two left.

Tang Doudou and Baili Yiling walked to the door to watch them leave, then Baili Yiling asked, "Sister-in-Law, say, what does Senior Dao Xun mean? Have Big Brother get married? Doesn't he know that you and Big Brother have already gotten married?"

How would she know what that old man was thinking? Why did he suddenly bring this up instead of just enjoying the feast?

However, she trusted that Baili Yu would definitely settle this matter well so she didn't need to worry about it.

"Are you full yet?" Tang Doudou suddenly turned towards Baili Yiling.

Before Baili Yiling could reply, a belch came out. Baili Yiling coughed embarrassedly. "I think I'm full."

"Alright! Since you're full, it's time to work. Let's go!" Tang Doudou pulled Baili Yiling and walked out.

"Sister-in-Law, what work?" asked Baili Yiling.

Tang Doudou said with a smile, "You'll know once you go."

How mysterious.

Baili Yiling curled her lips in disdain. "Sister-in-Law wants me to go with you to the martial arts alliance, right?"

"How did you know?" asked Tang Doudou.

"What else would you have to do besides this?"

Tang Doudou laughed. "That's right. I need to go to the martial arts alliance, and you're afraid of being caught by your big brother, so why not go with me?"

Indeed, as Baili Yiling had said, she didn't have anything else to deal with aside from this so it was easy to guess.

As they were walking, Baili Yiling suddenly stopped and looked towards Tang Doudou uncomfortably.

Tang Doudou knew that she wanted to say something. She glanced around, then said, "You don't want to go?"

"That's not it. I'm just worried that Senior Dao Xun will leave with Jun Xin while I'm there. At that time, how am I supposed to find them?" said Baili Yiling hesitantly.

So it was because of this?

"I'll have the servants pay attention and tell them to let us know as soon as they're about to set off. This place isn't far from where the martial arts alliance is. At that time, we can just rush back." When Tang Doudou saw that Baili Yiling was still hesitant, she said with a laugh, "If you go with them right in front of your brother, do you think he'd just let you go?"

That was true.

By this time, they had already reached the door, so Tang Doudou instructed the manservant at the door about this, then rushed to where the martial arts alliance was with Baili Yiling.

When they got there, Elder Yu led everyone to the doors to greet them. "Alliance Head."

This startled Tang Doudou. What was this all about?

She looked over them, then coughed softly, "Go ahead and rise."

Elder Yu walked up with an excited expression. "Alliance Head, you're finally here."

"What's wrong?" Tang Doudou walked down the steps. "I heard that you guys had suffered an ambush while going after the mysterious person. Are you guys alright?"

"Haaa." When this matter was brought up, Elder Yu sighed. He invited them into the main hall to sit.

Elder Yu cupped his fist towards Tang Doudou as he reported, "Replying Alliance Head, the martial arts alliance didn't suffer that many severe casualties, but the four large clans…"

When Tang Doudou heard this, her heart jumped. "What happened to the four large clans?"

"Haa, we don't know what was going on either." Mother Mo Yun sighed as well.

It seemed that more had happened then she had expected. If that wasn't the case, why would all the people here have such grave expressions?

When Tang Doudou's thoughts arrived here, she asked Mo Yun, "Please, Mother, explain in more detail."

"We had been searching that manor for evidence on the mysterious person, but for some reason, the people of the four large clans suddenly went crazy and tried to kill us. They have strong martial arts that had been passed on for over a thousand years and there was no way any of us were a match for the masters of the families." When this matter was brought up, Mo Yun couldn't hold back her rage. "In my opinion, the four large clans were harboring disloyalty from the start and were taking this chance to act! It's seriously hateful!"

However, Elder Yu argued against it. "Although Mo Yun covered half of it, I don't agree with the later parts. The expressions of the four large clans back then had been very strange and it wasn't just the people of the four large clans, some members of the martial arts alliance were also acting strange."

"They had been implicated by the four large clans and became that way because of those strange bugs!"

"Since it's the doing of the strange bugs, what does it have to do with the four large clans? Mo Yun, you're too stirred up!" Elder Yu frowned. Two of Mo Yun's disciples had been injured by Xiao Siyuan and one almost died, so after they returned, Mo Yun started saying that the four large clans had planned this and were colluding with the mysterious person.

Although Elder Yu had a lot of schemes and could very well take advantage of this chance to overthrow Tang Doudou, things had seriously gotten out of hand this time. If any part of this event was kept hidden, it would probably hurt the entire martial arts community. He was clear on what was important and what was not. Right now, only Tang Doudou would be able to resolve this situation, and she was the only one with the ability to stand against that mysterious person.

Mo Yun bellowed, "I'm being stirred up? Of course you're saying this! After all, your people aren't hurt!"

Elder Yu silently told himself not to bicker with a woman, then ignored her and turned towards Tang Doudou. "This matter truly is strange. Alliance Head, please look into it carefully."

Tang Doudou had been listening to their exchange without saying a word. When she heard Elder Yu's request, she silently organized her thoughts before saying, "I'll definitely look into this carefully."

However, she hadn't come solely for this matter.

"Elder Yu, in order for me to fully understand this incident, please tell me in detail what exactly happened in this manor. That way I'll know what to expect."

Mo Yun said coldly, "What else is there to investigate about this matter? The four large clans were clearly colluding with that mysterious person!"

Xiao Yiyun couldn't hold back his anger anymore. He had always disliked Mo Yun. As a nun, she didn't focus on cultivating her moral character and was always participating in conflicts which was disgraceful as someone with the title of Mother.

"Humph! Since Mother Mo Yun's saying that the four large clans are colluding with the mysterious person, what evidence do you have?"

When Xiao Siyuan refuted, Mo Yun became even more angry and slapped her palm on the table. "Evidence!? Those pitiful disciples of mine are evidence!"

"Ha! How ridiculous. Those disciples of yours had brought that upon themselves. Xiao Siyuan told them to scram, but they overestimated their own abilities and insisted on rushing up, only to find that their skill couldn't compare. They sought that beating for themselves!" Xiao Yiyun didn't bother to hold back and shouted what he thought.

Mo Yun's entire body trembled as she pointed at him in such rage that she couldn't even speak.

Tang Doudou looked at the two. She had no plans to speak for either side since she hadn't been there. She just stood with Baili Yiling and waited until their argument ended. Mo Yun couldn't take the anger and smashed a cup before storming off.

Finally, the place quieted down.

"Elder Yu, continue with what you were saying," said Tang Doudou slowly.


In Dao Xun's residence, Dao Xun and Baili Yu were currently sitting opposite each other.

"So Master was talking about my marriage with Doudou."

Dao Xun stroked his beard. "If not this, what else?"

Baili Yu laughed. "I thought that Master was talking about the deal made back then with the master of Wind Cloud Island. I was given quite a scare!"

"What could possibly scare you?" Dao Xun laughed.

Baili Yu just remained silent.

"It really scared you?" Dao Xun looked towards Baili Yu in surprise.

Of course he had been scared. That engagement couldn't do anything to him, but he was worried that Doudou would be sad once she found out about it and that she'd think he had purposefully kept this from her. He couldn't bear to let her suffer any heartache.

"Master, when do you plan to set off?" Baili Yu lifted the tea and took a sip before changing the topic.

When this was brought up, Dao Xun nodded. "I was planning to prepare to talk about this after bringing up the matter of the marriage."

"Alright, then I'll immediately arrange this."

"Yes." Dao Xun stroked his beard, then asked, "What about Yiling? Has she asked you about going with me?"

Baili Yu hadn't expected for Dao Xun to help bring this up for Yiling, but he answered, "She has."

"Have you agreed?"



"Her martial arts aren't good enough so she won't be able to take the cold temperature. I'm afraid that a mishap would occur," replied Baili Yu without a change in expression.

Dao Xun glanced at him and said with a smile, "That's probably not it?"

"Yiling has feelings for Ah Xin, but Ah Xin already has someone else in his heart. I'm afraid that she'll fall too deep and be hurt by Ah Xin. Of these two, one is my younger sister and one is a brother that I've gone through life and death with. Master, what do you think I should do?" Although he had already admitted things to Tang Doudou, he had still been wavering over this decision.

Dao Xun understood that Baili Yu was asking for advice and he had already had his own opinion about this, so he took this opportunity to share it. "Ah Yu, since childhood, this master has been telling you that nothing could be forced, but you've never listened. However, today, this master will say again, leave it to fate."

"Fate?" Baili Yu repeated this word, then he finally made his decision. "Then let's leave it to fate!"

"Yes. You can go deal with the rest of your matters. There's no need to send us off."

Baili Yu understood what Dao Xun meant and bowed to him before leaving.

After walking out, Baili Yu finally allowed his confusion to show on his face. Why was Master so concerned about Yiling? Master had never gotten involved in matters like this before. Even when it was involved Ah Xin, he would always leave it to fate, so why was he helping Yiling?

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