Chapter 453: Useless Coward

Prodigal Alliance Head

Chapter 453: Useless Coward

"Why don't you guess?" Tang Doudou tossed the purse in her hand a couple times, then threw it to the youngster. "What's your name?"

The youngster caught the purse with a puzzled expression. "My name's He Xiaoqin. Why are you asking about this?"

"Of course I have to know the name of the person that owes me money, right? What if you refuse to acknowledge your debt and try to run off? Once I have your name, I won't have to worry about not being able to find you." Tang Doudou released He Xiaoqin's collar with a bright smile.

After she said that, she was taken aback by her own reaction. She had seriously been hanging out with Baili Yu, that smiling tiger too much. She was even starting to be influenced by his mannerisms! What was with all the meaningful smiling?

He Xiaoqin looked at her smile but couldn't figure out what exactly she was planning. After all, they were strangers and he was only a little beggar. He had nowhere close to as much life experience as Tang Doudou so it would truly be strange if he could guess her intentions.

Since He Xiaoqin couldn't figure out what she wanted, he decided to forget his confusion for now. He spun the purse as he walked around Tang Doudou to size her up. Finally, he looked up and said, "Alright, I've memorized what you look like! Don't worry, even though I'm not some upright nobleman, I keep my word. Once I finish up my business, I'll head to the city to look for you!"

Tang Doudou nodded. "If you don't look for me, I'll be looking for you."

"Humph! Three days! I'll definitely find you three days later!" He Xiaoqin was annoyed when Tang Doudou showed lack of faith and waved three fingers in front of her as he made this vow.

"Alright, then I'll be waiting for you in Treasure Sea Manor." Tang Doudou brushed back her hair again with a smile. Without paying any more attention to him, she walked off to continue strolling around.

He Xiaoqin stared as she left and was lost in thought for quite a while. Finally, he came to the conclusion that he seriously had bad luck to have encountered her and walked off into the crowd while holding onto the purse carefully.

After this small incident, Tang Doudou walked for a while longer and soon reached the entrance of the city lord's residence.

"Stop right there! What are you here for?" However, before she could get close, she was stopped by two soldiers.

Tang Doudou coughed, then said politely, "I'll have to ask you two to go in and report that Li Xueyi has come to visit the city lord for a matter."

"Li Xueyi?" The two soldiers exchanged a glance, then the soldier on the left said in annoyed tone, "What Li Xueyi? I've never heard of her. Hurry up and leave, or else we'll punish you for the crime of trying to trespass the city lord's residence!"

That was strange, they had clearly stiffened when they heard her name, so it was definitely not their first time hearing this name. They might even know who she is based on their reactions just now, so why were they saying that they hadn't heard of her?

Tang Doudou was confused, but she didn't let it show. If she couldn't get in through the front door, couldn't she just jump over the wall?

If force wouldn't work, there were other methods to try.

Just as she turned around, she saw a familiar figure walk towards her. Surprise appeared on her face. She was just about to move away when she found that it was already too late. That person was already near her.

The person looked at her, his distant eyes rippling slightly. "You're here to see the masters of the four large clans?"

Tang Doudou looked at Bai Feiyun, who was dressed in snow white as always. Her feelings were a little complicated when she recalled their past.

"Let's go, I'll take you inside." When Tang Doudou didn't speak, Bai Feiyun spoke again. He didn't even greet the soldiers and just walked straight inside but the soldiers didn't stop him.

It couldn't be that Bai Feiyun had a personality disorder, right?

Tang Doudou glanced at that tall back figure, then at the two soldiers before walking in after him.

The two soldiers seemed confused too, but they didn't stop her this time.

Inside the city lord's residence.

Bai Feiyun's steps were light and rhythmic, so watching him walk was pleasant. In the past, she had always followed him like this to deal with the martial arts community matters that she didn't understand at all.

It felt like it was just yesterday. It was just a pity that their relationship could never return to the way it had been in the past.

Tang Doudou sighed. If Bai Feiyun hadn't done those things, he really would've remained a very good friend.

She still couldn't figure out what exactly he was thinking.


As Tang Doudou followed Bai Feiyun, she kept sighing repeatedly. Bai Feiyun didn't turn around, but he knew that she was sighing. When he heard those sighs, his gaze wavered slightly and became hazy and lost… Could it be that he really had erred in his judgement?

She really was her?

If that wasn't the case, why hadn't he been able to find out where Xueyi had gone even though he had investigated for so long?

Even if she had been harmed, captured, or killed… there was no way there'd be no trace of evidence at all?

Bai Feiyun glanced back and saw how Tang Doudou's cheeks were puffed up as she softly muttered to herself. He couldn't help but shake his head. A person couldn't possibly become like a completely different person just from losing her memories. There was definitely something that he wasn't aware of. He couldn't give up just because he couldn't find anything right now.

When Bai Feiyun's thoughts reached this point, he stopped thinking about these matters and stopped paying attention to Tang Doudou as well.

However, Tang Doudou had been watching him warily this entire time in fear that he would suddenly attack her again. That would be very difficult to deal with.

Fortunately, things didn't develop in the direction she had feared. Bai Feiyun moved through the city lord's residence with familiarity and ease, then walked through a small door in the southwest side of the courtyard. Tang Doudou walked in cautiously and saw the familiar emblem of the four large clans.

The people from the Xiao family were patrolling the small courtyard strictly. When they saw Bai Feiyun walk in, they bowed towards him respectfully. The other members of the four large clans that they passed by also treated Bai Feiyun extremely well.

Tang Doudou was confused at first, then it occurred to her that it must have been Bai Feiyun who helped treat the injured members of the four large clans.

Just as she figured this out, the disciples from the Xiao family who were on patrol discovered her.

Swoosh, swoosh!
"What are you doing here?" They were indignant to find that she was here and pulled out their swords.

Tang Doudou was alarmed. She hadn't expected for them to be so stirred up. It was like she had murdered their father or something!

Just as she was trying to explain why she had come here, a gentle voice came from behind her. "Xiao Zhe! How can you be so impolite towards Alliance Head Li?"

When Xiao Zhe heard this, his face filled with discontent. "Senior Brother Siyuan! What do you mean by Alliance Head? If it weren't for them, how could this have happened to us?"

Xiao Siyuan? What a coincidence?

She had just gotten here and right after, he had shown up.

Tang Doudou turned around and found that Xiao Siyuan was standing behind her with a gentle smile. When he saw her turn around, he cupped his fist to salute her. "Siyuan greets Alliance Head."

Xiao Siyuan's way of speaking hadn't changed at all and was elegant and scholarly as always, but Tang Doudou could hear the strong distancing politeness in his tone.

She couldn't help but find it strange. But when she recalled Xiao Zhe's attitude towards her, things fell into place.

They probably thought that she had sent them to that manor on purpose in order to harm them. If it weren't for this, how could the fact that the martial arts alliance had less causalities be explained?

Tang Doudou knew that trying to explain would be useless, so she nodded and asked, "May I ask where the masters of the four large clans are?"

"The family heads have been injured since they were trying to save us. Right now, they're recuperating from their injuries, so I'm afraid they probably won't have time to see you, Alliance Head." Xiao Siyuan shot Xiao Zhe a look so that Xiao Zhe would withdraw, before turning to Tang Doudou and replying to her question.

As for Bai Feiyun, he had disappeared right after he entered this courtyard.

However, it was also good that he wasn't here. She couldn't help but feel uncomfortable when he was around.

"Are their injuries severe? Should I have someone come over to take a look at them?" Even though she knew that the family heads were probably fine with Bai Feiyun here, she still asked out of politeness.

Xiao Siyuan naturally replied that there was no need.

"Are you busy right now?" Tang Doudou glanced over at him, then smiled.

Out of all the disciples of the four large clans, Xiao Siyuan was the only one who had a rather good temper and was an honest good person. She could tell from how he behaved earlier that even though he wasn't happy to see her, he wouldn't express his displeasure and would still help her out.

So she was sure that this model good person wouldn't reject her request. She could also see that there was a bit of confusion in his eyes like he was asking her why she had done this.
Since he was confused and not entirely set against her, there was room for negotiation and he would definitely be willing to listen to her explanation.

As she had expected, Xiao Siyuan was silent for a little while, then he looked up and nodded. "I don't have anything else to do right now."

"Then are you willing to take a walk with me?" asked Tang Doudou with a smile.

Xiao Siyuan was just about to reply when the scream of a blade broke through the air and flew straight towards the back of Tang Doudou's head. In addition, Tang Doudou still hadn't sensed it!

The blade was about to reach Tang Doudou's back. Xiao Siyuan's eyes dilated and he quickly pulled out his blade to block that sword.

Tang Doudou finally reacted and felt cold sweat cover her back when she heard the clash of blades. She looked towards the two people that were fighting and found that the person who had launched a sneak attack on her had actually been Xiao Yi!

"Xiao Yi! Hurry and stop!" As she froze in shock, Lin Shuxuan's voice also came from behind her.

He had called for Xiao Yi to stop, but it was useless, so he turned towards Tang Doudou instead with a happy smile. "You came!"

From his tone, it seemed like he knew she would be coming.

However, Lin Shuxuan had been the first one in this residence to smile like this towards her and his smile hadn't changed at all.

When Tang Doudou saw this, she couldn't help but sigh. Lin Shuxuan was probably the only one out of the four large clans that still treated her the same as before.

"Yes, I was held up before and didn't have the chance to come here until now. Are you alright?" The reason Tang Doudou asked this was because Lin Shuxuan's current pallor was very poor. His face was so pale that there was no trace of blood in his lips. From the start he looked like a delicate scholar, but now he looked delicate enough to be blown over by a gust of wind. Tang Doudou couldn't help but feel a little worried.

Lin Shuxuan smiled but it seemed like a struggle. "I was a little injured, but it's nothing serious."

"Humph! If it weren't for the fact that your dad helped you block that blade, you'd be dead right now! You feel like it's just a little injury and nothing big, but whether your dad will survive that injury or not is still indefinite!" Right after Lin Shuxuan spoke, Xiao Yi started shouting indignantly. "Lin Shuxuan, you useless coward! What are you still wasting time talking for? Hurry and help me kill her! To avenge our deceased brothers!"

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