Chapter 477: Protect Him

Prodigal Alliance Head

Chapter 477: Protect Him

After Xiao Qian heard what that person said, his facial color darkened. "Where is he right now?"

When this was brought up, that person became even angrier. Even with a layer of planks separating them, his anger could be felt. "He's with Baili Yu's group! Why didn't you have Xiao Siyuan wait a little longer? If they encounter each other…"

"So what if they encounter each other?" Xiao Qian interrupted that person's complaining coldly. "Even if they encounter each other, they wouldn't know each other’s identity. Don't stay here anymore and go watch over them just in case. As soon as there's an opportunity, get rid of that kid."

"Since they don't know each other’s identities, is there a need to go through so much effort? You overestimate me to tell me to do this right under Baili Yu's nose," replied that person in annoyance.

Xiao Qian humph. "They wouldn't know, but it's hard to guarantee that people who are interested wouldn't find out. You haven't managed to kill Mo Yun either. Back then, she had seen Han er visit He Xiaoqin and her relationship with He Xiaoqin isn't bad either. If she ends up figuring out something, wouldn't it be bad?"

After he said this, the person under the carriage was silent for a long while. "Alright, then I'll first infiltrate Baili Yu's group. If there's a chance, I'll kill He Xiaoqin. If there isn't a chance, you shouldn't blame me for not being strong enough. Baili Yu isn't someone I can deal with."

"Got it," replied Xiao Qian mildly as he closed his eyes to continue focusing on healing his injuries.

The carriage felt lighter. That person had left.

The people walking along the carriage didn't notice anything out of the ordinary.

In chrysanthemum glass jade palanquin.

It was the first time that someone aside from Baili Yu and Tang Doudou had been inside this palanquin. Although Su Yi and Mu Ye had entered this palanquin, a certain languid tiger was very displeased. Baili Yu's eyes narrowed as he looked at the two that refused to leave and parted his scarlet lips slightly, "I can understand City Lord Su insisting on shamelessly staying here, but Sect Leader Mu…"

Mu Ye asked coldly, "Baili gongzi doesn't welcome me?"

Baili Yu's smile didn't fade as he shot back, "Could it be that Sect Leader Mu doesn't have to deal with any sect matters?"

Mu Ye replied, "The demonic sect has already been disbanded."

It's been disbanded? Then what was with those Demonic Sect hidden guards?

Baili Yu looked at Mu Ye silently, then asked Su Yi, "Is your injury alright?"

Su Yi had been thinking about something so it took him a while to react to Baili Yu's question. He moved his arms, flung his hands, then laughed. "Alright, youngsters, stop beating around the bush and let's talk about how to defeat Lan Jia!

"And you, young Baili, that's your father. How can he be so ruthless? The way he attacked you was like you were an enemy he couldn't allow to live under the same Heavens as him. I must admit that I really admire this part of him. He's truly fricking heartless!"

Mu Ye didn't speak much from the start, so when Su Yi changed the topic, he didn't take the initiative to express his opinion and just looked outside the palanquin. It was just in time to see Xiao Siyuan walk over, so a trace of puzzlement appeared in his ice blue eyes. He then heard Baili Yu say, "Actually, it wouldn't be difficult to defeat Lan Jia. We'll just have to see if the Heavens are willing to help us."
"The Heavens?" asked Su Yi with exaggerated shock. "This damned evil Heavens? It'd be better to rely on ourselves than on him!"

"Say, why don't we do this? Let's lead Lan Jia to my Cloud City. You guys know that I can exhibit way more combat power in Cloud City. I guarantee that I'll be able to beat him so black and blue that not even his parents can recognize him!"

Baili Yu smiled. "I have considered this method, but if it can occur to us, it'd definitely occur to Lan Jia as well. Do you think he would go to Cloud City while knowing that it's dangerous there? In addition, Cloud City is extremely far away. Even if he wanted to go, he'd probably only go there to settle the score with us after he first dealt with most of the people on the Jianghu. At that time, there'd probably be no one left that's a match for him."

Su Yi was irritated by what Baili Yu said even though everything Baili Yu said had also occurred to him before. However, if they didn't do this, what could they do?

As they were talking, Xiao Yi had already reached them. Since he was standing in front of the palanquin doors, the maids that were carrying the palanquin stopped. Baili Yu opened his eyes and glanced outside before saying lightly to Su Yi, "The little friend who's come to help is here. Does City Lord Su want to go take a look at him?"

"It's just a kid from the Xiao family, what's there to see?" Su Yi was too preoccupied to worry about what Baili Yu was thinking and collapsed on the fur nearby to sleep.

When Baili Yu saw him sleep on his fox fur, his lips twitched. With a sweep of his sleeve, he pushed the entire fur coat to Su Yi. He was thinking that after this matter, he really had to find someone to make a new palanquin.

He stood up and glanced towards Mu Ye, "Sect Leader Mu…"

"Baili gongzi, please do as you please."

Baili Yu's smile stiffened. If it weren't for the fact that these two had both done a lot for Doudou, he would've already kicked them out. Now this was just great. The two of them acted more like the owner of this place than he did. However, he didn't linger for long on this thought and just got off the palanquin.

When Xiao Siyuan saw him come out, he first saluted him before getting straight to the point. "Grandpa has agreed for me to follow you, Baili gongzi. However, after this matter, Siyuan still has to return to the Xiao family."

He had been carefully raised by the Xiao family, so there was no way they'd let one of their talents go so easily to someone else.

Baili Yu had expected this answer, so he didn't exhibit any surprise. "Then that's many thanks to Master Xiao's willingness to bear parting with someone beloved."

"There's no need for Baili gongzi to be so polite. Is there something that Baili gongzi needs Siyuan to do?" Xiao Siyuan smiled gently, his manner completely different from that cold hatred earlier.

Baili Yu nodded. "There is one thing that I need you to do right now."

Xiao Siyuan stopped smiling and waited silently for the following words.

"Before Doudou met with an accident, she had been investigating a young man's background. The reason she had met with the accident was also because she had been trying to save him." As Baili Yu spoke, he observed as Xiao Siyuan's brows gradually furrowed. "I'm worried that someone will try to harm him so I wanted request for Xiao gongzi to help protect him."

He had waited specially in front of everyone to recruit him just to protect a young man?

Who exactly was this young man?

Why was Tang Doudou investigating him and how did she end up meeting with a mishap because of him?

Several thoughts instantly flashed through Xiao Siyuan's mind, but he nodded. "Alright, where is he now?"

"There's no need to specially protect him." Baili Yu didn't point out the young man and just glanced over at the only young man riding a horse in this group. Xiao Siyuan looked over as well. There was no need for Baili Yu to vocally explain things for him to know that this was the young man.

However, no matter how he looked, he couldn't see anything special about this young man.

"His name's He Xiaoqin. He's an orphan." That was all Baili Yu said before he headed back into the chrysanthemum glass jade palanquin.

Xiao Siyuan stood in place for a long time before walking towards He Xiaoqin.

He Xiaoqin was currently looking ahead, bored and a little lost. If it weren't for the fact that Tang Doudou had fallen off the cliff while trying to save him, he probably never would've met this group in his lifetime. He would've returned to the old temple to stay with Grandpa for the rest of his life.

However, ever since Su Yi and he had returned to Treasure Sea Manor, Su Yi hadn't allowed him to run around and said that he had to follow them everywhere they went. Grandpa had also been sent away by them.

He wasn't dumb. There was no way that influential people like Baili Yu and Su Yi would value a random ordinary kid like him and have him stay by their sides. They probably had the same motive as Tang Doudou and was concerned about those hateful parents of his.

As he was thinking about all of this, he saw a graceful gentleman walk this way. The dark purple martial arts garment actually didn't have a stern aura on him and looked gentle.

He recognized this person. His name seemed to have been Xiao Siyuan and he had talked to Baili Yu about something earlier.

He was more interested in the Xiao family that Xiao Siyuan belonged to.

When Xiao Siyuan walked over and saw that He Xiaoqin was looking at him, he smiled towards him slightly without saying anything. He took the horse that a maid led over and jumped onto it to silently ride near He Xiaoqin.

He Xiaoqin was young so he couldn't suppress his curiosity. Every few moments, he peeked back at Xiao Siyuan. He wanted to try and get closer to Xiao Siyuan, but he couldn't think of any appropriate topics. It felt like a cat was scratching at his heart and he couldn't calm down.

Xiao Siyuan naturally knew that He Xiaoqin was looking at him and that he wanted to talk to him.

Actually, Xiao Siyuan was also looking at He Xiaoqin. However, he did it very secretively so it wasn't possible for a kid like He Xiaoqin to notice. Xiao Siyuan observed He Xiaoqin for a long time, but he couldn't find anything about this young man that was different from normal young men.

However, the fact that there were no abnormalities was the greatest abnormality. As He Xiaoqin believed as well, there was no way Baili Yu would value a young man that had no special traits at all, much less specially ask him to come protect this young man. Even if Baili Yu personally said that there was nothing behind this, he wouldn't believe it.

After a while longer, He Xiaoqin couldn't take it anymore.

He glanced over with an embarrassed smile and asked, "This big brother, where exactly are we heading?"

Why would He Xiaoqin ask this?

The first reason was because the journey was way too boring. He definitely wasn't the only one that would feel bored in this dull silence. Although Xiao Siyuan looked to have a very steady personality, he wasn't that much older and was still a young man. Hence he'd definitely also want someone to chat with while traveling like this.

In addition, Xiao Siyuan's relationship with Baili Yu seemed much better than his, so he could find out where they were heading while at it.

After he said this and thought of how effective this question was, he became smug. He was seriously too smart!

However, reality played out completely different from his expectations. After he said that, Xiao Siyuan just smiled towards him without speaking.

He Xiaoqin became depressed. However, after thinking about it, since he had already started, he might as well go all the way with it!

Hence he turned around and sat backwards on the horse to meet Xiao Siyuan's gaze. "My name's He Xiaoqin. Big Bro, what's your name?"

Xiao Siyuan smiled again but he was prepared to speak this time. However, just as he was about to speak, he saw a trace of a red string inside He Xiaoqin's collar and half a broken jade hanging off the jade.

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