Chapter 461: Brother Xiaoqin

Prodigal Alliance Head

Chapter 461: Brother Xiaoqin

But why would he hate his own parents?


"I… Haa, I'll just tell you the truth. I've never had parents. It was Grandpa that raised me, so how am I supposed to know about my past?" He Xiaoqin interrupted what Tang Doudou was about to say and stretched out his hand. "I've answered another question of yours, so…"

This time, Tang Doudou didn't give him money again and just slapped his hand away. "That's enough money to find your grandpa a good doctor. A person shouldn't be too greedy."

He Xiaoqin messed with his bangs and muttered, "Fine. Just treat it as a free answer!"

"But, if you have any questions in the future, feel free to look for me! I'll even give you a thirty percent discount, taking into consideration that you're a returning customer!"

She had already gotten most of the information she wanted and wouldn't be able to get much of anything else out of this kid. Did he really think that she was stupidly rich enough to gift him free money?

This kid seriously didn't learn anything good and spent all his time trying to trick people out of their things!

Tang Doudou slapped his head. "Alright, you can go. This is already enough for you to live for a long time. Don't idle about. You're already quite old, so why don't you just find a steady job…"

"Why are you like Grandpa? You guys are always chattering on about this! I'm leaving!" He Xiaoqin waved impatiently and left like he was fleeing.

Tang Doudou watched as the kid left, then rubbed her nose. It seemed there was a need to visit He Xiaoqin's grandpa.

However, if she went now, she'd definitely encounter He Xiaoqin. If she asked something while he was there, he'd definitely demand money again. That was alright, but it'd be troublesome if he told his grandpa to be careful around her.

That wouldn't do. She had to come up with a better plan.

Oh, that was a good way!

Tang Doudou rubbed her chin as she chuckled darkly. Then it was set!

As He Xiaoqin left Treasure Sea Manor while playing with the heavy silver ingots, he couldn't help but find things strange. He had heard of this manor. They say it had been bought by the richest individual in the world, Baili Yu. He had come here with his wife so that she could prepare for giving birth in peace. That woman earlier had also mentioned Baili Yu, so she was probably Baili Yu's wife.

Who would have thought that Baili Yu's wife was actually this young.

But why was she investigating him?

Was it because she was too bored?

She found it fun?

Haa. If he knew earlier that she was the wife of someone that rich, he wouldn't have been so nice and would've demanded a higher fee.

He Xiaoqin thought about all sorts of things as he headed to the pharmacy to get some medicine. He also brought some tasty food before slowly walking back to his house.

However, before he even walked in, he heard light-hearted conversation filled with laughter come from inside. His grandpa's voice was the loudest and seemed very energetic. There was no trace of his usual weak and ill tone.

This was too strange. His grandpa had been sick ever since he was old enough to know things. Regardless of how many doctors he found and what medicines were tried, his grandpa's condition showed no improvement. It wasn't that he didn't want to work an honest job, but what honest job would provide him enough money to treat Grandpa's illness?

So he went to steal the money of the rich and corrupt officials to use it to treat Grandpa's illness and help the other poverty-stricken people. He had helped countless villagers over these past years. What honest job would have such good conditions?

Even though he would be beaten by Grandpa every time he did something like that, he still felt pretty happy.

After all, the people he helped would never look down on him, beat him and insult him like the people in power. Everyone treated him very well.

When he didn't have a home, it was them that had helped him take care of Grandpa.

However, he had never heard Grandpa laugh so happily before. As He Xiaoqin thought about these things, he slowly pushed open the door to walk in.

The outside of the temple looked very worn out and tattered, but it was completely different inside. The large old temple was separated into two rooms with clean wooden boards and cleaned to the point that there wasn't a single speck of dust left. It was clear that He Xiaoqin was usually very diligent and sanitary. At the very least, he believed that the place he lived should be clean.

After He Xiaoqin walked into the temple, he paid careful attention to what was going on inside the temple as he took off his tattering clothing. Although the gray clothing inside had patches, it was abnormally clean. He then took a cloth and wet it to wipe his dirty face and hands clean before walking into the room where the laughter was coming from.

"Haa. That child ah, was abandoned by his parents as a baby. Ever since he was old enough to know things, I was ill and often bedridden. Things have been hard for that child."

When He Xiaoqin heard Grandpa mention his parents, he reflexively slowed down and stopped near the door to listen.

Most of the time, when he asked about his parents, his grandpa would immediately become enraged and scold him for not engaging in honest work.

How was wanting to know who his parents were related to honest work?

Even though Grandpa wouldn't tell him, he was actually telling someone else? How could Grandpa be like this!?

After silently grumbling this, he started wondering who exactly it was that had been able to convince his stubborn grandpa to bring up this matter of his own accord.

He then heard another person's voice. "Who would've thought he had gone through so much at such a young age?"

This voice was a little familiar, but also unfamiliar. It was impossible to make out whether it belonged to a man or a woman. The clear, low voice contained a faint smile and couldn't be said to be too unpleasant to listen to.

He Xiaoqin was sure he had never heard this voice before, so why was it familiar?

"Isn't that so? Speaking of which, those parents of his truly are heartless. Say, it's already been so many years. Why hadn't they visited him even once?" Grandpa sighed.

"Perhaps something stopped them."

Grandpa became angry. "What could possibly stop them!? They have plenty of money and power and can get whatever they want! From what I see, they're just heartless and don't want to acknowledge their own son!"

"Since they have so much money and power, they truly shouldn't act this way."

"Precisely! Haaa. If it weren't for the fact that I had just happened to pass by this temple and took in this child, he probably would've already…"

"Oh? So Senior isn't actually Xiaoqin's biological grandfather," exclaimed the person in surprise as if this was important news.

Grandpa seemed to know that he had said something wrong and coughed before saying indignantly, "If I had a heartless son like that, I would've already beaten him to death!"

"From the sound of things, Senior know who Xiaoqin's parents are?" asked that person.

Grandpa sank into silence for a long time. He Xiaoqin scrunched up his nose and after a moment, pushed the door open and walked in. "Grandpa! I'm back!"

Once he walked in, he quickly took in the situation inside the room. There were two people currently sitting. One was his grandpa and the other was an unfamiliar young man. Behind the man, there were two guards. They had pulled out their swords the moment he walked in.

The sharp blades were instantly pressed against He Xiaoqin's neck.

"Stop!" The young man berated the guards, then glanced towards He Xiaoqin with a smile. "Brother Xiaoqin, long time no see."

"I…" He Xiaoqin was just about to say that he didn't know this person when his grandpa hastily got up and rushed over to grab him. "Brat, what's with you? Why did you take so long to get back? How could you make our benefactor wait so long!? Hurry and come here to thank our benefactor!"

"Benefactor!??" He Xiaoqin was taken aback. He pointed at the man that was still sitting. "What benefactor?"

"You little brat!" Grandpa He slapped his back in frustration like he was seriously disappointed with He Xiaoqin's behavior.

He Xiaoqin was speechless. "Grandpa, I, I really don't know this person!"

Grandpa He looked towards the man apologetically. "Xiao Tang ah, it's all my fault for not teaching Xiaoqin well. I've let you see a joke."

The man addressed as Xiao Tang glanced towards He Xiaoqin with a slight smile. "It's fine, all kids are like that. If you're stricter with him while he's still young, you'll still make it in time."

The way he spoke like an elder made He Xiaoqin annoyed. This person had suddenly come here and was pretending to be his benefactor. He even tricked Grandpa's trust. He was definitely not a good person, but he still had the nerve to comment on his upbringing!?

"What do you mean by make it in time? What in time?" He Xiaoqin pushed away Grandpa He who was blocking the way and started roaring at Xiao Tang.

Grandpa He couldn't even stop him.

"You fraudster! You actually dared to come here with your tricks? Just wait to see how I'll sort you out!" As he spoke, he rolled up his sleeves to beat Xiao Tang.

Xiao Tang's expression didn't change in the slightest. "You really don't recognize me?"

"What the fart! While this daddy hasn't gotten angry yet, hurry up and scram!" He Xiaoqin felt like this guy's skin was thicker than the city walls! He was actually this unperturbed even though his lie was exposed. It made his anger rush to his head.

However, Xiao Tang was still unconcerned and just remarked lightly, "You sure have a big temper."
"Xiaoqin, don't cause trouble!" Grandpa He got really angry when he saw how rude his grandson was being and his tone turned stern. "Grandpa hasn't been feeling well these past years and had neglected your education, which was why you've become the way you are now. From now on, you are to follow Xiao Tang and properly learn manners! If I hear that you disobeyed Xiao Tang gongzi, just wait to see how I'll sort you out!"

"What?" He Xiaoqin was stunned by what Grandpa He said. "You, you want me to follow him? Grandpa, this guy is a fraudster!"

"What fraudster? Xiao Tang is a skilled businessman! And if it weren't for the fact that he had arrived just in time earlier, you wouldn't be able to even see your grandpa anymore! And, haven't you also received a favor from him? I've told you since you were young that you must know to repay grace, you must know to repay grace. Why can't it stick?"

"Earlier? What happened earlier?" asked He Xiaoqin.

Grandpa He sighed. "My illness flared up again earlier. Xiao Tang just happened to come here looking for you and saved me. Child ah, I told you not to wander around so much, but you wouldn't listen! If Xiao Tang hadn't come, I would've already…"

"So it was like this." Although this was that He Xiaoqin said, he still looked at Xiao Tang strangely. There was definitely something off with this guy. How could such a coincidence occur?

"Then what do you mean by a grace?"

Xiao Tang smiled slightly and got up while tapped his fan against his palm as he said, "Xiaoqin, why don't you take a look at the silver ingots inside your pocket? Wouldn't you know then?"

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