Chapter 475: Without the Lips, the Teeth Feel the Cold

Prodigal Alliance Head

Chapter 475: Without the Lips, the Teeth Feel the Cold

"That's right!" Something seemed to occur to Elder Yu and he hastily asked the family heads, "Where's our alliance head? Why haven't we seen the alliance head? She had the alliance head command tablet and will definitely be able to deal with Lan Jia!"

Alliance Head? Li Xueyi?

When Baili Yu told Xiao Siyuan about Tang Doudou falling off the cliff, the other family heads hadn't been present and only Stronghold Master Lin had been present. Hence, when Stronghold Master Lin heard this, he answered, "It seems that Elder Yu has yet to have gotten the news. Alliance Head Li, she… She has fallen off a cliff and its unknown if she's still alive. I'm afraid the alliance head command tablet has also fallen off the cliff with her, so it probably can't be found."

It was another stunning blow. Elder Yu felt like the world ahead of him was dark. How did the alliance head end up falling off a cliff out of nowhere?

"We're not clear on the details either, but after that incident, Baili Yu came to the city lord's residence to ask for Bai gongzi, so this matter might be related to Bai gongzi."

It was related to Bai Feiyun again!

Elder Yu felt like his head was buzzing. "Then what do we do now?"

After this was said, everyone fell silent.

Elder Yu sighed. "I'm going to let the rest know about this news first, then we can come up with an idea together. Lan Jia's making a huge move this time, it's not something we can deal with on our own. We have to work together. As the proverbs say, one chopstick is easily broken while a bundle is not.”

After saying that, he quickly left.

The people of the four large clans shared looks. They didn't know what to do.

Bai Luoqing took out the jade vial. So many of these incidents had been related to Bai Feiyun and Bai Feiyun was someone of her Bai family. If she took this with her and they eventually found out that this belonged to Bai Feiyun, it would probably lead to unnecessary suspicion. Normally she wouldn't mind these things, but right now, it was definitely best to be as honest as possible.

Elder Yu was right, they had to work together. Even if they managed to escape today, based on Lan Jia's insane ambition to unite the martial arts community, the first ones to suffer would be them, the strongest powers on the Jianghu.

Rather than wait until later when they had to face the fate of slowly being eliminated, it would be better to defeat Lan Jia now while he still hadn't gain full power.

This was what everyone present was thinking. When they saw Bai Luoqing take out the jade vial, they showed joy. Although those bugs were fearsome, this powder would get rid of them.

However, Bai Luoqing said, "I put this thing away earlier instead of using it because this belongs to Bai Feiyun.

"Lianhua's cousin is Bai Feiyun. Since this is something of his, I couldn't use it without worries!"

The joy on everyone's faces was immediately replaced by worry again. Why exactly had that perfectly untainted gentleman done something like this? He was always gentle as jade and treated people warmly. He was like the embodiment of Jianghu righteousness, so why did he end up colluding with Lan Jia and doing something like drugging the family heads?

Even though the family heads had personally revealed these things, the disciples of the four large clans were still a little unwilling to believe it. The members of the Bai family were the most unwilling. Bai Feiyun was the idol of the younger generation. They couldn't help but feel upset when the perfect idol's image was torn apart and the cruel reality was revealed.

"Alright, this isn't the time for us to be worrying over things like emotions. The other family heads and I are severely injured and will need a while to recover. During this time, you guys should follow Siyuan's arrangements and work with the people of the martial arts alliance to eliminate the bugs in the city first. Afterwards, we can discuss how to deal with Lan Jia. Shuxuan, gather some people and check out the situation at the city lord's residence. It's best if you find Baili gongzi or City Lord Su and ask them if they have any methods. Tell them that we're willing to cooperate with anything."

The family heads were all people that had gone through many turbulent situations. Right now, although the situation was dangerous, it wasn't to the point that they were at the end of the line. After sharing a glance, they decisively handed the responsibility over to Xiao Siyuan.

"Siyuan ah! We'll have to trouble you with this." Stronghold Master Lin looked towards the young but very reliable Xiao Siyuan and patted his shoulder.

"Uncle Lin, there's no need to be polite. Siyuan will go arrange things right now!" In reality, Xiao Siyuan had been besides himself with anxiety this entire time. It was only because he didn't want to meddle in the family heads' decision that he stayed silent this entire time. Now that they had passed the responsibility to him again, he didn't feel pressure. On the contrary, something that had been binding his heart seemed to break and he actually relaxed.

He can finally go save those citizens.

"Family Head Bai!" Xiao Siyuan first walked to Bai Luoqing and asked beseechingly, "Please give this item to me."

"This…" Bai Luoqing looked at him. After hesitating for a while, she placed the vial on his palm. "Aren't you afraid that this would be something even more terrifying?"

"I trust Bai gongzi!" No one expected for Xiao Siyuan to actually say something like this and they were quite taken aback.

Xiao Qian, who had been silent this entire time due to his injuries, spoke. From the start he was old, so he suffered from the injuries even more. After he had been drugged, he could barely move. Right now, his muddy eyes were fixed on Xiao Siyuan as he shouted, "Siyuan, do you have evidence to back your words?"

Xiao Siyuan smiled gently. "Look!"

As he spoke, he placed the jade vial on his palm and walked towards a nearby residence. This residence had already been abandoned since it was overrun by the bugs. There were a lot of bugs flying around, but even more were in clusters and slowly moving around on the ground.

However, as Xiao Siyuan walked over, the soul-devouring bugs that were in clusters started frantically fleeing from the house.

After this, Xiao Siyuan stopped and put away the jade vial as he walked back out.

As he left, the soul-devouring bugs gradually calmed down and started to form clusters again.

The people outside were delighted to see this scene. Xiao Siyuan's meaning was clear, the substance inside the jade vial truly had an effect on the soul-devouring bugs!

"Our current most urgent task is to gather the citizens outside the city!" said Xiao Siyuan.

City Lord Xu, who had been keeping an eye on this situation the entire time, hastily said, "I'll immediately have people drive the citizens outside of the city!"

They definitely wouldn't listen to persuasion right now, so it was best to get them out of the city by force first so that Xiao Siyuan could go sprinkle this powder. They had to deal with the soul-devouring bugs first before they had the energy to try and think of a way to deal with Lan Jia!

As this side decided on their battle strategy, the battle at the city lord's residence was already reaching a climax.

The person most stirred up was Lan Jia. He was furious. These three people were seriously annoying!

However, he didn't have any way to get rid of them!

Even though they were all injured, they kept hovering around him like loathsome ticks so that he couldn't go command the soul-devouring bugs to drink blood in order to evolve. If things went on like this, the soul-devouring bugs that weren't full grown would soon be devoured by the mature soul-devouring bugs. Unless someone directed them, the soul-devouring bugs wouldn't actively attack humans and would first devour their competition for food, their own kind.

If this were to happen, even if the city was currently filled with soul-devouring bugs, there wouldn't be many left after they finished killing each other.

He had spent years raising these soul-devouring bugs for the sake of today in order to grow a true soul-devouring bug of the antiquity to help him in uniting the Jianghu!

The more Lan Jia thought about it, the angrier he got and the black characters under his skin actually merged with his skin. A powerful energy exploded from his body and sent the three people in front of him flying.

After they landed, they shared a glance. Baili Yu reached out to stop the two that were about to charge up and said, "Don't be rash. He's using a secret technique of the Seven Great Saint Tribes to temporarily increase his inner strength. We're not a match for him!"

"Then what do we do now?" Su Yi was so anxious he was about to yank his hair out. "If we were in Cloud City, this daddy would've already killed him!"

Outside of Cloud City, he couldn't exhibit his true strength at all. However, in Cloud City, not only could he use his true strength, he could even borrow the power of Cloud City to crush Lan Jia!

He had just remarked this casually, but it actually gave Baili Yu an idea. Baili Yu's expression didn't change and he kept looking at Lan Jia.

"Let's leave."

"Leave?" For a moment Su Yi was lost.

Mu Ye also glanced towards Baili Yu in surprise. He never thought that such a proud person would say something like this.

"There's no reason in making a pointless sacrifice and I also have to stay alive to look for Doudou." Baili Yu smiled towards them, then without saying anything else, flew off like a phoenix. With a few leaps, he disappeared from sight.

Su Yi hadn't expected Baili Yu to move so quickly and silently cursed. He glanced back one last time at the transformed Lan Jia, then shuddered. He instantly transformed into a streak of black as well as he disappeared from sight.

In the blink of an eye, the only one left was Mu Ye who just looked at Lan Jia coldly.

Lan Jia felt like he was on the verge of vomitting blood. He hadn't expected for Baili Yu and Su Yi to be so decisive as to leave just like that!

"Wimps!" The secret technique he used would cause a certain amount of damage to his body, so he wouldn't have used it if there was another way. However, just as he took the risk and used the technique in order to defeat Baili Yu and Su Yi, they actually ran off!

Mu Ye was the only one left, and he didn't have much interest in Mu Ye!

More importantly, he had used this technique for nothing!

He angrily stopped the technique and attacked Mu Ye to vent his anger.

To his surprise, Mu Ye didn't bother to dodge and took his strike head on.

Then he found that Mu Ye didn't budge in the slightest even after suffering his attack and just disappeared. It wasn't because his strike had torn Mu Ye into pieces but that Mu Ye had already left long ago and this was just a lingering afterimage!

He must kill those three!

After venting his anger, Lan Jia didn't dare to stay here any longer. He casually got an outer robe and draped it over himself loosely as he walked out of the city lord's residence.

There was not a single person on the streets! It was so empty that it seemed like a dead city!

Lan Jia was puzzled to see this. Where did all those people go?

He walked from one end of the city to the other but didn't see a single person. He became enraged. Who!? Who exactly was it that got rid of all of his soul-devouring bugS?

That's right. Currently, not only were all the citizens of North Hara City gone, even the soul-devouring bugs had disappeared without a trace.

How could Lan Jia not be enraged? He destroyed the houses nearby with a single blow. After he vented his anger and calmed down, he laughed coldly. "Bai Feiyun! You actually dared to trick me!"

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