Chapter 52: Rapid Change of Development

Prodigal Alliance Head


Chapter 52: Rapid Change of Development

Following that, she plopped down to sit on her butt and pulled out a bag of melon seeds from her chest. She then said magnanimously, “Come come, let’s not be so serious. Eat some melon seeds and drink some tea, we can discuss it slowly!”

Everyone looked at each other, completely baffled.

Tang Doudou saw that they weren’t coming over and didn’t try to force them. She simply minded her own business and began cracking melon seeds as she said, “Then I’ll just explain it like this!”

“As much ability as the Demonic Sect has, they’re just like a brute with only a single spear and horse. A great amount of ants are capable of biting even an elephant to death. So with this many people on our side, there’s completely no need for us to fear their Demonic Sect. As long as everyone unites wholeheartedly to eliminate the huge malignant tumor that is the Demonic Sect from the Jianghu, it would not be an impossible task. As long as we grasp this opportunity properly and hit the mark with one move while they’re unprepared, then victory will be ours!” Tang Doudou shook off the melon seed shells on her clothes, then smacked her lips before saying, “Qing Yin ah, bring tea for this gongzi!”

Qing Yin couldn’t understand what Tang Doudou was thinking so she could only allow her to cause an uproar as she pleased. When she heard that Tang Doudou wanted tea, she hurriedly replied yes then went to find the tea.

Who expected that the moment she turned to leave, she immediately heard the sound of Tang Doudou inhaling sharply?

Following that, there was even the sound of Jun Xin’s indignant roar, “Let go of him*!”

written as ‘her’ but female and male pronouns sound the same in Chinese

This startled Qing Yin so much she hastily turned back around to look towards Tang Doudou, but all she saw was that the crowd had gone completely chaotic and were all moving towards the rock that Tang Doudou was standing on earlier. Elder Yu, however, stood outside the crowd and calmly watched all this.

Then she saw that Jun Xin had appeared from somewhere and was holding Bloodthirster*, which was emitting a blood-colored light, as he also charged towards that rock.

Jun Xin’s blade is called the blood-drinking blade, so I searched up that term and it was actually an item in league of legends. So I went to the English version and found the equivalent term. So what do you think? Bloodthirster or Blood-Drinking Blade? Editor-san, what’s your opinion? Q: Bloodthirster definitely packs a certain oomph.

On that rock, Tang Doudou’s melon seeds were scattered all over the floor. She currently had both her hands lifted as she looked flabbergastingly towards the cold-faced man in front of her.

Mu Ye?

Why would the Demonic Sect’s Leader suddenly appear here?

Tang Doudou glanced at the Mu Ye who was only half a meter away and had wrapped an iron chain around her neck. He was currently using that icy pair of cold-blooded eyes to stare at her. Before, in Rutaceae Pavilion, she didn’t notice that this guy’s pupils were actually blue in the flickering lights. Right now, seeing those ice blue pupils matched with his cold expression, it caused people to feel as if they had fallen into an ice cave. She suddenly recalled how she was flung out that day and immediately gave a cold shiver. Her gaze dropped to the iron chain wrapped around her neck. He couldn’t be trying to finish the job, right?


Tang Doudou hurriedly slapped this fine thought out of her head and put on a fake smile as she forced out a couple hollow laughs. “Sect Leader Mu, how are you? What wind is blowing today, that actually blew you to this one’s humble home. Your presence truly brings light to my humble abode ah, brings light… haha…”

Mu Ye’s eyes didn’t even twitch.

Tang Doudou’s water-like eyes turned slightly, then she blinked again and asked: “Could it be you’re here to reminisce with this Alliance Head?”

Mu Ye still didn’t pay any attention to her. Instead, he lifted his eyes to look towards the attacking Jun Xin. Then applying force with his hands, he pulled Tang Doudou forward to block that bloodsea-like sword aura.

In midair, Jun Xin hurriedly withdrew Bloodthirster, worried that he would injure Tang Doudou. But he didn’t withdraw it completely. With a twist of the sword tip, he sent Bloodthirster flying like lightning towards Mu Ye through the gap between Tang Doudou and Mu Ye’s hand.

There wasn’t enough time to pull Tang Doudou over to use as a shield again, so Mu Ye twisted the iron chain between his hands and lifted it up to block the striking Bloodthirster.

The resulting shockwave was enormous and issued out blinding light. It was intense to the point that Tang Doudou couldn’t even open her eyes anymore. I swear a huge freak ah, is this the so-called space-time martial arts? How’s it completely like the mysterious fantasy novels? And it even has colors and waves, it’s seriously fudgin’ frauding poor Beanbeans! Luckily what she said earlier about going to attack the Demonic Sect was just her babbling nonsense. Otherwise, based on her little arms and legs, she’d be crushed just by Mu Ye’s little finger!

At this time, she could only rain curses on Jun Xin, this stupid imbecile. Can’t he look carefully before attacking!? Can’t he let her finish speaking before attacking!?

But on second thought, Jun Xin had come to rescue her, he can’t be cursed at ah!

And so, she decisively gave her respects to the eight generations of Mu Ye’s ancestors.(it’s a way of cursing, ‘giving your respects’ is sarcastic, it’s more like you’re cursing at all them) Da fudge, if you’re a man then just fight seriously with Jun Xin ah. Taking her, a little girl, as a shield, how is that anything like a proper hero or man!?

Tang Doudou indignantly looked at Mu Ye, the angry flames in her eyes seemed about to flare up.

Mu Ye seemed to have sensed it as he turned his head to look over and coldly demanded: “Have Jun Xin withdrew, otherwise I’ll kill you!”

Hearing this, Tang Doudou gave a big eyeroll. Hell, it’s not like he’s her subordinate, is he someone she could command so casually?

She was just about to correct Mu Ye’s words, but who knew that Mu Ye only continued to speak coldly, “Don’t waste words and challenge my patience.”

Tang Doudou continued to roll her eyes. A huge mouthful of anger was pressing on her chest, practically choking her to death.

“Great Dada* Mu Ye ah, Jun Xin is Baili Yu’s subordinate, how is it possible that he’ll leave just because I tell him to leave? Not to mention, our past is quite dark. Eight out of ten chances, he’s probably trying to take advantage of this opportunity to take my life ah! And he’s even borrowing Dada, your hand. He’s seriously hateful beyond belief. You, by all means, must definitely not allow him to get away with it!” Tang Doudou glanced with lingering fear towards Jun Xin, who was still attempting to fight with Mu Ye, then appealed to Mu Ye with a pitiful expression.

Yup, TDD calls MY daddy in a dialect. Nope, I don’t know why. Actually, Baidu says that in internet usage, it can be used towards friends or towards experts and amazing people as a way to show worship and respect, lol.

Even though Mu Ye said not to challenge his patience, not to waste words, but Tang Doudou insisted on doing so. After all, if Mu Ye really wanted to kill her, he would have directly done so earlier. With his cold-blooded personality that would definitely not leave an assassination task until five am if he could kill them at midnight, there was no way he’d possibly have mercy or qualms.

For him not to kill her, there was definitely a reason behind it. As for what that reason was, Tang Doudou could only say, God knows?

The color of Mu Ye’s pupils darkened as he dragged Tang Doudou and fended off yet another fierce blow from Jun Xin. In his mind, he was currently thinking about what Tang Doudou just said. Then he thought about how each of Jun Xin’s blows were fatal attacks. Originally there were several opportunities to directly rescue the person away, but Jun Xin let all of them slip by.

It seemed he really didn’t care about Tang Doudou’s life and only wanted his life!

Recalling those masked men that hindered him these couple days, Mu Ye suddenly arrived at an understanding and laughed coldly. For the sake of the task he agreed to, Baili Yu actually even dispatched Jun Xin. Looks like that item was extremely important to him ah!

But how could he, Mu Ye, allow someone to snatch something from his hands without paying a price?

Out of the corners of his eyes his gaze swept towards Elder Yu, whose expression had completely nervous ever since he appeared, and an expression of disdain appeared on Mu Ye’s face. If it weren’t for the sake of defeating that person, why would he ever collaborate with a person like this? Always ruining things and even getting confused by this Li Xueyi’s babbled nonsense to the point that he couldn’t keep his calm. And he was even stupid enough as to work with those below-par bunch-of-trashes in the sect to poison and smuggle away Bai Feiyun. Did he not know Bai Feiyun’s identity? Wasn’t doing this just provoking that person’s fury and directing it towards the Demonic Sect?

Even though his ability now could not be disdained, it still wasn’t enough for him to be that person’s opponent.

Fortunately, before he came, he had already ordered the people to release Bai Feiyun. Otherwise, if things continued developing on, even he would find it hard to contain the situation. As for Elder Yu, was his brain that of a pig?

To want to get the Alliance Head Command Tablet from Li Xueyi’s hand using this as a pretext, how laughable. That plaything was a colossal load of pain. People couldn’t throw it away soon enough yet he was actually rushing up to grab it. He was seriously an unsalvageable moron!

Mu Ye lifted his brows and refused to look at Elder Yu anymore.

Tang Doudou, who was staring at him this entire time, noticed his minute changes. She saw that trace of disdain especially clearly and involuntarily licked her lips as flowers bloomed cheerfully in her heart. Looks like Mu Ye and Elder Yu’s relationship isn’t that harmonious ah!

And so, she lifted her hand to jab Mu Ye’s shoulder.

Mu Ye suddenly turned his head around and his cold eyes were so sharp that she hastily withdrew her hand. Then she looked behind Mu Ye and exclaimed, “Aiyah, Jun Xin is attacking again, you should hurry and block!”

His brows twitched. Did she think he was her bodyguard? But the situation in front of him didn’t allow him time to think further. He immediately turned around to block Jun Xin’s sword, then took advantage of the opportunity to leap up backwards while dragging Tang Doudou along.

His entire body flew up like an owl to land on top of the roof. Tang Doudou, who still had an iron chain wrapped around her neck, reacted quickly the instant he flew up and used her hands to grab the iron chain. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much effect and her gas supply was still almost cut.

Without waiting for Tang Doudou to react any further, Mu Ye landed lightly on the rooftop. Meanwhile, she was ruthlessly smashed into the green roof tile by inertia, causing her five visceras and six bowels to all be ill. Yet she still didn’t dare to loosen her hands because the moment she did, that iron chain would immediately cut off her head.

However, her fingers were also about to be snapped off.

“Let, let me down, I… I’m about to die…” Tang Doudou slid sideways on the roof. Her feet kept scrambling here and there for a hold, but couldn’t find any. On the contrary, the more she moved, the more strength she lost and her facial color was also starting to flush purple.

The situation changed too fast, no one had time to react before Tang Doudou’s weak suffering voice transmitted over. Jun Xin, upon returning to his senses, immediately also flew onto the roof. Seeing Tang Doudou hanging on the iron chain, his heart abruptly tightened and he furiously shouted towards Mu Ye: “Mu Ye, hurry and release her. If there’s anything, just direct it towards me!”T/N

Qing Yin also snapped to her senses and flew up, landing not far away from Tang Doudou.

Mu Ye shot her a glare and warned coldly, “Take another step forward and I’ll snap her neck!”

Jun Xin and Qing Yin didn’t dare to move anymore and could only watch helplessly as Tang Doudou scrambled uncomfortably and glared. They were extremely anxious yet they couldn’t think of any hint of an idea!

“Mu Ye, you clearly know that there’s no use capturing her. Furthermore, her death also brings no benefit for you so why don’t you just let her go. We can discuss what your demands are afterwards.” After calming down, Jun Xin knew that he was too rash earlier. If he didn’t make a move at the start and push Mu Ye into a corner, Tang Doudou wouldn’t end up in such a dangerous situation.

Mu Ye gave a cold laugh and asked: “You can make the decisions?”

“Let go of her first.” Baili Yu had already handed total control of this matter to him, otherwise he also wouldn’t have returned with Tang Doudou to the Alliance Head Residence. Thinking of what Baili Yu said to him after Tang Doudou left, a trace of a sneer flashed through Jun Xin’s eyes. Mu Ye ah, Mu Ye, for you to want to fight with Baili Yu, you’re way too inexperienced.

But the current top priority was still to first rescue Li Xueyi. Settling accounts with Mu Ye properly can come later.

Hearing this, a trace of ridicule emerged in Mu Ye’s ice-cold pupils, “I refuse.”

Hearing the exchange between the two above her, Tang Doudou really felt like cursing their mothers. F***ing chicken if you keep dawdling like this she’ll really be choked to death, ok!?

To still have the mood to probe at each other, that’s quite admirable, after all the ones being hanged aren’t those two damned imbeciles ah!

Silence continued to transmit over from above her head.

Tang Doudou felt her hand gradually numbing and the iron chain still slowly tightening and started to despair. Her entire head became filled with wild thoughts. How about she just commit suicide by biting off her tongue? At least that looks much better than dying by hanging. They say that the ghost of a hanged person looks extremely horrid. From the start her appearance wasn’t good enough, if it gets a bit worse wouldn’t she become even uglier than a ghost?


She doesn’t want that! She doesn’t want to become even uglier than a ghost and she also doesn’t want to die!

Her brain was flooded repeatedly with chaotic moods and thoughts and her head felt like it was about to explode. Following that, an amount of power suddenly surged forth from Tang Doudou’s stomach and rushed towards her chest. It kept incessantly inflating like a balloon, causing her to feel uncomfortable as if her chest wanted to explode.

She groaned, seriously unable to endure it anymore. The hands grasping the iron chain suddenly tightened as a torrent of power suddenly rushed from her chest to her hands. With a loud jangling clang, the sound of the iron chain breaking accompanied Tang Doudou’s roar as it resonated through the entire Alliance Head Residence, “AH!”


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