Chapter 55: Plum Garden Gathering

Prodigal Alliance Head


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And there was even a tail hanging behind her. If it wasn’t Qing Xin, who else could it be?

Seeing that the person who came was Bai Lianhua, excitement immediately flashed through Tang Doudou’s eyes. A savior has finally arrived!

Energetically waving her arm towards Bai Lianhua, Tang Doudou called out to her, feeling extremely happy, “Miss Bai, Miss Bai! It’s really such a coincidence ah! I never thought I would be able to encounter you here!”

When Bai Lianhua heard this voice, her entire body turned rigid, then she looked over.

When she saw Tang Doudou, her facial color underwent a huge change. When did he wake up?

The Qing Xin behind her also saw Tang Doudou. Her expression became strange as she asked Bai Lianhua in a small voice, “Miss Bai, why is he awake? Wasn’t it said that he wouldn’t wake up?”“You’re asking me, but who am I supposed to ask?” Miss Bai replied in an annoyed tone.

Qing Xin’s face froze for a moment as she looked at Bai Lianhua strangely. How come she felt that Miss Bai seemed a bit different?

But a moment later, Bai Lianhua’s facial color had already returned to normal. She looked towards Qing Xin with apology in her almond eyes. “I’m sorry Qing Xin, I was just too angry and too worried that Baili gege would be bewitched by this vixen!”

As she spoke, dense worry and moisture even surfaced in her eyes, as if she was truly extremely worried about Baili Yu.

Qing Xin immediately tossed that feeling from earlier to the back of her head and consoled her, “Miss Bai, you mustn’t speak like that. This servant knows that you’re worried about Master. This servant is also very angry. This servant just doesn’t see how Li Xueyi is any good at all and doesn’t understand why Master treats him so well. Not even pointing out the fact that Master personally helped treat his injuries, Master even gifted Qing Yin jiejie to him! Unfortunately, Qing Yin jiejie was also muddled by him. I already told her several times to beg Master to take her back but she refused to do so! It’s seriously angering me to death!”

When Qing Xin said this, Bai Lianhua became even more unhappy. She felt unbearably brokenhearted and glared at Qing Xin even more furiously. She just insists on mentioning the pot that doesn’t boil(point out bad things that people would rather ignore), no wonder she couldn’t obtain Baili gege’s strong trust!

Qing Xin, who was still talking about it enthusiastically, didn’t notice Bai Lianhua’s expression at all. Only after she finished saying everything did she suggest, “Miss Bai, why don’t we just leave? Let’s just ignore him!”

Bai Lianhua slightly restrained her expression and said softly, “We’d still better go over. Otherwise if he goes tell Baili gege that we ignored him, Baili gege will definitely get angry.”

“Haa, Miss Bai, you just have a good heart, always thinking of Master. Yet Master… haa!” Qing Xin wanted to continue, but hesitated.

Bai Lianhua didn’t want to waste any more words with her and simply gave a quiet sentence of ‘let’s head over’, before heading over towards Tang Doudou while pinching the handkerchief in her hands.

“Aiyah, one’s life is truly full of encounters. With fate, even people ten thousand miles apart would be brought together! Miss Bai, we’ve come to meet again!” Right now, Tang Doudou was practically looking at Bai Lianhua as if she was a chest filled with shining gold ingots. She felt like Bai Lianhua was beautiful to the point of being touching, and caused people to love so much they couldn’t bear to be parted!

Bai Lianhua bent at the waist and gave her a curtsy. “Alliance Head Li.”

“Aiy aiy, don’t be so formal, just call me Xueyi!” Tang Doudou moved up and was just about to seize Bai Lianhua’s shoulder in a friendly gesture when she recalled her male identity. She hurriedly withdrew her hand, but at the same time was afraid of being awkward, so her brain spasmed and her hand moved to stroke Bai Lianhua’s face instead. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Bai Lianhua’s expression rapidly change and Tang Doudou gave a silent curse, itching to chop off her restless hand. Hell, the leg this woman kicked last time was still aching, why doesn’t she have enough brains to learn from her mistakes!?

Her brain whirled flying fast. Because this happened especially fast, Bai Lianhua still hadn’t come to a reaction yet.

Tang Doudou decided to might as well and gritted her teeth as she reached out to stroke Bai Lianhua’s face again. Then she exposed an exceptionally envying expression as she exclaimed, “Wah! Miss Bai, your skin got even better ah! It really makes this one so envious, wonder what skincare Miss Bai usually uses that’s this amazing?”

Fury had already been rising up in Bai Lianhua from Tang Doudou’s original stroke. And this was the second time! He was definitely doing it on purpose! It was too despicable!

She was just about to explode when her face was stroked again. Now her heart started to panic and her fury instantly vanished. All she felt now was that the Tang Doudou in front of her was very dangerous. He, what exactly does he want to do?

But right afterward, she heard Tang Doudou’s extremely envious remark and immediately froze. Soon, she figured out the connection.

It must be known that her skin has gotten the acknowledgment of the present divine cosmetologist, Liu Qingfeng! Of course it’s very very good.

And of course her great skin was the result of meticulous daily maintenance. It must be known that she had expended quite a lot of effort in order to make it so that this face could attract Baili Yu’s attention.

There was a sea of people that envied her skin, but this was actually the first time she was envied by a man. However, if Li Xueyi was a homosexual, then that was easy to explain.

Bai Lianhua also knew a thing or two about homosexuals.

She knew that even though homosexuality consisted of two men, between them, they were still separated into something called the attacking type and receiving side. Then, just looking at Li Xueyi and Baili Yu, you could tell that Li Xueyi was clearly the receiving one!

From her point of view, the receiving party was pretty much a woman. Women liked beauty, so for Li Xueyi to envy her skin was also normal.

This strategy of changing styles to try and worm his way into being friends with her in order to find out her skincare method was also something commonly used by women.

Thinking to here, the humiliation and anger in Bai Lianhua’s eyes also vanished until it was practically gone. In its place was a confused and naive expression as she looked at Tang Doudou and said, “Skincare? Lianhua doesn’t know what skincare is. Lianhua’s good skin is all natural.”

Seeming worried that Tang Doudou would be oversensitive, she supplemented her explanation with good intentions, “If Alliance Head Li wants to know some skincare methods, Lianhua can help Alliance Head Li to ask Lianhua’s sisters if they have any good methods.”

How could Tang Doudou let her go ask some sisters? If there were no methods then that was fine. In any case, she didn’t really want it, she was just trying to divert Bai Lianhua’s attention.

Good thing was, she succeeded!

“Ahem, since it’s like this, then I won’t trouble Miss Bai. I was also only casually asking, just casually asking, that’s all… That’s right, where are you heading to?” When she was walking earlier, she didn’t see even half a trace of a person. It could be said that this place was completely remote and desolate. She only ran over here for fun, but this Bai Lianhua was a girl from a wealthy family. What did she come here for?

Hearing this, Bai Lianhua subconsciously knitted her brows. Was he asking this on purpose?

Wasn’t his appearance here for the same purpose as hers?

Today was the day that occurred every three years, when the Plum Garden was opened for plum blossom viewing. Every time, many ladies would come to the Plum Garden for the sake of catching a glimpse of Baili Yu’s exceptional good looks.

Of course, other than these girls, there were also numerous handsome and talented youths that would come here. Everyone knew their objectives.

Speaking of which, this Plum Garden Gathering was extremely grand. News of it had already spread around since several months earlier. Otherwise, how could she possibly be so idle as to run a thousand miles over to this Plum Garden just for the sake of Bai Feiyun’s matter?

It must be known that in her eyes, there was only the Plum Garden Gathering. There was only Baili Yu.

With Li Xueyi’s infamous lecherous reputation, how could he miss this great opportunity to admire beautiful women? She, Bai Lianhua, wouldn’t believe it at all if someone was to say that he didn’t know about the Plum Garden Gathering.

Thinking to here, Bai Lianhua replied with a calm expression, “Going to admire the plum blossoms ah. Don’t tell me Alliance Head Li isn't going?”

Admire plum blossoms?

It sure is leisurely. Tang Doudou smacked her lips and gave Bai Lianhua some flattery before asking again, “Miss Bai truly has elegant interests. I just wonder if there are living quarters at the plum sea side?”

“There are. Baili Yu invested quite a lot of consideration in order to allow the plum sea to bloom with such beauty. He invited the most amazing gardeners in the world to manage Plum Garden. For the sake of convenience, all the gardeners live in Plum Garden. Alliance Head Li, what are you asking this for?” A trace of suspicion flashed through Bai Lianhua’s eyes. It was obvious to see that she couldn’t figure out what Tang Doudou was thinking.

The moment Tang Doudou heard this, she immediately cheered up. If there are living quarters, then there’s definitely restrooms!

It was just that she didn’t know how far away that Plum Garden was. If it was too far away, she had better find an excuse to make Bai Lianhua leave, then find a place to deal with it.

“Just casually asking. I was just curious. With such a large Plum Garden, it would be too terrifying for there to be no living quarters. Otherwise, no one would probably dare to go over at night! Haha…” She pressed on her stomach. “How far away is the Plum Garden? How come I don’t even see a trace of it?”

“Once you walk past that bamboo forest ahead, you’ll have arrived. What, Alliance Head has never been to the plum sea even after having stayed in the Plum Garden for so long?” Bai Lianhua asked curiously.

Tang Doudou glanced at the bamboo forest she pointed out and estimated the distance, then decided to go resolve the issue in the restroom over there. After all, doing it on the spot also required courage. If she ends up being seen by someone, wouldn’t that be completely humiliating?

She was busy thinking about things and didn’t pay much attention to Bai Lianhua’s question. She gave a random ‘en’, then said, “Wah, so it turned out to be just ahead ah. Since early on, I’ve heard about how spectacular and beautiful the plum sea of Plum Garden was, but unfortunately I’ve never had the chance to see it until now. Ahem, I’m actually quite excited… Miss Bai, if you don’t have any matters, I shall take my leave first!”

After saying so, she stretched her neck towards that little bamboo forest as if she was anxious to go admire the plum blossoms to the point she wanted to see them right this instant.

Seeing her country bumpkin-like appearance, a trace of disgust flashed through Bai Lianhua’s eyes. And Cousin would even frequently talk about how refined and outstanding Li Xueyi was in front of her. Unexpectedly, the person himself was actually like a local ruffian, without even the slightest trace of a respected expert’s demeanor. She really doubted the City Lord’s eyesight. How did he end up choosing this sort of person to become the Alliance Head? No wonder Elder Yu couldn’t accept it.

If it was her, she also wouldn’t be able to accept it. This Li Xueyi was way too incompetent.

It was just a pity. Originally, she was planning to head over with Li Xueyi. That way, she could properly tell him about how Baili gege brought her here to look at the plum sea last time and thoroughly anger Li Xueyi.

But right now, Li Xueyi didn’t want to walk with her so she also didn’t want to try and force it. It’d also save herself some irritation from looking at him, so she said, “Lianhua originally wanted to head there together with Alliance Head Li, but seeing Alliance Head Li’s impatient appearance, Lianhua doesn’t want to make Alliance Head Li wait.”

En, so thoughtful!

“Alright, then I’ll head over first. Miss Bai, take your time!” She originally wanted to chatter a few more sentences, but rounds of urgent hoots transmitted from her stomach. She had no choice but to force out a stiff smile, speedily drop a sentence, then turn and dash towards the bamboo forest.

Bai Lianhua looked at the Tang Doudou as he disappeared in a blink into the bamboo forest. Her face turned dark in an instant. If she had known earlier, she would’ve just pointed in a random direction and make it so Li Xueyi wouldn’t be able to find his way to the plum sea.

But if she did so and Baili gege looked into it, it’d be hard for her to avoid the blame.

She gave a light sigh, then heard Qing Xin, who hadn’t spoken this entire time, complain, “Miss Bai, you’re too kindhearted. He didn’t know about the Plum Garden Gathering at all, why did you point out the road for him? When the time comes and Master sees him, would he still care about anyone else? You’ve really just added more trouble for yourself!”

“Qing Xin, enough!” Bai Lianhua exposed a troubled expression, but in her heart she was itching to fling a slap over. Did she think that she didn’t know this?

She was only doing this for the sake of letting Baili gege see her good points, her tolerance and magnanimity. That was all!

A maid was just a maid, how could she understand how many layers there were to her Master’s heart?


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