Chapter 61: Who Says I’m Scared of Spicy Things?

Prodigal Alliance Head


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She glanced at Baili Yu and saw that he was wearing thin clothing. As he slept there, he seemed to give off a miserable and pitiful appearance.

After thinking about it for a little bit, she went out of the wood house and found a blanket. She returned, then moved to cover Baili Yu with the blanket, but as she got close to him, she hesitated again. She didn't dare go over there.

Because it was too close, way too close. And it was way way too quiet.

All that could be heard was the sound of Baili Yu’s breathing and the leaping of her own chest.

Seriously, what a seductive yao! He’s even more attractive when he was sleeping than when he was awake!

The side profile that was as silent a god being worshipped seemed to give off a white luster in the dim room. His long and delicate eyelashes covering those pair of peach blossom eyes caused him to seem even more extraordinary and untouched by dust. Tang Doudou looked at his high nose bridge and his naturally closed faint scarlet lips as a mild particular fragrance assaulted her nose.

To tell the truth, he was seriously good-looking!

Tang Doudou licked her lips. As her gaze swept across Baili Yu’s flawless face, she gulped and slowly bent down. She moved in very very close…

It was probably fine if she stole one kiss, right?

In any case, he was already asleep, so he probably wouldn’t find out?

Eh? That was not right ah. Why would she suddenly feel like kissing him? Tang Doudou bit her finger, not understanding why this impulse suddenly emerged in her head. But when she looked at Baili Yu’s face again, she immediately understood. With such a handsome man here, if it was anyone else who had this opportunity, they would have probably felt the same impulse, right?

Otherwise, why would the proverbs say that ‘dying beneath peony blossoms, even becoming a ghost would be distinguished and accomplished’?T/N

As she thought onwards, Tang Doudou slowly moved closer again. She felt Baili Yu’s breathing wind around and mix with hers as her heart thumped so fast it was about to leap out of her chest. Da fudge, this feeling was too stimulating!

Just as the two were only a millimeter apart, she suddenly stopped.

Can’t, can’t, cannot!

Tang Doudou hurriedly got up. The proverbs also say that ‘above the word for lust is a knife’.(lust(色), knife(刀))

Baili Yu wasn’t an ordinary person. If she had gone for it and he found out, then her fate would be…

Tang Doudou didn’t even dare to imagine it. She hurriedly opened the blanket with trembling hands and draped it over Baili Yu before backing far away from Baili Yu, as if she was avoiding a primordial beast*. Then, she crouched in a corner of the kitchen and drew circles.

So when I searched up this term (洪荒猛兽), I could only find two results. Both were on which is like yahoo answers. One said ‘it’s women’, the other said it’s beasts that existed since the beginning of time like dinosaurs. I’m going w/ the latter since it seems more plausible… correct me if you know that I’m wrong~

In her fluster, she didn’t notice that the lips of the seemingly in deep sleep Baili Yu had hooked up into a trace of a mysterious smile. She was actually able to hold herself back. It was really out of his expectations.

After eating some of the leftover dishes that hadn’t been carried out of the kitchen, Tang Doudou leaned against the window and closed her eyes to rest. She started thinking about all the things that happened after she had transmigrated, then about the abnormal Mu Ye and the expression in his eyes when he looked at Elder Yu in the Alliance Head Residence. How come she felt that these things weren’t simple as they seemed? And the promise that Bai Feiyun had talked about and the deal that Baili Yu had mentioned earlier, what exactly were those about?

What exactly had Li Xueyi experienced before she transmigrated into her body? And what kind of role did that Cloud City Lord have in all this?

Time passed very quickly. Tang Doudou glanced at the darkening sky outside and wondered how the Plum Garden Gathering at that side was going since Baili Yu, this host, has already ran off. In any case, she wasn’t that interested, so she retrieved her gaze. Tang Doudou washed her hands, picked up the fish from the basin and started to get back to work.

Once the wood house had been gradually imbued with all sorts of fragrances, Baili Yu woke up even without Tang Doudou’s call. He sat up, still half lying down as he watched Tang Doudou’s busy figure. His gaze was deep as he thought about something.

The color of the sky gradually turned dark. For some reason, the servants that went to bring the dishes over didn’t return. However, at some unknown time, all the lights around had become lit. The wind had already been gradually growing fiercer since the afternoon and was blowing outside with violent loud ‘whoosh’s. Tang Doudou had no choice but to go close the window. She felt chilled to the bones and hugged her arms. Da fudge, could it be that it was really about to snow?

She turned back to check on the fish that were cooking in the pot. Tang Doudou nodded with satisfaction. The display this time was pretty good ah!

She rubbed her nose and waited for the heat to increase enough. Then all she would have to do was pour out the fish and it'd be done.

Because she didn't want to do anything troublesome and she couldn't find all the seasonings to make a fish feast, she decided to just cook fish hot pot. Eating it on a day like this would be pretty refreshing as well!

She sniffled. It was getting colder and colder ah. Looks like she should return soon and have Qing Yin get some thick clothes for her.

Let's wake Baili Yu up first. Once the thank you dinner is over, lets each head to our respective homes and find our respective moms!

Tang Doudou turned around and was surprised to find that Baili Yu had already woken up at some unknown time and was currently staring at her while in a daze. His phoenix eyes that still carried a trace of intoxication and sleepiness were a different sort of beautiful underneath the swaying lights.

Hell, no matter how you looked at this man and how many times you looked at him, he still caused a feeling of awe in others.

In different kinds of sceneries, he would actually give off a different beauty. It was truly fitting not only in name, but also in reality for this sort of man to be called a seductive yao.

“Hai, you’re awake?” Tang Doudou recalled how she almost kissed Baili Yu earlier and felt a little self-conscious as she greeted Baili Yu. She then pointed to the stove next to her. “The fish hot pot is almost ready, you’re probably not hungry yet, right?”

Baili Yu retrieved his gaze, then yawned as he stretched his waist. With incomparable languidness, he said, “I’m hungry.”

...can’t you even manage a little bit of courteousness? Tang Doudou rolled her eyes. This seductive yao, seriously!

The awkward feeling from earlier immediately vanished without a trace. She tapped the pot in her hands on the stove a couple more times. “Even if you’re starving to death, you still have to wait. If it’s not cooked enough, the taste will fall short a lot. And can you get your subordinates to bring over a moveable pot? It’s best if it’s the type that you can put on top of coal!”

“What is that?” Baili Yu pulled off the blanket and gracefully got down from the long table. His slender figure immediately became the most attractive image in the wood house.

“It’s hot pot ah. Haven’t you seen it before?” Tang Doudou felt pretty curious. So there were still things that Baili Yu hadn’t seen before.

“Hot pot?” Baili Yu seemed to have recalled a little bit about it. He walked out and stayed outside for a while before returning. “I’ve sent Ye Chuan to find it. It’ll probably take half an hour.”

“That’s fine, if he can get one, it’s already good. From the looks of the weather, it seems about to snow. Is it really ok for you to abandon all those guests and run over here?” Tang Doudou felt that the atmosphere was way too strange with just the two of them in here, so she hurriedly brought up a random topic to talk about.

Baili Yu leaned against a table lazily. “They don’t have anything to do with me.”

“Weren’t they invited over by you? How could they have nothing to do with you?”

“Who told you that I had invited them? The Plum Garden Gathering is something the former Garden Master started. He probably felt that the completely isolated plum sea was way too boring.

Since I felt it troublesome, after I took over, I didn’t manage it much. So every three years, they would just organize it themselves and come.”

“You’re not managing it? Then why would Meng Yu make so much food to send over?” Tang Doudou asked, confused.

“I was happy today, so I invited a few guests over. But unexpectedly, they all left halfway through the drinks.”

“So you also ran off?”

Happy? Probably more like he got carried away by a whim?


“Then who did you invite ah?” For some unknown reason, Tang Doudou recalled Mu Ye. That guy couldn’t have been invited here by Baili Yu, right?

As expected, she heard Baili Yu say with an annoyed tone, “I invited some guys that were pleasing to the eye. It’s a pity that they’re just all too disagreeable. All I did was talk a little about something that everyone was interested in and they ended up all getting scared away.”

...Jesus ah. There were seriously no words that could be used to describe this Baili Yu. Based on his usual personality, his so-called ‘interest’ was probably something quite terrifying.

“But, Bai Feiyun said he was going to Plum Garden to look for you. Since he hasn’t found you by now, he’s probably left already.

“And Mu Ye also said he was heading off to look for you. From the looks of it, he hasn’t found you either?”

“But, why are you here? When Qing Yin told me earlier that you had disappeared, I had people search the entire garden, but they still couldn’t find you. I thought you had ran out. I never thought that you would be here in the plum sea.”

So he only recalled this question now?

Tang Doudou rubbed her head without replying to his question. She was thinking: so it turns out that he really hadn’t come to look for her, it was merely a chance encounter.

Cough, this is really quite some fate.

“What did you come to the plum sea for?” Baili Yu asked again.

Can she say that it was for finding a toilet? Can she say that she had even been trapped inside the bathroom by Mu Ye, that the bathroom was destroyed and her butt had to chill in the wind, and that in the end, he even had to pass her toilet paper?

Of course she couldn’t say that. She felt that if she really said so, Baili Yu would definitely get angry.

“I followed Meng Yu here to freeload for food!” Tang Doudou lied. She moved to shake the pot a little. “Why hasn’t your subordinate returned yet? The is pretty much done.”

Her voice had just fallen when Ye Chuan’s deep voice came from outside the door. “Master, I’ve brought the item.”

“Leave it outside.” Baili Yu ordered lazily.


Afterwards, there was the sound of something being placed on the ground. Tang Doudou hurriedly rushed out but couldn’t see a trace of Ye Chuan’s figure.

“He ran quite quickly…” After muttering that, she looked towards the pot Ye Chuan had brought over. The moment her gaze landed on it, she turned stunned. Da fudge, what is this?

All she saw was a golden, bright and dazzling object. That golden brilliance almost blinded her dog eyes.

Da fudge, can this thingamajig be used to cook?

“What, isn’t this what you wanted?” Baili Yu’s voice came from behind her.

Tang Doudou recalled that the fish hot pot couldn’t be delayed any longer. Seeing as this thingamajig’s appearance was quite similar to the dry pots(a pot for cooking dry pot style dishes which is similar to hot pots but less soup, more info here) of the future, and that it was quite big, she decided to go ahead and use it as long as it could endure the heat.T/N2

As she thought this, she picked the golden pot up and moved back into the room. Then, she took some coals from the stove and placed it in the pot. Once she confirmed that it could endure the high heat, she finally moved towards the stove and ladled the soup out of the pot into the golden pot.

The rest could just be left in the pot to stay warm. Tang Doudou then put all the fish meat inside before calling Baili Yu over. “Hey, it’s ready, what are you still standing there in a daze for? This hot pot has to be eaten while it’s still hot. Once it’s cold, it won’t taste good anymore! I forgot earlier, but I should’ve asked your subordinate to bring a stove over!”

Baili Yu still didn’t move as he looked at the swirling red soup and snow-white fish pieces in the pot. The captivating fragrance filled the entire room, but Baili Yu’s expression was very strange.

Tang Doudou propped up her head as she thought for a while, before asking, “Could it be that you’re afraid of spicy things?”

Baili Yu’s facial color was painted dark. There really was chilly pepper in that pot!

But hadn’t he eaten her spicy strips before? Spicy strips were also pretty spicy ah. He was not even afraid of those, yet he was afraid of this?

“Eh, then how about I make a clear soup for you? If you’re afraid of spiciness, then you should have said so earlier. Seriously, it’s not like I knew that you were scared of spicy things. Haa, what a waste.”

Tang Doudou jabbered on and on restlessly as she moaned. Actually, she was a little angry. After working hard for half the day, he wasn’t going to eat her food. She couldn’t help but feel very hurt.

What chefs hated the most was when no one ate what they had cooked!

Baili Yu’s entire face turned white then black, then back to white as he listened to her words. He felt hesitant and conflicted in his heart, but in the end, he walked over with a tranquil expression. “Who says I’m scared of spicy things?”


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by snowgem

[Chiyomira's Corner]

T/N - Trivia: "dying beneath peony blossoms, even becoming a ghost would be distinguished and accomplished"

This saying came from the play The Peony Pavilion by Tang Xianzu. Basically, a beautiful woman, in her dream, saw a scholar who was holding a willow branch ask her to come up with a poem topic. Later, she was carried off by that scholar to The Peony Pavilion and had sex, apparently with lotsa pleasure. It later gradually turned into this sentence, which wasn't said by a specific person. The saying became 'distinguished and accomplished' because those loitering men would say in front of women: prefer to die beneath a flower, that way, even becoming a ghost would be a distinguished and accomplished! And some people also say it as 'dying beneath peony blossoms, even becoming a ghost would be distinguished and accomplished'. The flowers point to the same meaning, which is women. The sentence's entire meaning is: Rather work to death in front of a women or be killed by someone. In any case it's ok. If there's wine tonight then let us be intoxicated tonight! At most, the later consequence is death, so there's no need to worry about them. Even if they end up being a ghost, it's also distinguished and accomplished, they are satisfied!

C: ...if it's mutual, that's one thing. If it's not... fail and go to hell!

T/N2 - Yup, any godly instrument that has had the opportunity of being used for food has obtained the highest glory of their existence...

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