Chapter 463: Can Have as Much as You Want!

Prodigal Alliance Head

Chapter 463: Can Have as Much as You Want!

Tang Doudou spoke her thoughts aloud for a long time as if she was trying to expel all the secrets that had been pressing down on her heart. She only stopped when there was nothing else to say.

"Big evil spirit, say, if I went back one day, would you miss me?" After she said that, she felt that this wasn't really possible and laughed again. "Haa, what am I thinking about? If only it was that easy to go back. At that time, I'll just take you with me. Hehe, with your looks, if you go to my place, you'll definitely make all the girls faint. Tsk tsk… If you go into show business, you'd be able to get as much moolah as you like!"

Her eyes lit up at the thought of it and she was practically drooling as she looked at Baili Yu. Why hadn't she thought of this earlier?

"Then it's decided! Once I find the real green bone phoenix lamp, I'll bring you back and we can take the world by storm together!" Tang Doudou wiped away her drool and leaned on the table while gazing at Baili Yu. After a while, she fell asleep.

When she woke up, she was back in her own room.

However, there was still no trace of Baili Yu. She found a letter he had left next to the bed.

"So he’s gone to find traces of Lan Jia." Tang Doudou glanced at the letter, then tucked it in her chest.

"Does Madame plan to head out today?" asked Qing Yu as she fixed Tang Doudou's hair.

She didn't plan to head out today. Her body felt like it was getting increasingly heavier and it was exhausting just to move even a little. For the sake of the baby, it was best if she behaved and rested.
"Has Qing Yin woken up?" Just because she didn't head out didn't mean that there wasn't anything for her to do. Qing Yin had been unconscious this entire time. She was really worried, but all the famous doctors hadn't been able to do anything.

They said that it was up to the Heavens.

So no matter how worried Tang Doudou was, she couldn't do anything because she didn't know medicine.

Baili Yu's maids were on pretty good terms with each other and Qing Yin was the most valued maid. She was also the big sister that everyone could rely on, so Qing Yu was also very worried when Qing Yin got injured this time. When she heard Tang Doudou ask about Qing Yin, she sighed and replied, "Not yet."
"Then let's go visit her." Qing Yu had been serving her these past two days so she probably hadn't had the chance to visit Qing Yin yet.

As she had expected, Qing Yu reacted with joy to her words and hastily said, "Then this servant will go prepare things right now!"


Though they had decided to go visit Qing Yin, when they got to Qing Yin's door, someone else came to find her.

When Tang Doudou heard that it was someone from the martial arts alliance, she had no choice but to have Qing Yu visit Qing Yin on her own. She then followed the manservant to the front hall.

She discovered that it was actually Mo Yun that was looking for her.

When Tang Doudou saw her unfriendly expression, she hesitated before walking in with a bright smile. "Mother Mo Yun."

Mo Yun looked at her with disgust, but when she saw her smile, she couldn't very well yell at her. Hence, she just gave a humph and said gloomily, "Alliance Head Li is waking up this late in the day? It seems your days have been very comfortable!"

Was there something wrong with this Mo Yun's head?

What does whether her days were comfortable or not have to do with her?

Did she come here so early in the morning just to annoy her?

When Tang Doudou's thoughts reached this point, her smile faded. She had only been giving respect since Mo Yun was her elder, but some people are just like this! They didn't recognize respect when it was given!

"Guards! Help me invite Mother Mo Yun out!" Tang Doudou found no point wasting her time with Mo Yun and directly called for her to be chased out.

Mo Yun hadn't expected Tang Doudou to be so direct. Her face immediately darkened and she pointed at Tang Doudou angrily. "You dare!?"

"Why wouldn't I dare?" Tang Doudou slapped aside her finger and said with a polite smile, "Proper behavior is based on reciprocity. Since Mother Mo Yun wants me to be unhappy, I can only make sure that you're unhappy as well!"

"Impudent!" Mo Yun was so angry that her face was turning pale, but strangely, she didn't flung back her sleeves and storm off.

It seemed like she really had something important to say.

However, Tang Doudou didn't want to listen to it anymore. She sent a look towards the guards that had arrived in the room. "What are you still standing there for? Can't you see that Mother Mo Yun is about to be angered to death? Hurry up and sent Mother Mo Yun back so that she can see a doctor!"

When the guards heard her orders, they immediately surrounded Mo Yun.

Mo Yun glowered at them. "You guys dare to approach?"
The guards froze when they sensed her strong imposing aura and looked at each other hesitantly.

Mo Yun hadn't expected for Tang Doudou to actually attack her. Her current expression was like she had just eaten a dead kid. When the guards stopped, she turned towards Tang Doudou. "I have something important to talk to you about. Have them withdraw!"
Mo Yun was very skilled in martial arts. These guards weren't a match for her at all. Tang Doudou was clear on this, so to avoid losses, she had the guards withdraw after Mo Yun admitted her defeat.

Once the guards left, Mo Yun asked, "Are you investigating Old He's grandson?"

Tang Doudou never thought that Mo Yun would be here because of that matter. However, how had she found out? Could it be that Mo Yun's people had been following her?

But that wasn't logical. It wasn't like Baili Yu's hidden guards were there for show. If someone had been following her, they would've told her already.

So how had Mo Yun found out?

Tang Doudou had to admit that she was interested, but she maintained an unperturbed expression. "I don't know any Old He. Did Mother Mo Yun find the wrong person?"

Mo Yun said with disdain, "There's no outsiders here, so there's no need to pretend."

Who the fudge was fricking family with her?

Tang Doudou silently retorted without responding to Mo Yun's words.

Mo Yun didn't mind. "This was something He Xiaoqin had personally told me. You're investigating his parents."
Tang Doudou was stunned to hear this, then she became annoyed. What the hell was with He Xiaoqin? How could he tell Mo Yun something this important?

Wait, how did He Xiaoqin know Mo Yun?

"Are you investigating his parents because it's related to what happened at the manor?" When Tang Doudou still didn't speak and also didn't show any reaction, Mo Yun couldn't help but second guess herself. Could it be that He Xiaoqin had lied to her?

He Xiaoqin was a good-for-nothing that often lied. How could she have been dumb enough to believe him and run all the way here in the morning to pick faults?

"That's right. I'm investigating his parents, but it has nothing to do with that matter." Tang Doudou leisurely sat down. "What? Could it be that Mother Mo Yun is also interested in who He Xiaoqin's parents are?"

Mo Yun replied in disdain, "Who'd be interested in that brat's parents? It's just that I’ve heard that He Xiaoqin's parents were people of the Seven Great Saint Tribes and you were looking into it in this sort of situation…"

"Eh? Mother Mo Yun means that the mysterious person is actually someone of the Seven Great Saint Tribes?" Tang Doudou stared at Mo Yun and inwardly laughed. Did this count as Mo Yun trapping herself?

Mo Yun knew that she had let things slip and her facial color changed slightly. However, after a moment, she laughed coldly. "Don't you already know as well?"

"Me?" Tang Doudou widened her eyes innocently. "If it weren't for the fact that Mother Mo Yun said it, I really wouldn't have known."

Mo Yun knew that she was lying, but there was nothing she could do. At the same time, she trusted her own judgement. Tang Doudou definitely knew who the mysterious person was!

"Let's stop beating around the bush. I can help you in investigating He Xiaoqin's parents, but after that, you must tell me the identity of the mysterious person!"

Tang Doudou wasn't moved. Although she was investigating He Xiaoqin because of the mysterious person, Lan Jia, she didn't want to work with Mo Yun. The first reason was because her attitude was too annoying, and the second was the fact that she couldn't afford to let the public know that the mysterious person was Lan Jia.

Much less let someone like Mo Yun know.

"Mother Mo Yun truly overestimates me. So many people are working at finding out the identity of the mysterious person and none has yet to succeed, so how could I know his identity?"

Mo Yun's facial color changed. "You don't plan to work with me?"

"My hands are tied," said Tang Doudou with a sigh.

It was clearly just that she wasn't willing!

Mo Yun humped. "Fine! Since that's the case, then you can just inch along investigating on your own!"

Tang Doudou smiled politely. "There's no need for Mother Mo Yun to worry. I'll definitely inch along with investigating."

"Humph! You can't even tell good from bad!" Mo Yun saw that Tang Doudou was determined not to tell her the identity of the mysterious person and was furious. However, when it occurred to her that Tang Doudou would come to her sooner or later for help with investigating He Xiaoqin's parents, she wasn't as angry anymore.

At that time, if she didn't make her pay for this anger, her name wasn't Mo Yun!

Tang Doudou saw the scheming look in Mo Yun's eyes and silently took note to be careful. She had to find He Xiaoqin and get clear answers!

Mo Yun finally stormed off and Tang Doudou went to visit Qing Yin, then headed back to her room to rest. Baili Yu returned very late at night. After asking about her and the baby, he lay down wearily and fell asleep.

Baili Yu was someone that had practiced martial arts and usually never slept too deeply. Most of the time, even the slightest disturbance would wake him up. However, regardless of whether it was yesterday when she talked at him for a hour or today when he had fallen asleep as soon as he got back, he was sleeping like a dead pig. She couldn't wake him up at all.

Tang Doudou was puzzled. What exactly was this guy doing all day?

He said that he was investigating Lan Jia, but it wasn't like Lan Jia was a deity and didn't have to rest at all.

The more she thought about it, the more off things seemed. She couldn't help but recall how she had encountered him at the brothels last time. Could it be that he had found a new lover?

When this occurred to Tang Doudou, her expression turned stern. In her world of information explosion, it was known that husbands often cheated while their wives were pregnant.

Tang Doudou smacked her lips. This wouldn't do! For her future happiness, she definitely had to follow him tomorrow to see what he did all day.

But she also needed to find He Xiaoqin tomorrow!

Tang Doudou was conflicted and couldn't come to a decision even when her eyelids started having to fight gravity.

However, when she woke up, Baili Yu had already made the decision for her, because he was gone by the time she opened her eyes.

What made her unhappy was, due to the rain, Qing Yu refused to let her head out so she couldn't go look for He Xiaoqin either.

The following days were much the same. Finally, Tang Doudou couldn't tolerate it anymore and one night when Baili Yu came back, she exploded.

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